How to choose a punch

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21 April 2016
Mechanically hammer drill with a vastly superior shock function.The drill shock function is implemented as an additional and reduces the reliability of the entire structure.The punch function is the main shock and realized very efficiently and reliably.Moreover, the rate of solids from drilling perforator is significantly higher, which increases productivity.

The usual drill shock feature is approximately mechanically.Two ratchet gear contact and when pressed during drilling in hammer mode ratchets jump over the teeth, from which a shock effect.Of course in this case is reinforced mechanical wear ratchets.The amplitude of the strike, too low, weak beats are obtained, and drilling is slower.

The Hammers Percussion function is performed pneumatically, reminiscent of the shutter mechanism and automatic weapons.Bur not fixed cam like drills, but in a special holder.Hammer chuck not only allows you to quickly change the drill bit, the fact that the drill is not rigidly fixed.Hitting the borax getting str
onger and eliminated the slippage.With this puncher has a high transmission rate and reliability.

Hammers belong to the class of professional power tools, and are more expensive than conventional drills.Drills and spare punch and expensive, but they have high strength and durability.

The punch holder is impossible to establish the usual drill of special design of the cartridge.To install the bit from the usual drills using a special adapter, which usually comes with a puncher.

cartridge in drills usually quick, and allows the flick of the wrist to change tips.At the same time fixing the Boers very reliable, and does not allow borax probuksovovat chuck, as it often happens in conventional drill with gear chuck.

Specifications punch

power. more powerful punch, the higher the rate of drilling.Also it depends on the thickness of the power drill can work with your hammer.Remember that the more powerful punches harder and will take more effort at work.

speed adjustment.There almost all drills.Well, if there is a regulation limiting the maximum speed.It said confusing, but essentially this: Set the maximum speed by pressing the trigger to stop and work.

stopper switch. usually a button which allows you to lock the switch to not press it with your finger.This feature is useful when you need a long time to drill solid material and allows the fingers to rest.

Disabling shock function. If you can not disable the shock function, can not be used as a hammer drill.Function drill in punch as it is secondary, but sometimes the drill may not be at hand.

Punch or drill

Drill can serve punch and punch can perform the functions of the drill.What to choose?

issue arose because the drill in the performance of functions of the gun quickly wears out and fails.To punch served as a drill to install a special nozzle that extends the construct and operate such a tool more difficult.In addition, powerful punch has a large size and considerable weight, so it is easier and more convenient to operate a small drill.

It all depends on the type of work that you perform most of the time.If you regularly need to drill holes in hard materials (concrete, cement plaster, etc.) then for these tasks more suitable punch.If you often need to drill holes in soft materials (metal, wood, etc.) And occasionally there is a need to drill a few holes with a shock function, it is possible to do a drill.If the professional work you need to use a drill and a hammer, then you may want to purchase both instruments, in which case they will last longer and save you time when working.

Options punch

Basic equipment of different models can differ greatly.Often, more profitable to pay $ 10-30 more expensive, and then save on the purchase of accessories and parts.

That would be very useful, complete with punch:

Spare brush for motor.Separately, the price is more expensive brushes and complete they get almost nothing.For domestic duty punch brushes need replacing soon, but for the professional puncher who works a whole shift will be needed very soon.If you have a spare set brush believe you saved $ 08.10.

cartridge adapter for mounting of drill bits from the usual drill.If not, then just need to ask whether it is possible installation of an adapter (switches off if the shock function).It is better if the adapter is included, it is also significant savings.

set Boers.Many component manufacturers punch a basic set of drills.Drills for punch are significantly more expensive than conventional drill bits for hammer drill becauseto the perforator drill for high demands on durability and reliability.Home is usually sufficient set of drills, set of drills that are included.


Punch is simply indispensable for professional work in the drilling solids.It is much more durable drill with the shock function and allows you to work faster.

If you started repairs in the house and you will have to drill a lot of holes in the walls of concrete, it is possible to buy it punch.You pay for the punch more expensive than a drill with the shock function, but the punch will last longer and will greatly facilitate the repair.Have complete with adapter for hammer drills from the usual drills allow you to use it as a conventional drill