Winter dining room: Gameday make bird feeders

By Admin | The Hands
19 April 2016
members of the forum on the areas around the feeders daily spinning hundreds of birds.As the participant petr0vich , «it would be necessary to introduce the coupon system: flew, and otovarilsya free» .In the gardens of the whole day is a happy hullabaloo, and it is a pity that not every camera transmits color pink breast and bright blue jays loop of the wings, blue kingfishers gold apple reds and bullfinches.
NiKseT he invented the construction of his "bunker-type feeders."The basis he took a jar with a capacity of liter.At the bottom of the hopper and the bank has a triangular projection, which distributes food and does not fall down the bank (the distance between the bottom and the bank about 1.5 - 2 cm).Thus «food goes down as hatching» .Feeder consists of two parts: the base and the roof.Bank filled with food, it is put on the foundation.The design is inverted top fixed roof - and all the feeder can be taken into the garden and wait for cruise guests.
Such feeders enough, at best, on the day, especially in cold weather.
- Tomorrow I'll go for another bag of seeds, expensive, but it's nice to look at birds, TV is not necessary.
Usually Gameday hang in their gardens, three or four feeders.But even one attracts a lot of birds.They do not fly away from her, and in the intervals between feedings live in the crowns of fruit trees.Notice the tiny pieces of crust on the snow: they mean that the birds in the trees looking for insects wintering there.
extremely easy-feeder tits can be made of round plastic bottle.Above the bottom of the bottle drilled four holes in them crosswise threaded through two sticks.Sticks must be secured tightly and leave the bottle at least three centimeters, but better - more.Between the sticks, just above the bottom, made of four square holes (each side of the square - 4-5 cm).
Sunflower seeds, pour into a manger, not poured from a bottle even with strong shaking, but Tit Tit and titmice easy to pull them one by one.Feeder hung on a tree as high as possible, primatyvayut the neck soft wire.They are very easy to do and some forum users like to give their friends: the nice people, and how many birds rescued from starvation!
What is minus these feeders - they immediately occupied by the sparrows in snow holes stuffed in the snow, and during thaws the food freezes into ice.But bottled feeder is not exactly rob "inveterate bird punks" like jays or forty gang, which certainly lives near each site.
to dine in the suspension trough, birds have to master the "hummingbird technique" - the so-called method is online, when the birds hang in the air and pull the seeds out of the hole.According to observations by members of the forum, "the hummingbird technique" master even bullfinches.And on the ground under the trough always graze a lot of different birds that pick spilled feed.That is significantly more than the pros.
But beautiful hanging wooden bird feeders like dollhouses, indeed adorn any garden.This element of landscape design creates a special winter mood.In addition, the forum users prefer feeders large, stationary - it is not just a doll houses, but rather palaces.For such a large table enough space to all the birds, and everything, not just nimble titmouse can him quietly, thoroughly lunch.
That's what makes the feeders Brevnotes .
All friends of birds sooner or later discover that birds are highly respected fat.Therefore, the section organized salorazdatochnye points.It may just be a piece of bacon, suspended on a limb of a tree, or maybe that's the beauty of this, how does GalkaZin .Zalyubueshsya!Salo in any case should not be salty, otherwise you will cause irreparable harm to the birds.Excretory system in birds can not cope with salt, they can be poisoned.
- By the way, about the feed, I have this year to experiment.I bought in the butcher shop pork skin, half - skin, half - fat, price 10 rubles. / Kg.Lightly boil and mince.I download it into the net from vegetables and hung on a tree branch.Tits have used this product in volume of 3-4 liters in a couple of weeks.He helped and woodpecker.Next year will definitely do so.
In most regions of Russia in the winter are mainly granivorous birds and those who eat berries.Bullfinches and waxwings love viburnum and mountain ash, and the best treat for all the others - sunflower seeds.They provide much fat and energy.You can pour into the trough of hemp seed or millet.But millet, ie, cleaned simply impossible - on the cleaned surface of the scale of these grains are oxidized fats appear toxic substances and pathogens that cause poisoning or a disease of birds.
If you want to feed their wards bread, choose white - rye is harmful for them.Rye starch is poorly absorbed by the body of birds, is highly fermentation, which can lead to volvulus.Fried foods are harmful to the bird's liver because of the changing structure of the frying fat.And again, porridge eating, mostly sparrows and pigeons, other birds from their refuse.
Ornithologists are advised to adhere to the regime of feeding birds do not feed them to satiety, namely the feed at a certain time.
Some forum users live in such a paradise where winter run up proteins.Proteins looking surprised, swear, require attention and nuts.Feeders for them - a wooden, carved on the posts with a stable base so that you can endure.Buy unfortunately impossible, but here you can explore this branch of our forum and order master one of the proposed options for the forum users.How and why to feed the sparrows here.What else you need to do to your garden in the winter feast for the eyes and warms the heart, tell this is video.