How to make a goldfish?

By Admin | The Hands
19 April 2016
What to do with the catch - the question for the successful angler is never idle.Not everyone is so fry cook soup.Many users perfectly mastered all the subtleties of smoked fish - both hot and cold.Today, they share secrets smoked.This option is easier, and with the right approach gives a great result!
Even if you have plenty of good smokehouse - not the fact that you just turn right and delicious.Copts must be able, success comes with experience, and some forum users have translated a lot of products before cumeli amass this experience and share it with others.
wearer Pustoshanka its version of the smokehouse and the method of smoking spied his father, who so prepares fish for many years.
- Did smokehouse barrels of 200 liters.At the bottom of the barrel is filled chips (we alder), located just above the middle of the grille reinforcement (about 10 mm and 8 mm).Above the neck close burlap to prevent release of smoke.On burlap - wooden shield.Ba
rrel itself is at the bricks underneath a fire.More needs to be zhirosbornik between bars and chips, but have not yet done.For two years the use and content.
method, as you can see, is quite simple, but very popular - an old metal drums are almost all suburban areas.However, many of such an option seems cumbersome, and they prefer a more compact smokehouse, which on occasion can take a picnic or fishing.
TimyCh tells a simple, but works fine method of manufacturing a bucket smokehouse:
- Take a clean metal bucket with a lid, wire thickness of 3 mm thick metal bars of 8-10 mm.Take care of the wood.Suitable crude and alder, and birch bark, twigs from the autumn pruning fruit trees.From rods make two rings, which are then set in the bucket: the bottom - one-third the height from the bottom and the top - by two-thirds.Rings braided wire that a grid.Now prepare the fish: gut, wash, rub with salt and ventilate for half an hour in the air, then tie with string.Put the pieces of wood on the bottom, then the lower ring with the fish, and then the upper ring - and it is also the fish, cover and hang a bucket on a fire.After 40 minutes, the fish prokoptitsya.
Choice smokehouse - not the most complex case, it all depends on opportunities.Some people prefer ready-made "shops" aggregates someone makes himself - in the course are metal boxes of various sizes served their plates.Special chic - sterilizers Medical cylindrical stainless steel.
Another thing - the process that has a lot of subtleties.What sawdust or twigs to use?Experienced forum users know that in any case - no conifers!This is guaranteed to disastrous results.And aspen will not taste good.The best wood gives a taste of fruit trees.Very good is it if the smoke in the cherry, apple, sea buckthorn.After the fall pruning on garden plots, many participants of the forum with the raw material is no problem.However, many are advised to act with caution: the bark from branches for smoking is no good, it gives bitterness.
What kind of fish to choose - is not the easiest question.But, by the way, does not have to be a successful angler, from time to time to pamper yourself smoked fish.With great success, you can purchase and smoke mackerel or mackerel, as does forumchanin Vadim K .:
- advise mackerel fish.It turns out very juicy and fragrant.The fish clean of guts solite and pepper.At the bottom of "treasured box" throw a handful (small, but it will taste bitter) fruit tree chips (sold premixed, written "sawdust for smoking").Small chips do not take it need chips (chips).You can add a little juniper (for an amateur).Lays the fish - and not strong fire for 30-40 minutes.Willingness to feel the smell.Not bad turns trout or salmon.Other species of fish or fatty or dryish.
However, on the fish there are other opinions.Many successfully smoked walleye and perch, say - get beyond praise.Others are in the smokehouse Freshly caught pike and carp - and also comes out very tasty.
Any fish before smoking should lie in a prepared state, ie,rubbed with salt and spices, to absorb their scent and allow to drain excess moisture that expels salt - so advises forumchanin ovbelyaev.Before laying the wick lamp in the product it is necessary to dry or wipe it should be unsaturated, or the same fish will cook, but not smoked.The fish only have to gut and clean off the scales it is not necessary.
- smokehouse cover should fit snugly to the body of the box, otherwise, instead of smoking get burning.News becomes reusable after smokehouse - metal boxes.I put the lid on top of the brick.In general, you can experiment with smoked.For example, four years ago after a five-fishing remains zhivtsov bucket - small fry (bleak, roach, gusterka, ruffs, etc.) that have been gutted, salted and shipped in a smokehouse ... mmm, Yum!But before the neighbor's cats gave ...
Usually ovbelyaev buys a ready mixture of alder wood chips, but sometimes adds a fresh cut branches of bird cherry or neighbor trimming apple trees and other fruit trees.Branches previously exempt from the bark and splits them with a knife, and if freshly cut branch - gives lie-dry in the sun.Twigs is better to add to the base (chips).By mixing different of chips (for example, cherry apple +) product is sometimes bitter, so do not mix different types of trees.
How much time should continue smoking?The best option found party a_b:
- gutting the fish, remove the entrails and gills, scales are not purged, Salts (rubbed with salt inside and out) to save an hour prosolitsya-dry.Then I charge wick lamp and the fire.As the oil lamp of the slots went to smoke - I time.20-25 minutes - and took the finished smoked fish.Fish like most smoked eel.Pike up to 3 kg turns tender as the chicken.I have a homemade smokehouse 40h20h20 cm, stainless steel.Two grid.Lives years now 30.
Well, of course, smoked fish alone forum users are not limited to - the course is and chicken, meat, such as pork neck.Salo - also a very popular product for our oil lamps.
The oil lamp a_b pretty well the chicken, but the time necessary to increase smoking.Non-greasy pig out too well, but here it is necessary to experiment with smoking regimes.Remove the meat from the oil lamp, the cutting knife - if the dish is not ready, flip a more chips in oil-lamp and bring to readiness.
Ovbelyaev like chicken and pork neck, laced with garlic and spices.He pours chips 1/3 or 1/2 (as the hand tremble) the distance from the bottom tier.Take a piece of neck sizes from 800 grams to kilograms, cut the bacon slices of garlic, falling asleep in punctures salt and spices, coated with the composition of spices and salt, giving soak.Punctures does just the top and sides - from punctures from below will flow from the veins of fat.The smoking time is typically less than 50-60 minutes.The main thing - to chips from dripping salsa has not ignited, and for this it is necessary to make sure that the lid is tightly pressed.
smoked basic principle is that at the optimum heating wood is not flammable, and it decays, releasing a large amount of smoke.Here the most important thing - to maintain the correct temperature, being careful not to raise it to chips, sawdust or twigs are not charred or caught fire, releasing harmful combustion products and making your fish, lard or chicken tasteless and unprofitable, if not hazardous to health.
At home, in the absence of special thermometers, find your way to smoking can only empirically.Many "first attempt" of the smoker leaves a lump, but the second and third times the products are obtained, and in appearance - feast for the eyes and taste - Yum.Copts, by the way, not only in the "garden-hiking" conditions, but in a city apartment.To do this, there are electric smokehouse or units adapted to be mounted on electric stove.The roofs of these smokehouses are arranged tightly, so do not worry about that, along with fish or bacon you prokoptite even their homes.
Other no less valuable tips on hot-smoked and smoked a variety of recipes of different products discussed in this forum thread.About how to make a simple but effective stationary smokehouse for suburban area or a country house, you can read here.Here - at least a useful story about the different types of wood fuel, including wood and which can and should be used for smoking.And in this video - a great master-class in cooking meat in a hot smokehouse.Try!On a more complex cold smoking talk another time.