Newspaper weaving.

By Admin | The Hands
18 April 2016
of habit, start the day with a fresh newspaper?Do not rush to send by reading it in the trash, because the love of the press could be the start of a new hobby - weaving from newspapers.
We already told readers on how to create a fence made of branches of trees and decorate the garden beautiful hedge.With the arrival of cold weather is the time to think about the interior of the house.Our forum users tell us how to weave useful in everyday life things from waste material - old yellowed newspapers and magazines, and along with interest while away the long winter evenings.
participant Pravor Učka your kitchen decorated in African style high jug.In his appearance never guess that the new posts wove its not a mace, and hundreds of newspaper tubes.
How to turn the paper in the original wicker accessories, the creation of which, according to Pravoruchki , she went one evening?No new posts says that this is no big deal.
Step 1: twist tube
Pravoruchka :
- A3 newspaper pages to be cut into four equal parts.Every scrap from the corner to wind on a thin knitting needle, the tip of the glue.Such tubes newspaper to do a lot.Whips, both from the vine.The finished product to cover water stains or acrylic paints, top with lacquer.
new posts tat 2013 believes that for small craft such as photo frames or boxes can be made thinner tubes.It is screwed onto the 1.5 mm needle newspaper strip width of 7-12 cm. But stand plaiting needlewoman, on the contrary, it is advised to make more dense - from coated or glossy paper that the design does not overwhelm.
to frame future product was a hard, newspaper racks for tubes can be replaced wooden skewers or heavy plastic tubes for cocktails.
Step 2: choose the technique of weaving
Zapletal newspapers in the beautiful little things can be different ways - in the box, in a circle in a spiral, rope, in the checkerboard pattern, and so on.It's all the same proven technology for centuries, that are used in basketry of reeds and cattails.
If you are going to weave a stand under the hot, jewelry box or bag, to begin the work needed to create a bottom.
Here is how one of the easiest types of weaving "in the box" author of "Dried herbs: the basics of artistic crafts» Gennady Fedotov (instead of cane stalks member use newspaper blank):
- OnBuffet parallel put six stems of reeds.For clarity, taking three green and three white reed.On top of the stems are pressed plaque and folded up three green reed.Then, lying between the reed and raised put a cross reed.In the next step the green reed lowered and raised white.Between them lay a second cross reed.White reed dipped, followed by a turn to raise the green.Weaving in this sequence is continued until, until all six interwoven transverse kamyshinok.
Depending on the size of the planned future product ranges and the number of newspaper pieces.But what if you do not like the bottom of a square shape, and it is necessary to weave a sleek circle?Driving weaving round the base is shown in this figure:
tube to make it easier to connect with each other before work can be a little roll a rolling pin.
When the bottom of the future product is ready, move on to the walls of the weaving.For the convenience of our new posts advise on the work placed on the bottom of a solid form of a conventional cardboard or plastic.The tips of the tubes from the bottom rises up - a pillar of our product.
participant in our forum Maryasha91 Council under the weaving not forget to press each row to the previous, stoechek to be seen.If the product is small, the distance between the risers is better to do no more than 2 cm.
Maryasha91 :
- I saw how big box braid Chinese.They each small stands clothespin attached to the form on which the weave.It turns out perfectly straight, small stands did not fail.
When the product is almost ready, it is necessary to issue the edge.One of the possible ways how to do it - gently push the end of each rack in whiplash near neighbor with an awl-lacing.
Step 3: paint
There are several ways coloring of products from newspapers.No new posts Natalia Kim covers finished products dark stain water-based PVA primer and then - Yachting varnish.From the newspapers she weaves not only cute and practical dish baskets, but solid furniture - stools paper bear the weight of an adult, and a coffee table at a glance indistinguishable from analogue of fashionable rattan.Even the cat is happy - he wove handmade hostess cozy couch.
But what about the letters in the newspaper tubes that shine even through the dark stain?The theme "Weaving newspaper" needlewoman share another secret: that the letters could not be seen, you need to turn off the tube so that the text overlaps the fields of the newspaper, then they turn white.Or you can follow the example of Maryashi91 not share a newspaper strip into four parts, and cut wide strips from the sheet on both sides, where there are fields and the middle of a throw.
addition stains, suitable for coloring acrylic paints (acrylic inexpensive color scheme of the building store) - if the color is applied thicker in several layers, it will block letters.
can paint the "national" means - potassium permanganate, brilliant green or methylene blue.In this case it is better not to paint the finished product, and tubes themselves before weaving.Depending on the concentration of potassium permanganate solution, the color intensity can be varied: 3 grams per 500 ml of water - brown, 3 grams per 1.5 liter of water - color "Pine".Zelenka also be diluted with water: the beautiful emerald green hue is obtained at a ratio of 5 ml per 100 ml of water.Blue is taken in a proportion of 50 ml per 100 ml.
What more can be woven out of old newspapers?
baskets, plates, trays, furniture - that's not all, what may be unnecessary to turn the old newspaper.From gratuitous material easily build a stylish ceiling or the original watch:
or colored wall panels and frame for a mirror:
And you will not be left without attention, if you wear ballet shoes and designer grab a handbagfrom newspapers.
Spend winter evenings favorite hobby!And the advice of our members of the forum will help you to diversify leisure.Warm your life is filled with felted things about the technique of their manufacture can be found here .Add glamor to the interior of the product in technology Shabby-chic details - in our video.And that was not only warm, beautiful, and delicious, it is advisable to bake Christmas cookies recipes for our members of the forum.