Penguins on the ice!

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18 April 2016
to fish in open water in the summer - a real pleasure.Even the most lazy, being the "fish" places not refuse to sit on the bank with a float rod and a can of worms.It would seem that a large army in the winter anglers should thin out rapidly, but here's the paradox - even on the morning of January 1 covered ice shell rivers of our vast country can meet the entire colony, "winter roads, penguins," enthusiastically Macao wells and jig baits.Winter fishing - a mandatory part of the program happy New Year holidays.
Anyone who has ever been on a successful winter fishing, knows nothing surprising here.Fishing from the ice incredibly exciting and very quickly addictive and icy armor on rivers and lakes allow anglers to reach the most treasured places that are not available even in the summer the owners of boats and yachts.Therefore, every year with the arrival of the season of the "first ice" series fans are replenished winter fishing novices.Especially for them - our little guide to this fascinatin
g hobby.
First time on the first ice
few days after the freeze-up and about the middle of December - pervolede - the best time to join the "army of penguins."Fish, accustomed to the change of temperature, begins to actively feed on, taking almost all the bait, so that even with no experience can count for a good catch.A small thickness of the ice makes it easy to make a large number of wells in search of the "nibble" places.
One of the most pressing issues for the novice - how to start?What to take a fishing rod, a reel fishing line thickness, which buy and jig baits?But the fact of the matter is that definitive answers to these questions do not exist.There are plenty of reputable anglers who hold very different views on the tackle - and thus successful fishing.And, perhaps, every second fishing-winter road in a closet or garage kept a pile of unclaimed "rubbish": fishing rod, jig fishing line, boxes and other equipment, to buy between "evolution" and then was out of work.Ideal for the neophyte - go to the first fishing company with an experienced angler.Do this, and extra rod (not one!) Will always be found, and the right advice on its application.Yes, and a good catch next to an experienced friend is practically guaranteed, as it is for the first fishings very important because, left "no tail", a novice can give up and throw ice fishing, and not having time to start.
Mormyshka?Spoon?Or ...
Different types of ice fishing require different approaches to tackle, and equipment, and even clothing.In the "stationary" fishing jig, float or bottom fishing tackle angler can several hours (and sometimes night) stay at one point catching capacity.Here, in addition to a set of string udilnikov different thicknesses mormyshkas different weights, "devils", "goats" and other artificial lures, depth gauge and the feeder for lowering the ice feeding, the bucket to clean the debris from the ice-hole, need a tent, a box (akachair), and in the cold - gas heater or even a few candles for heating.
blesnenie winter, in contrast, requires the angler mobility - two or three fishing rods, lures and a set of beams, small backpack or light box to make it comfortable to wear it behind your back, and even better - sleigh onwhich you can easily carry for a tackle and catch.Sometimes, for one fishing blesnilschik passes over the pond a few kilometers nasverlivaet searching predatory fish to hundreds of wells, and therefore the weight of equipment, and equipment must be appropriate - easily, conveniently, does not hinder traffic and do not force to get wet with sweat.
By way of fishing, and the estimated size of the production depends on the choice of a mandatory tool for all winter road - ice screws.Sports burom- "weaving" (diameter 10 cm) can be in a few minutes without much effort nasverlit a dozen holes in the ice, even very thick, only respectable size bream or "zakiloshnuyu" pike from such wells can hardly get one.The most versatile size - 130 mm, but there are 150, and 180, but the larger the diameter, the more difficult to drill.However, much depends on the quality of ice screws and mounted on a knife.And the physical data fisherman too, of course ...
novice winter road the best look and try out different types of fishing to eventually choose the one that is more suitable to his taste and temperament.Especially that in addition to spinners and jig, there is also a fascinating predator fishing on zherlitsy and other equally fascinating and dobychlivye, ice fishing methods.Many, by the way, do not stop at one thing, and, depending on the circumstances and mood, using different gear and different ways.
main thing - the "game"!
Winter fishing rod with a jig - still the most popular and versatile tackle for ice fishing.On it are caught and peace, and predatory fish.Over time, each fisherman accumulate hefty supply mormyshkas different sizes and shapes - from classic "balls" to "droplets", "bagels", "ants" and so on.In any case, jig in the water mimics a living object that attracts fish - insect-crustacean amphipod.Most anglers prefer a seat next to the hook mormyshke also live bait - often bloodworms.But high-end mormyshechnika - Fishing without a nozzle, which is called "shaking on" when using the oscillation rod angler sets mormyshke attractive fish "game."
under different conditions chosen catching its "correct" jig.For example, the weight of it varies depending on the depth and strength of the current - to jig could "play".But size is selected based on the preferences of the fish is already in a given place at a given time.Well necessarily have mormyshkas should be sharp and durable hook.Earlier in the move was lead jig, now also gained widespread popularity tungsten: weight for weight, they have a much smaller size, which has a positive effect on biting.The size and weight of the jig of appropriate thickness is selected fishing line;It happens that catch accounted for tonyusenkoy - 0.06 mm diameter "cobweb" with jig size of a match head.
shops and homemade
In fishing stores now full rods for every taste and wallet, but even many athletes titled fishermen still prefer homemade.The most serious claim - for fishing rods, which will be fine fishing line.It should be comfortable, with a good swing of the drum on which fishing line is wound.It is very rare to find an inexpensive bait that meets all requirements.
looks like it is with the spinners not easy to find among the "store" catchability.Good quality baubles and has a corresponding price.Many enthusiastic blesnilschiki themselves solder spinners, long experimenting and "bathing" their products in the bathroom to check, how to behave in the water their "fish."Well, at least get hold masterovitye "glands" the comrades.
In recent years, very popular among blesnilschikov acquired horizontal spinners - balancers.Rocker shape and coloring mimics fish and thus has two hooks on each side and even troynichok on the "belly".Accordingly, the chances of catching a pike or perch with "weapons" are increasing.The balancing of fishing in stores now so much that eyes run, but to pick up copies of the catching capacity - is not easy, and here again, can not do without the exchange of experiences.
general, ice fishing enthusiasts a lot of gear and equipment either wholly produced themselves or bring to mind "shop": crates, boxes, motylnitsy, feeders.The most skillful for movement on the ice and towing equipment ATVs and carved "motosobak."There where carousing creativity and skillful hands.
Breakfast Ice
Any kind of winter fishing involves serious energy consumption, therefore a place of honor in the fishing box or backpack thermos and took a bite.Most fills a thermos of hot tea, but many believe that the best option - the cocoa with milk: and invigorates and adds strength.Well, the most sophisticated prefer vitamin tea from the hips.But the real alcoholic ice fishermen not warmed - from his winter fishing only problem, or even close to disaster.A small sip from a tiny flask of spirits, of course, will drive the blood through the veins, but the second is clearly more than a sip and create a deceptive illusion of warmth, but fishing will spoil easily, and undermine health.
With regard to edible, the food should be hearty and high-calorie.There is competition fat.Nice to have a bar of chocolate in hand - it's light, does not take up much space, and you can literally eat on the go.
And you want to, and prickly
And finally - a little about the safety regulations, obligatory for every angler to exit on the first ice instead of a holiday did not turn a disaster.When the air temperature below zero for one person to walk confidently on the frozen pond can be, if the thickness of the ice reaches at least seven centimeters.

However, the first ice should not go alone, especially novice.The company also needed to move around the pond, holding each other a few meters.Going first is to check the strength of the ice successfully.If after the first shock seem a little water, so the ice is thin, and you can not walk on it.We must immediately move in its same track to the beach gliding steps, keeping the legs from ice and placed them on the shoulder-width apart, the load is distributed over a larger area.Just enter in the crackle of ice and cracks.
And certainly need to be in possession of "spasalki" - two strong pointed metal pin with handles connected by a segment of strong cord.Keep them in a box does not need or pocket, so that at any moment they appeared immediately at hand: to miss the sleeves of outer clothing or fasten the belt.Another important thing - strong cord length of 20-25 meters with a large loop at the end of the deaf and Georgia.The cargo will throw the cord to the failure of the water to someone and using the loop it can securely hold by threading it under the forearm.
Be careful and attentive, and then ice fishing for the first ice will give you only positive emotions.Well, you - to deliver a good catch home.
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