How to get strong seedlings: the experience of members of the forum

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20 April 2016
On started sowing.In most regions of Russia grow vegetables nonseedlings way is almost impossible.And mature vegetables, planted seedlings, a month and a half earlier, and the fruits of their tastes, because ripen at the bottom of a large light and accumulate a lot of nutrients.No seedlings generally can, today, based on years of experience of our members of the forum, we'll show you how to get the most important crop seedlings.
ready for the new garden season, Vikusha picked tomato seeds are not as usual, focusing on the taste, color and beauty of the fruit and resistance to viruses.Therefore, most of the ordered seeds were hybrids F1.
Primer for seedlings did the sawdust: 9 liters sawdust - 3 liters of sand, 50 grams of a mixture №1 (chalk + boric acid in a ratio of 1: 100) and 15 g of a mixture №2: 324 g + 199 g Potassium-magnesium ammonium phosphate +341 g + 136 g of urea, potassium sulfate).
seedlings sowed in disposable cups of 5-8 pieces at the beginn
ing of March.Seeds are not processed seeded dry.A tray with cups and hid the film delivered to the battery.After the seeds hatch, he moved the cup on the windowsill.
before transplanting into the ground it watered with a weak solution of fertilizer: mix №2, 1 tsp3 L of water.Poured directly on the leaves.Watering is carried out on sunny days almost every day, on a cloudy day - less.Seedlings dosvechivaetsya fitolampy conventional desktop or from 7 am to 11.10 pm.
picks do in the first true leaf stage.
for planting peppers Natusik starts usually at the beginning or the middle of February.Last year, it was February 5 .How does:
- container ready, figured as varieties can fit in each container, signed their names.Pour into containers purchased ground, the height of 6-7 cm. Strictly for the names of varieties, written on the edge of containers, made a shallow container, poured boiling water over them and started planting.
Seeds not soaked: the Dutch producers are treated and soaking are not recommended.Just laid them up a notch, moisturizing spray, and sprinkle of ground 0.5-1 cm. Once again, moisten the earth from the sprayer.
distance between rows should be 4-5 cm between seeds - 1.5-2 cm.
container lid, and put a couple of hours on the battery.Then I transfer it to the warmest place with a temperature of about 26-28 degrees.
After germination capacity interchanges Summer Resident with peppers in the most lit place: on a homemade rack on the windowsill.Each shelf rack attached fitolampy length of 120 cm. The distance from the lamp to the seedling on average 15 cm. The supplementary lighting is performed from 7-30 to 22-30.Temperature: 20-22 degrees in the daytime, 18-20 degrees at night.
To avoid blackleg - the main danger for seedlings early on, trying not to Natusik pereuvlazhnyat soil, and immediately after the pepper sprout, spud them in order.It pours into the aisle, and near Stalks always dry.
When seedlings appear true leaves, and it looks like in the photo below, you can dive peppers.One hour prior to pick the seedlings watered.
picks for the majority of members of the forum enjoys a teaspoon: first row of neatly separated from one grade pepper, then divide the plants as little as possible to injure the roots.Peppers sit in separate containers and set them on the north window with backlight two lamps.The temperature on the window sill should be 18-20 degrees.Watering the walls of the container, avoiding overflow.
way!Here are some varieties of hot peppers this year will grow our forum users:
  • Trinidad
  • Carolina ed (they say there are no more acute)
  • BhutJolokia / Naga Jolokia (the sharpness of one million units of the scale Skov).
Onion seed
In late January - early February, the seeds are soaked, potted (30h20h10 cm) filled with soil to a height of 8 cm. The composition should include compost, coconut substrate, garden soil and sand in equal proportions.Earth slightly compacted palm.Cut grooves for sowing distance between rows - 5 cm between seeds in a row - 3 cm depth of seal - 1 cm. Sowing tweezers better if planted each seed in its place, the seedlings do not have to dive.At the beginning of the row set with the signature of the label type and date of planting.
crops moisturize with an atomizer, covered with foil, in order not to evaporate the moisture, and put in a warm place with a temperature of +20 ... + 25 ° C.Three weeks to appear shoots loops.Then, to the onion is stretched, the seedlings are transferred to a cool light place, where the temperature - from +16 to +20 ° C.
new posts dalisima containers sometimes used instead of plastic bottles of 2 liters.In this case the ground column in the bottle should be at least 25 cm in height, while developing strong roots.When the onion will grow up to 5-7 cm, drawers day bring to the fresh air, protecting it from direct sunlight.
Lukovaya seedlings are planted in the autumn of the prepared beds at the end of May.It is best to grow onions in the sun, in the place of cucumber, cabbage, potatoes and legumes.
How to sow?
How to grow vegetables so as not to be killed in vain in the beds and then not to suffer, pristraivaya harvest for familiar?User Mariska calculation made for a family of three people and garden with a total area of ​​48 square meters:
  • carrots ~ 4 m2 -1 bag of seed;
  • beet ~ 1.6 m2 - 1/2 bags of seeds;
  • bush beans by about 4.8 m2 - 1/2 = 10 bag seeds bushes (grade 2);
  • cucumbers groundwater to ~ 4 m2 - 2 bags of seeds of bushes = 20;
  • courgettes / zucchini ~ 4.8 m2 - PA1 sachet = 3 + 3 zucchini zucchini;
  • onion 4 m2 - Seva 1.0 kg;
  • garlic winter by ~ 7.5 m2 - 1.0 kg of garlic "vegetable department stores";
  • herbs (dill, cilantro, parsley leaf lettuce) / radishes on ~ 1.6 m2 - 1 package;
  • peas ~ 0.8 M2-1 / 2 bags.
Requirements tomatoes difficult to calculate.Typically, a family of three bushes are planted 40-50. Dmitriy063 advised not to be greedy, if necessary 20 bushes of tomatoes, it is best to plant 30 seedlings after germination to choose the best, and the rest - give.
By the way, before soaking seeds experienced growers give birth diary works. Ginseng rascherchivaet sign with graphs: culture / data / work / notes.Filled plate, for example, like this: Pepper / 23.02 / soaked /.Pepper / 24.02 / planted /, and so on for each crop.Subsequently, it will determine the optimal planting dates and the right amount of seeds.
How to slow the growth of seedlings
Terms planting the seeds for seedlings, each calculated on the basis of its circumstances, the climate, the location of the loggia, the presence or absence of the greenhouse.But many are beginning to sow as early as the first decade of February.Most members of the forum said that it is better to play it safe, put the seedlings early, adding the term "just unexpected."Unfortunately, at the end of March can be sown only early-maturing varieties, and really delicious, wonderful, meaty tomatoes grow only at an early sowing.It is also a problem, because "outstay" seedlings is not helpful.And to the stems of seedlings did not pull a thread, it is necessary to restrain the growth of foliage and encourage root development.To do this, the majority of members of the forum in April relocated seedlings at a fairly cold loggia.
that sho Niusha:
- late varieties of tomatoes have to count their positions 115-120 days.Sow later upreshsya in Fitou or just go out for a date smaller harvest.So let sit seedlings and count the days.Let the root to grow, but not tops.
Tatiana Quail your way to restrain the growth of seedlings learned from her grandmother.At night, when the seedlings have to drop in temperature, the grandmother obkladyvayut of snow on the edge of the drawers, and between the rows.At the same time the snow must not touch the stem!If the winter with little snow, you can namorozit ice in the refrigerator, gouging him, and this crumb obkladyvat seedlings.
Many gardeners same culture sown at different times.For example, seeds from one package peppers seeded in late January, mid-February and early March to drop, respectively, when ready seedlings in the greenhouse, and a film in the open ground.
How to cook at home of soil for seedlings, click here.How to make boxes with seedlings interior decoration, can be found here.Our video will teach you how to care for an adult seedling.And the best in the world "themes" on okolorassadnye theme here.