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17 April 2016
From time immemorial, the bath was not only a place of cleansing the body, they are driven ailments, take delivery, performed rituals and held talks.Today connoisseurs light steam assured: visiting of a bath - a real art that requires both talent, knowledge and skills.How to choose the right bath broom and prepare it before entering the steam room?What are the herbs to make a broth to create a pair of healing?Details about this and tell our forum users master bath Affairs.
and birch and nettle
birch, oak, juniper, eucalyptus, tansy, tarragon, rowan, lime ... From the variety of bath brooms dizzy.They are deciduous, coniferous and herbal.What to choose?
bath championship leader - of course, birch twigs.Its leaves have a porous structure, so stick to well-steamed the body and absorb sweat, cleansing the skin.Participant Pauline believes that the best birch brooms - those that gathered in the beginning of summer until blossomed earrings - later birch leaf becomes hard, and themsel
ves brooms much debris.Correctly folded dried twigs like a fan - leaves them looking in the same direction.No new posts Athena says that when using a broom as if "hugging" you.
For lovers of intense heat would be the best broom made of oak branches - in fact it is very robust and allows you to thoroughly injected steam.Oak broom is also very economical - it is enough for 3-4 trip to the bath, especially if the branches were cut in damp, shady oak forests - here they are particularly strong.
And what subtle eucalyptus?Its branches are very flexible, they catch fire problematic.But eucalyptus leaves contain useful essential oil, which copes well with a runny nose and sore throat.For best effect steamed Eucalyptus broom for a few minutes and bring to a person breathe healing vapors.
If you - thrill seekers, grab a broom juniper in the steam room.Despite its prickliness it - a great assistant for rheumatism, because the needles are well massaged her back.
Our forumchanin Kan74 provides instructions for those who are first steamed juniper:
- not to lash himself to them as birch or oak.Gently, otherwise the whole skin will itch and holes in a week.
This advice can be attributed to the fir, spruce and pine broom.
Do not harvest or buy coniferous brooms for the future - when dry needles fall off, so it's best to pick a broom just before the bath.

are good for doubles and brooms linden, willow, alder, rowan. A few centuries ago was considered a royal whisk lime, due to its delicate flavor, strength, and leaves at the same time - ease. believed that lime broom has wound-healing effect, able to relieve headaches and accelerate sweating.Best of lime twigs - those that felled during flowering.

But rowanberry bath with a broom will provide energy for the whole day, so go with him to the bath preferably in the morning.Well affect the skin and have a pleasant aroma brooms of cherries and currants, especially if they have prepared in the early summer of the young shoots.

If you want to steam all at once, you can prepare a combined broom made of branches of various trees and herbs.Create your bouquet can have from finished, bought at the market several types of brooms, disbanding them and re-linking to your taste.
in traditional birch twigs for the flavor you can add a sprig of tansy, wormwood, yarrow, sage, sweet clover - in short, everything your heart desires.
new posts Galina.L.:
- Our friends harvested birch brooms, and inside, in the harness, put sprigs of various herbs - chamomile, thyme, mint and so on. Oh, great!
And here's another bathing hit - improves circulation nettle broom unfortunately not prepare for the future.Member ProstoDed said that steam can only freshly cut shoots (broom make short and bushy to 40 cm, and steamed prior to use in hot water for 4-5 seconds), since upon drying leaves crumble.Instead of dry leaves can be cooked excellent broth to wash your hair.For more information on broths and their use in the bath we say below.
dried or out of the freezer?
How to keep Veniks until the summer, when it's time to go for fresh?Validating Kan74 dried twigs wrap in a thick paper to those less gathering dust, and put them in a cool, dry place where there is ventilation.In a private house can be stored dry brooms hanging on an unheated attic.If you live in an apartment, leave the brooms in a cardboard box on the balcony.The main thing is be careful that they do not become wet and started to mold.
But today's market you can find not only dried, frozen and brooms that are sold in special Thermo.Are they, as a rule, several times more expensive than their counterparts dehydrated.Is it worth it to pay, and whether the frozen twigs advantages over dried?
According to professional attendant Denis Zlobin , brooms, which were sent after gathering in the freezer, less crumble and lose their leaves while working, and remove the pair after their use easier.Additionally, if too bald broom, after bath can be re-frozen and re-used (although the second life can be dried and broom, if after its rinse bath with warm water and dried again).
frozen and can be stored coniferous brooms who can not tolerate drying.In order not to overpay, you can freeze them alone, after having wound tightly with cling film brooms.
animates broom
Before you go to the steam room, a broom - whether dried or frozen, it is necessary to "revive".Master bath with experience Minister Ivan Lopukhov warns: do not zaparivat brooms in boiling water - this leaves become sticky and turn into a rag.Dry broom made of birch or oak to start, simply rinse with warm water, and then a few minutes to put in a basin of cold water, and then - again a few minutes to soak in the warm.Thereafter broom be placed in hot (about 80 degrees) the water and leave it for ten minutes - this is one way.Similarly, you can zaparivat and other leafy twigs: linden, ash, rowan, cherry, currant, etc.
Magol :
- Tested this winter this way: dry twigs for a week buried in a snowdrift.Steamed without soaking - over fitokonteynerom in throwing of a gun.Before rasparki thaw brooms became almost like a fresh cut, exuding fragrance.
pine broom zaparivayut way: put on for 15-20 minutes in a basin of hot water (80-90 degrees), while the needles does not become softer.Other tips of our members of the forum on ways steaming brooms read in this thread.
And to branch broom when the guy does not scatter in different directions, and they do not have to tie up our forumchanin Nafanya proposes to tighten the handle brooms ... clamps small diameter, bought at an auto parts store, tying them with a cloth (not burned and notscratched his hand).
steam of herbs fragrant
To bathhouse was filled with fragrant herbs, you can pre-cook the broth and throw it on the hot stones of bath furnace.The proportions may be: three liters of water - 100 grams of dried herbs.Herbs are placed in a pan and pour boiling water, then on low heat bring to a boil, and insist cut off about half an hour.Then strain the broth should be, and if you go to the bath after a while, put in the refrigerator - there it can be stored up to two days.
From which you can prepare a decoction of herbs?Relax, relieve fatigue decoction of equal parts of thyme, oregano, chamomile, birch buds, spruce needles.Raise steam power made from kidney poplar leaves Zubivka and tansy.Protection from colds rich essential oils of eucalyptus, lime, mustard.The options may be many - experiment!
Herbal teas can be used for washing the head and body - they help get rid of dandruff, reduce hair loss and improve skin condition.The main thing is to use herbal teas with caution and use brooms, if the plants can cause your allergies.Also, some herbal teas such as sage, can not be used during pregnancy.In this article we have been told readers contraindications to visit the baths, as well as how to properly bathe.
What kind of natural cosmetics can take with you in the bath?Natural honey, sea salt or drinking of coffee.
Forum member Mineralka advises:
- Collect drinking of coffee, only ground the grain, not a substitute.And try to rub the body after the first steam.It works also as a scrub, and as a nourishment to the skin - much oil in the cake, the body becomes a velvety.This recipe is suitable for both women and men out there - body care is useful to all!
Other recipes of natural cosmetics for a bath can be found in the topic of our forum.How to achieve comfort in the bath?Answers will find in this material.Also recommend to watch the video about an unusual bottles of bath and sauna to share stories about the traditions in this topic.