Flower arrangements in pots and hanging baskets: forum users evaluate the results of the past season

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22 April 2016

Planters, box or hanging basket of flowers forumchanin forumhouse.ru/ can make anything, this is not difficult.The main thing - to grow later in the pot work of art.Now growers forumhouse.ru/ followers show pictures of their flower arrangements and conceptualize the experience of the past season: it was possible that did not work, what plants have fascinated, which - on the contrary.

Svetlana Agrostemma all summer long fought for their plants with the "infernal heat" heat and unfortunately won.

Agrostemma :

- All pass on succulents.At least Echeveria gorbatotsvetkovaya in pots - the only plant that survived with no problems our Hells heat.

pots diameter 35 cm, and the size of the largest outlet - 18 cm!"Blooming" is hardly abundant, but "roses" is always in the same pore.

Some growers complain about the unfortunate acquaintance with Toren - not impressed.

Klever :

- While standing at home in a box, abundantly blooming, but at the time of landing and has blossomed

izroslas less.I planted it in the ground, and there she died quickly.


- My Dyusheska I was not very pleased, planted for the first time, expect more.Painful some, there is an expected cap.Soot three in pots, some already departed.

Sophiko found for myself a new perfect plant - heliotrope.

- That's something!All summer blooms non-stop heat transfers elementary, quite reconciled with a power failure ... Well, in short, is overjoyed.

Kampanula met the great love: Tradescantia.The beautiful, unpretentious, grow like crazy!

-The 20 liters, just how many pieces will not say exactly ... Well, maybe 8-10 pieces about :)

Elenka02 fascinated Nemesio.

- Bought seeds were Nemesia Poerty (were presented two colors: white and blue. I raised the white).I advise you to mix in pots.In this photo Nemesia adjacent to pelargonium.

many incredible like Ipomoea batata - vegetables, strictly speaking, the culture, its tubers are eaten in tropical countries.We Ipomoea bred for beauty, it really is very good.It is better to spend the winter at home, in the rank of a houseplant.


- Nothing special: spring cuttings purchased and planted.Excellent and very quickly takes root in water.The greens have very good.I especially like this one - the red.Here's the truth do not know - he will spend the winter and perezimuet it?But I will try very hard - good plants!

But the mix of different plants Tatusi cause complete admiration from everyone who sees them.


- I'll show pots.In the first photo papayka obstrizhena was literally under a tree stump, sitting before a solo, then had to be transplanted into a pot and more friends to pick her, well, I blinded it from what it was.

Siberian shmiz also successfully experimented with a mix of different colors:


- brahikoma+ yellow + yellow Calibrachoa Petunia (Duckling), 30 liters

- Petunia African Sunset + Syrfinia Table Dark Red.

- Table Ametist Eye + Table White, 30 liters.

Constantine liked warm red Africaine, and he thinks the new mixes with its participation in the next year.A very bright and attracts the attention of visitors to obtain a composition with a red Table.

Speaking of pots, but this season was dominated by members of the forum tilt toward different sachets and baskets.Successfully applied even bags under sugar.


- This bag, or, one might say, a bag, they sell sugar.And he made this: gradually pour the ground, doing the slot in the right place, inserted into the slot of the plant, again pour land to the place where will be the next slot and so on until the top.I got a little bit wrong, as it was intended, it was often necessary to make cuts, then at flowering would not have seen the bag.It should be like this.

Chamomile lulur decorate their flower pots sacking:


- I'm an ordinary aluminum jar wearing a regular jute bag tied VVER Hu's throat jute twine.It get interesting.

Shmiz first time this year to grow flowers in a sachet (the volume of 6-7 liters, planted bushes 7-8) - it turned out that it's pretty cool, next year these compositions he will have more.Watering flowers in sachets have to dip (otherwise shed earthen room, water flows).

Shmiz :

- sachets Fully recessed in the barrel for 30 seconds and hang it back.Volume sachet 6-7 liters, 7-8 bushes planted .

material from which made this "bag", is water, so the wall on which it hangs, always dry.Excess water flows down the lower corners.The sachets in the photo in a series of flower Viola Freefol (Cream, Golden Yellow and Deep Violet).

Shmiz :

- sown seedlings on March 5.While all in bloom and decorative lose.These Viola subtly smell very nice (sweet flavor).

seems Viola the lead in the ranking of our members of the forum - they grow everything.Another would be: the plant blooms continuously from early spring is not going to fade.Says f rosik , « in our climate viols is never too much."


- Grade Penny just does not get tired of praising, I think he's just amazing - fluffy balls with flowers.

Good viola and beds, so much so that produces a sensation.


- I have this year failed to put ampelnye viola in pots.I stuck it in the garden, do not regret, in a pot, it would be withered as the village is not often.

And in the garden, and the frost has gone through, flowers and smells.


- Penny!Exciting blooming!This cold summer, when nothing was in bloom, they created a furore in the flowerbed!And Matrix gorgeous bloom!All the neighbors happy.I'd like a little more different violok, looking forward to new products!

those who want to sow the seeds of Viola now, in August, a consultant forumhouse.ru/ Lobelia reminds a lot depends on what plants will go in the winter: the small, from the thickened crops, or the grownand strong.


- August usually starts planting violas blooming from mid-June and bloom well until August, and then gradually begin to izrastatsya viola, without fertilizing the flowers can grow shallow.

More Lobelia believes that the viola is not suitable for the role of a flower on the windowsill.


- My conclusion - they need a lot of land, a conventional pot suit except for melkotsvetkovyh varieties and then for a short time, because the plants will be pulled, and flowers grow shallow.

Viola bloom and do not even think to fade - and growers think that flowers hold for another month.Meanwhile plots, window sills and balconies decorated with flowers forumhouse.ru/ users continues summer.

View on floral arrangements and members of the forum you will be able to show his here in this section of the forum . Everything you wanted to know about agricultural techniques and varieties of petunias, look at this forum thread , a variety viols - here on this.This article talks about the unusual flower pots, and this video - about overexposure freshly bought flowers before planting in the ground.