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17 April 2016
Making New Year's menu - it is pleasant, but troublesome.Indeed, so eager, so this time it did not work "as usual", and that the table was decorated not only delicious and nutritious, and original, bright, really festive dishes.Traditional recipes - great variety.Frankly, most of us often operates at run-years scenario: bowl of salad, mayonnaise generously, roast goose, which comes out every time some not so - the hard, then dryish, etc., etc., then what to eat up the whole familyanother week vacation.
Members same year wonder: what would such an unusual but delicious to please the household?His findings, recipes and ideas on New Year's menu, they are happy to share in this topic.In our selection - a few selected recipes that shared forum users.
Mash, snack
Cold appetizers and salads - a key element of the holiday table.For a hearty Christmas meal is better to be light, otherwise consumers will be filled quickly, and hot and dessert forces and space in their stomachs may not
be enough.
bored Olivier, "mimosa" and herring under a fur coat, many forum users prefer something lighter and poizyskannee.
Hel offers salad recipe, which was the main dish on her desk in the New Year's Eve.Proportions - exemplary, everything is done by eye.No new posts knows it under the name "Forest" but different "forest" a lot of salads.

salad with mushrooms, nuts and cranberries
1. The five medium potatoes boiled in their jackets.
2. Mushrooms - what and how much you want.In my version of a mixture: boiled and then fried dried mushrooms (dry 45 grams) and 100 grams of pickled.It is possible and boiled and salted.
3. Fried onion - one medium onion.Not perezharte bow, or a bouquet of flavor of this salad will deteriorate.
3. Dill.Not a little bit, but to a mixture of green color clearly visible, and the taste of fennel feel.
4. grams of pine nuts 50.
5. tablespoon of cranberry.To fill
refined oil (sunflower seeds smell discourage all the taste and smell of this salad).
The last time I cranberries mixed with cranberries.Bitter cranberries came very much to the taste.
If all whole berries, mash berries part.This salad is very appetizing aroma, especially fragrant forest mushrooms, berries and flavor will play an important role here.
The cookbook Forum has several interesting options for a salad with chicken.
- Salad with chicken and cheese suluguni.Ingredients: suluguni - 30 g walnuts (ground) - 15 g, chicken (salt, pepper) - 90 g, tomatoes - 30g, pepper (yellow) - 30 grams of garlic - 1 g, mayonnaise - 20 g.
fry chicken fillets, cut into strips.Suluguni, tomatoes, peppers cut into cubes and squares.For the sauce, whisk in a blender the garlic and mayonnaise.Put on a plate, mix with the sauce, sprinkle with ground walnuts.
- Chicken salad with mango.Boil the chicken, cut into slices, roll in sesame seeds.Cherry tomatoes cut in half, mango - cubes.Prepare the filling: mix the thawed raspberries with olive oil, add a little red wine, sprinkle with a little pepper.All mix, season, add the spinach leaves in a salad.
user nomads New Year to prepare a snack baked pork: preparing just eaten quickly, because delicious.
- Need a piece of the cervix (may be and loin, and ham), garlic, salt and whole coriander.Mix a few cloves of crushed garlic, a couple of teaspoons of salt and a few tablespoons of coriander and crush all in the mortar.Smear the meat on all sides and wrapped in several layers of foil.If the meat is not enough fat, put down the thinly sliced ​​bacon.Leave for a day in the cold.Bake in the oven at 200 degrees on the basis of per kilogram of meat.Give cool completely.Serve cold, with beetroot horseradish.
hot time!
Gus on New Year's table - tradition, but how to make this dish was a real culinary masterpiece?Home - preparation, says new posts allussik : bird must begin to prepare not for a few hours before the celebration, and at least one day!
- I do goose on Christmas holidays each year.Small bar: goose must necessarily a day to soak in salt water.Classic - a pack of salt in a bucket of water.Do not be afraid, do not be salty.And yet, if you lay a goose in the freezer, then it must be removed three days before the holiday and the warmest place on the shelf of the refrigerator (fruit), so that it is gradually thawed.Two days later he "leaves", then day in salt water in a cool place and then - even with buckwheat, though with apples -
your goose will certainly delicious!
With meat and poultry great "friends» cranberry sauce and cranberries .For example, such as those Dima Danilov :
- A glass of cranberry, lingonberry drink half a glass of fresh orange juice, half a glass of dry red wine, two tablespoons of sugar.The mixture is brought to a boil and cook until thick, removing the foam.Cool, add two or three tablespoons of lemon juice, salt to taste.In a food processor all beat until smooth.
user Mariska offers depart from tradition and prepared once something more original: a meat pie in Italian.Many forum users have risked - and appreciated the recipe appreciated.
pie need 200 grams of onions, four cloves of garlic, two tablespoons of olive oil, 200 grams of bread crumbs (simple, no spices) kilograms of mixed minced meat (pork and beef, 50/50), four eggs, 200g mozzarella cheese, six tomatoes, 100 grams of green olives, pitted.Black pepper and salt to taste, a few leaves of fresh basil for decoration.
onions and garlic to clean.Onion finely chopped and fry in a pan with olive oil.Garlic pass through a "masher" onion and lightly browned.Rusk lightly fry in a pan without oil.Stuffing mix with onion, breadcrumbs, eggs, salt and pepper.Baking dish lined with foil and put it to the meat mass, smooth.
heat oven to 200 degrees.Wash the tomatoes, remove the base of the peduncle.Cheese recline on a sieve.Tomatoes and cheese cut into slices, olives - rings.Cheese and tomatoes put on the beef and place in oven for 40 minutes.Decorate the finished dish leaves of fresh basil.
For lovers of seafood cookbook recipe has pocket squid.This is a great dish for hot, but good is also cooled down, assures the user Oyster .
- Carcasses of squid and cut neatly clean "tail", so as not formed holes.The resulting pocket put the filling: peeled shrimp, herbs, chopped egg, finely chopped tails squid, salt and butter or sour cream on the eye, but that was not very liquid, just for juiciness.
Pocket close toothpick, put on a baking sheet, brush with butter and bake until gilding literally 15-20 minutes (anyone what stove).You can pour the bechamel sauce, but you can just apply.
What about dessert?
Almost every user of the forum, noted in the culinary section, there is his trademark celebratory dessert recipe.Here, for example, a cake, "Fallen Leaves" from Sony fisherwoman .
six eggs, two cups of flour, a half cup of sugar, a teaspoon of baking soda, vinegar, slaked.Knead the dough uncool, spread on a baking spoon small cakes (better on paper) and bake for three minutes.
cream: three cups of sour cream (not very thick, about 15% fat), a cup of sugar, cocoa taste.Together whip.
cakes dipped in cream and stack on a flat dish.Each layer is peppered with chopped walnuts, chopped straw pre-steamed dried apricots (raisins, prunes - variations).Cake should ideally stand overnight to infiltrate.
No one famous cake is not like this.Very nice combination of cream and cocoa (each can put cocoa as much as he likes).In general, the cake is not sweet, but quite interesting.Pellets are obtained than somewhere between meringue and biscuit.Light, airy.
feast for the eyes!Delicious!
Christmas table requires an eye pleasing design serving dishes.Our forum users have succeeded.For example, in a masterpiece turned Nikofar by the well-known herring under a fur coat.
- For the "fence" used salty crunchy sticks and arrows of fresh green onions.On the tips of sticks planted "pots" of marinated olives pitted.Keep in mind that crunchy salted sticks very quickly (about 15 minutes) soak in this salad, so the dish should be served to the table immediately after preparation.
Many original and time-tested recipes festive dishes piled up in the culinary section of the forum.For convenience and save you time in the section has a branch quick search recipes.Methods of cooking for a variety of events - in this branch.Prepare your holiday with pleasure, time, not so much - will soon cover the New Year's table!