Spring works on the windowsill

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19 April 2016
on a windowsill green some bushes seedlings calendar measures the last weeks before the first departure to the country, and are preparing tools for spring pruning.But inside the apartment, too, is full of spring Affairs: indoor plants, which all winter dozing in the cool winter garden, and suffered from a dull winter light, require love, care and a master hand.Based on the experience of participants FORUMHOUSE, we will talk about the work required for the spring flower bed in the apartment.
For the successful growth and development of the majority of indoor plants are transplanted to new pots.This is best done in early spring - in the majority of experts agree.The only thing you can not transplant the flowering plants and plants in a period of rapid growth of shoots.Transplanting plants do to replace the land to a "nutrient" and give a little of the new space needed root system for further development.Experts recommend doing it in the spring, of course, if the plant does not bloom, and at this
point there is no rapid growth of young shoots.Transplanted into the pot, which is more than the previous, but a little bit, otherwise the land it will turn sour, plant roots can not breathe normally, and it will die.Says member FORUMHOUSE plyushechki , «pot must always correspond to the size of the root system»:
- When planting in a pot too large increase in the aerial part of slowing down or completely stopped as long as the roots are not opletut whole earth com.
During the transplant can be viewed and treat the root system, as well as a convenient point for dividing marantaceae.
growers usually use one of three methods of transplantation: the actual transplant, handling or replacing the top layer of soil.Last used for large plants in large pots that are just physically unable to transplant: In this case, remove 5-8 cm of the soil and poured a new one.
Transplant do strictly by the rules.To determine whether it's her time, the plant is well watered, taken out of the ground and look at the roots.If the roots plenty of caked earth, let the flower will live still in the pot.If the roots so that the land is almost not visible - it's time to move to a new one.To do this:
Water the plant for an hour before transplanting.
Carefully remove the plant from the pot, separate the roots from the coma of the earth.
If you repot the plant in a pot that has already been used, rinse it thoroughly.The new clay pot should be put into the water at night.
Set the plant on a new layer of earth in the new pot, fill the gaps between the roots moist new earth.Fill out the entire pot mound it on the perimeter.To land slipped slightly tapping a pot on the table.The top layer is sealed by hand or tool.
Water the plant for a week and put in the shade.Spray the leaves every day.
plant pereneite week later in a permanent place.
Handling - a gentle process, but it is unfortunately not suitable growing strongly and flowering plants that need to replant every year, but in a fresh nutrient substrate.And when handling old clod of earth is transferred to the pot slightly (20%) more, this plant can not be noticed!How to do it, explains participant FORUMHOUSE Pauline :
- dry little clod of earth that he could jump out of the pot completely, and just like that put a new pot, the bottom by pouring some new ground.This is called reloading, less painful process than transplantation.Dosyplete land on the edges, that's all happiness.
recently transplanted plants can not feed.And by the way, not all plants need large pots, some can only live in close quarters, such as amaryllis or Hippeastrum.This flower has to live in a pot with a diameter slightly larger than the bulbs, and the bulb should protrude out of the ground at least a third.
Typically, autumn and winter the air is too dry in apartments radiators.Grounds leaves can clog the microparticles of dust, and the plant becomes difficult to breathe.Even if you regularly sprayed their plants and wash the dust from the large leaves, arrange them great spring shower .The leaves are large plants can even be washed with a small amount of soap (soap wash immediately).The only thing - in any case it is impossible to wash the plant with feathery leaves, such as geraniums and violets.
Each plant their requirements for bathing, for example, water for orchids should be "goryachevatoy", and after the shower all the leaf axils it is necessary to wet cotton wool.Bathe in the shower you can even violets, which are believed to be afraid of the water.However, with care.
- When I put the pots in a bath to take a shower, then put the violets so that they come under the thick leaves and plants of spreading.Otherwise, you can shower cool damage them.And like, and rain, and not much effort.Wash, shake off water and put in the sun (of course, not under the direct rays) to dry more quickly.
those houseplants that this obvious need, the spring clip to simulate growth and give the crown a beautiful shape.Most plants tolerate radical pruning.But we must remember that some flowering house plants form flower buds only fully ripened shoots or shoots of the second year.This applies to some types of roses, oleander, etc. gibikusaIf you are unsure that you can correctly make the pruning, set it up to the time when the plant bud.It can be safely cut fuchsia, passionflower, room grenades, etc.These cuttings are put in water for rooting, but just the spring cuttings are rooted not in all plants.But as you know, "nothing is impossible for a person with intelligence."
Marika last year for the first time tasted of grafted hibiscus:
- It is strongly stretched over the winter, and I decided to straighten it.That snapped, felt sorry, so I decided to root sprouts.Two put into the water, three slipped into the ground in a pot.All were killed.Then I felt sorry and I went on the principle - bursting, but multiply!After reading the book smart new cut off the stalk and rooting it in the ground under the package.Constantly watered and sprayed.He sat for two months, and - lo and behold!- He began to grow!Now I have a young hibiscus!This is my first good luck!
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