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19 April 2016
In many regions of our country, meteorologists said Martha winter months.The snow melted not completely and frost will be, but - all the boring days that we spent away from his hobby, behind.At the cottage!In the business!Starting our favorite battle for the harvest!
In late March, it's time to make the first trip to the area.Check how it's going to prepare the groove to remove the melt water (especially likes flooding strawberry), and most importantly - to see how wintered trees and shrubs.So here's what we need to do ...
assess the state of health of the garden
Perhaps not all trees have suffered this winter without loss.Carefully inspect them and if find traces of freezing or some other damage, smooth out sharp garden knife wounds to the healthy tissue.Then disinfect the treated area with a solution of iron or copper sulfate (sulfate 30-50 grams per 1 liter of slightly heated water) and seal the garden pitch.Putty can do themselves: 60% clay, 40% of mullein.Tie smeared place burlap,
and the top - polyethylene film.
Update whitewashing trees
If spring is long and cold, in March, it's time to remove the harness from the trunks of fruit trees and renew their whitewash, including the skeletal branches.Whiten such a solution: 2.5-3 kg of lime on a large bucket of water.To whitewash better kept in solution was added 0.5 kg of paste.To whitewash, you can use the powder from garden stores.Important!Spring whitewash spend the day at a temperature not lower than 1-3 degrees.Skeletal branches of old trees in front of white washed clean of dead bark, the bark is burned immediately.
- whitewash by frost-crack need to fall.Spring Autumn "make" correct (a little over the winter whitewash washed from trees) to protect against sunburn spring sunshine.Well, the beauty, of course - says participant FORUMHOUSE Mariska.
Cut fruit trees
Pruning apple and pear trees - one of the first spring work, do it when the garden is still snow.Many of the trees to get rid of unnecessary branches and shoots, most importantly, do it right.
Save blackcurrants
Blackcurrant can endure the most severe winter frosts, but fears the return of frost, which in the spring is not uncommon for most regions of the country. Stanislav N. Habarov , Academician of the RAAS, practicing a method that delays the growing season.To this end, in March, when the snow begins to melt only, it mulches currants, snow closes with peat or humus.The snow melts later, the vegetation is delayed, currants will not suffer from the return of frost and give higher yields.
Baba Galya, great authority on currants on FORUMHOUSE, said mulching closes output pests that are left to fall to the ground under the bushes: they remain in the ground.
Baba Galya:
- barriers to exit pests spring mulch of crop residues should be at least 10-15 cm.
Later, be sure to carefully examine the bush of black currant - this time on the branches will be clearly visiblethick, as if swollen buds - they live bud mite.Tear off the kidneys, and be sure to burn.If on a branch a lot of kidneys - burn all branch
sow the seeds for seedlings
March - the best time to plant seeds to seedlings of vegetables.To grow strong seedlings - get a good harvest.
Destroy wintering pests
very first treatment of trees from pests and diseases is carried out in early spring in a rest period until the plants are still asleep.Member FORUMHOUSE Any offers Cheat reminder: what is necessary to carry out the processing of the trees to bud.
processing time pests or diseases control measures, the drug
before bud protection bark from sunburn, insect overwintering stage-vrediteley, fungal diseases developing in the cortex. clean trunks of dead bark, whitewash trunks and bases of skeletal branches.

before bud

black cancer tsitosporoz, anthracnose, etc. (In pome crops);monilia, tsitosporoz, klyasterosporioz et al. (in the stone fruits)
cutting of dead branches, stripping bark necrosis to healthy tissue, followed by disinfection of open wounds, cuts of 1-3% copper sulfate solution, followed by the closure of their garden pitch, oret al. putties
before bud P arsha, spot (on pome crops), apple blossom weevil (spraying in the phase of green cone);monilia, klyasterosporioz, kokkomikoz (on stone fruits)
preventive spraying against diseases Bordeaux mixture or copper sulfate;against apple tree weevil - Decis, Kinmiks
- And very effective treatment of fruit bushes boiling water (80 degrees) to the bud.At a height of 1 meter from the bush 6-7 branches leaves 1 watering can (10 liters).The main thing here - "scald" all the branches, and not enough on the first try - repeating.
Get rid of lichen
If the trunks of trees and shrubs is strongly contaminated lichens, before the sap flow are easy to destroy 10% of ferrous sulfate solution (1 teaspoon per 100 ml of water).Trunks can be spray or coat with a brush.Three days later, lichens themselves fell off the trunk.After the start of sap flow to do so it is strictly prohibited: you can burn the buds and bark awakened, and then the consequences can be very sad, until the death of the plant.
Apply to shtamby trapping zone
Immediately after the snow on trunks of trees impose trapping zone that will protect wood from wintering in the soil pests.In the spring of their fixed near the ground at a height of 15-20 cm, but can be directly installed autumn huntsman belt under the lower limbs.In the spring, the belt caught pests when climb from the ground to the tree, and in the fall - when I went back.
trapping bands made of hemp, cotton and burlap soaked in linseed oil.The width of 15-18 cm. In the middle of the belt bandage two or three turns of the twine to the edge of his somewhat departed from the tree trunk.For greater efficiency of the belt impregnated with a solution of a chemical or biological agent, such as etnobakterina rate of 1 tablespoon per gallon of water.Every 10-15 days visiting the belt and remove pests trapped.Participant FORUMHOUSE motya74 for several years enjoyed by growers and his friend could not get enough.That this wonderful method.
- wound on the trunk and the plastic wrap over it, stepping away from the edges of 5 cm above and below, smeared glue on mice.Glue a little flowed through the film.That's really poprilipalo all creatures!A month later pasted paper (otherwise he prilipnesh), and cut off all the muck.Updated, now on the other side of the barrel.Then no ants or aphids have not seen.Very pleased!
to be vaccinated bridge
-tree and shrubs affected by damping-off or rodents, can be saved by making them vaccinated bridges, says Ivan Puchkin , head of the selection center in Siberia Research Institute of Horticulture of the MALisavenko, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences.According to him, the vaccination will help bridge even with a circular stem is damaged.Doing vaccinated bridge connects growers healthy cuttings of the plants above and below the injury - how to build a bridge across the damaged portion.It is not necessary to use cultivars cuttings, you can cut them with wildings.
bridge Grafting is done as follows: on the trunk just above and just below the damage to make cuts (zaschepit) length of 3 cm, the ends of the cuttings are cut on the straight and sharp wedge sharpened and inserted into incisions in the trunk.To the ends of the cutting is better to keep, you can attach them to the trunk of strong thick thread or nail small nails.Then place vaccinations tied film, and on top lubricate garden pitch.If the damaged inner barrel thick, vaccinations are just a few cuttings.
Scientist warns vaccination bridge take hold immediately.To help the plant survive, the crown is cut by a third or even half.
prepare for the arrival of birds
begin to prepare for the arrival of birds, useful for the garden, it's time in March.Hang bird houses, birdhouses and other known nesting.Birdhouse made with love and intelligence, certainly will decorate your garden.
Help flowers
When snow melts at a slightly podmerzshie soil can make fertilizer for early blooming flowers (tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, etc.).This is usually done in the morning, fertilizers applied to the soil surface, and in the afternoon, when the ground is soft, sealed them into the soil.In warm weather, briefly lift the cover roses and dripped grooves around them, the flowers are not affected by damping-off.
All this work is necessary to perform in March, when winter is not yet over, and spring is not quite begun.And our ancestors believed, "gardener red day" a day when blooming mother-and-stepmother.From the day the report was conducted timing of spring works.On the 14th day of plowing gardens, on the 11th day exhibited hives, planted fruit trees, strawberries purified from the dried leaves, loose soil.On the 23rd day of the early seeded vegetables - onions, beets, turnips, parsley, dill, carrots, peas, radishes, radish.
this video explains how to do the pick and take care of seedlings grown.Here - a detailed article on the whitewashed spring garden.Join the discussion topic "Spring Garden processing" on the forum.