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16 April 2016
Exotic plants in the home greenhouse - it is "accidentally find a pocket knife on a speck of distant countries."As the message of the wonderful places, maybe never visited.Strange, unfamiliar to our eyes, but so beautiful and macadamia velchivii can be especially proud owner of a winter garden.
What did not grow up in their greenhouses users example, a list of plants for the home garden on Svetlany0604 : orchids, citrus, bougainvillea, oleander, camellia, azalea, gardenia, wisteria, passion flower, hydrangea.
- A good range, but you can dilute it easier to care for: ivy, asparagus, conifers (cypress, juniper), laurel, Monstera, coleus, aspidistra, tsiperus and so on. D. Hortense?Why not - of course, will grow rather not grow, and to experience the winter alone.In the summer I put it to the outside, still a winter garden with a southern window - not for her.
It would be nice to add a few large trees.Beautiful, development of plants completely transform views
of the garden, rather, set the foundation.They look small and organically complementing the composition.You can buy a big fig, Jade, bokarneyu, Monstera.
According Svetlany0604, when buying "exotic" preference should be given to young plants.Firstly, the "kids" better adapted to the new conditions.And secondly - to observe the process of growth, cherish - this is one of the main pleasures grower.
But all these plants - a common set of "candidate minimum" of the grower course, it warms the soul, and look happy ....But with time and experience, you want something "pochudesatee."
most bizarre Welwitschia plant is considered.In the wild, it is a dwarf tree grows in the African desert, in the conservatory - in special circumstances, at a temperature of +21 to +23 degrees during the day and not less than 10, 12 at night.Watering should be regular, but had time to dry out the land.All this fuss because of the two large leaves and flowers, like a small fir cones.But the exotic, this did not take away.
Another thing - another exotic coastal stemmadeniya.A small tropical tree year round covered with large white flowers that look particularly striking on the background of bright, lacquered like leaves.Heat, ambient light, humidity - here is a list of requirements that the plant makes the owners of greenhouses.
new posts nysia grows coffee in the home greenhouse.The sapling has got her tiny baby 8-9 years ago - it is watered it, fed up, turn over.For this plant to thank the hostess with flowers and fruits.By the way, one of the coffee tree in the indoor environment can be collected 0.3-0.5 kg of grain.
They are peeled and dried in the open air or indoors.Mature grain yellowish brown are after roasting.User Azar recalls: 8 degrees for coffee - the critical temperature.For the cultivation of coffee to choose the most light and warm place in the winter garden.
Actually, a lot of interest not only to the aesthetic component, but also, literally, the fruits of his hobby.For example, lemons, tangerines and other citrus fruits, as well as kiwi, pineapple guava, mango and avocado often settle in the greenhouses of our members of the forum.
- If you grow up with a gastronomic interest, then, in my opinion, of lemons - Kursk, Meyer Novogruzinsky.Of the remaining citrus: kumquat, lime.If
purely for visual design, the Calamondin (in any flower shop in bulk), Buddha's Hand citron - writes user JG.
Citron - thermophilic exotic plants, and it is necessary to provide the respective temperature.The optimum temperature is + content + 22- 25 degrees.In winter the temperature drops to the contents of + 4 + 6 degrees.Not bad winter place it in a cool, bright room.
Citron hygrophilous, so he needs abundant watering.Also, three times a day, it needs to be sprayed.In winter, the temperature is lowered and reduce the intensity of irrigation.In the period of active growth (spring and summer) Citron should feed complex fertilizer for houseplants.
Transplanted citron twice during the first four years of life and no longer touch.Suitable for grafting a ready substrate for decorative foliage plants, or you can use the fertile soil from the garden.
Another plant that easily can be grown in the winter garden - punika or dwarf pomegranate.Tree from half a meter to a meter in height is very beautiful blooms, but fruiting only persistent florist.The fact that the temperature is typical for the middle of the winter garden for fruiting insufficient.If you want the fruit - small but tasty granatikov - heated rooms fall or even transfer grenades at this time in a warm room.
Ginger - both ornamental and medicine and spice.Recently, it became very popular, and many have a question - is it possible to grow it at home.Yes, the house ginger will feel great, pleasing to the eye and bring enormous benefits to health.Here, for example, how to grow ginger forumchanin Archimed.
- I took a normal root, bought in the store.At that time he knew nothing and did not read - planted a root.I put in an ordinary soil for planting in January.On a normal plastic flowerpot.He went out in a month.I watered it regularly, not to dry up.
he grew in height 130 cm, stalks were four of them.Sometimes I fed the cap liquid fertilizer vermicompost.A month ago, I removed it.The pot had three root of roughly equal size.One - the darker, the old, which I planted.And two new - lighter.
piece of grown gave parents.Mother entered smarter - she wrapped him in a regular plastic bag, poured back a little water and put in a warm place.She just three days kidney started to grow.She did a few days ago also planted.
Since I love ginger and eat it a lot, I think it continue growing and gradually nasazhat more.
for planting advised to take a smooth, fresh and shiny root.Suitable piece of root with two or three buds from which to grow sprouts.Place the root for several hours in warm water to awaken dormant buds.
then put ginger in a pot with the substrate for growing vegetables (you can buy ready-made at the store, adding fertilizer for root vegetables are high in phosphorus), placing it horizontally kidneys up.The pot should be high and wide at the bottom - good drainage;stagnant water in a pot is not valid, it can lead to root rot.Place the plant should be on a light and warm place.Watering should be regular: the plant does not tolerate drought, but to pour it too should not be.Ginger responds well to high humidity, so it is recommended to spray it regularly.
If you have the desire and patience, in the home greenhouse can grow and pineapple.Here at forumchanin Garry and his family patience enough - only three years, and I had to wait for the coveted fruit.
- Taken from the top of the pineapple "tree" and put it in a plastic bucket of ice cream with water (water covered only cake pineapple).Water is added regularly.When there were roots (five months), transplanted into a large pot.Swipe leaves after two years reached a meter.In late October, pineapple blossomed - middle, blushed, and there was a small ananasik.In late April, he has reached his maturity marketable - yellow and looked very appetizing.Cut and eaten.On the palate it was sweeter and more aromatic donated, however, the size did not come out ... and Moscow - not Africa.
more about how at home to grow a variety of flowers, trees and fruits, read this section of the forum.In this branch - all about the experience of growing citrus.Exchange seeds, plants and seedlings with other users here.And in this video - Useful tips on choosing plants for the winter garden.