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16 April 2016
going to celebrate the New Year with children in the country or in a private house?To rebyatnya not missed, while adults are fried kebabs and salads, cut, turn his land into a fabulous snow town - the realm of Santa Claus, ice fairies and the main arena of sports holiday!We are confident that the adults themselves are not averse to have fun here!How to realize a childhood dream into reality, they say, our forum users.
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So, if you do not want to spend the New Year holidays watching TV, bored and gaining weight, it is time to act!Arrange yourself and your family fun and sports vacation in the festive program including hockey tournament (to create a team, you can invite the neighbors), and the evening starts skating figure skating to the romantic music.And if the ice rink in the vicinity of your home yet, you can pour it on the site.
To do this, choose a level place, and if a lot of snow fell, clearing the area and well tamped.Do not fill the rink, where yo
u have many years of growing a lawn, planted before winter flowers or Fruit and vegetable crops - spring lawn will turn black and the plant vymerznut perish.
How tamp pad?Can yard rink will take or cause the tractor.And you can use the method of participating MariyaF and ... get back on skis.
Mariyaf :
- tamp pad on fresh snow easier and faster skiing.At least two people are following each other on the track in a checkerboard pattern.This is when the second person is one ski on the piste the previous one, and the second ski on virgin soil.First along and then across the rink.
Pour ice needed in several stages, using a hose with cold water.That water is not flowed, the perimeter of the future ice rink, you can protect the boards.The first fill to create a basis - waiting until the water will freeze and turn to ice.At the second and subsequent fills building up ice.Participant our forum Naletea adapted for pouring machine snow shovel:
But forumchanin bek-ar believes that more correct spray water fan, holding the hose with your fingers or using a nozzle.The optimum thickness of the layer of water at each pouring - about one and a half centimeters.If it's windy, the fill is better to move to on the ice did not form irregularities.The temperature of the air when filling should not exceed -5 ° C.
When the ice is stronger and has grown to 7-10 cm, polish it with hot water.To do this it is best to use a hose with a rubber mat.Here such:
And what if the hot water in your area is not, and with the help of polish hose ice impossible? Naletea offers make a special device:
- Take a box around the perimeter of a fasten a rubber gasket for windows.In the box put the tank with tap and pour into hot water.The box is moved on the rink, the water pours into the center of the box, and this improvised car polishes the ice, making it the ideal.
But the ice rink frozen, and children delighted in the chase hockey.Do not stay on the sidelines and you create a family team!
Ice-boats, in a way!
Another indispensable attribute of a winter children's happiness - high ice slide.Ride with the least possible all day without fear to wipe his pants and jacket.How to make a hill on the site?
If the weather is warm, and the snow - sticky, you can use this proven method.To start with the big snow balls roll like going to sculpt a giant snowman, and put them on growth.The spaces between the balls drive in snow, form the walls with boards, slope and steps.Vyrovnyayt surface and the steps you can do with a metal spatula, cutting off all unnecessary.
When the slide will take a finished look, it is necessary to pour hot water from a watering can with a diffuser.When the ice grab, comes the turn of leveling and polishing.Participant Svetlana29 , which has great experience for the construction of ice slides (new posts worked in a kindergarten) prepares leveling compound as follows: pour half a bucket of hot water pours snow and stirred until a homogeneous plastic mass.This "porridge", putting his hands on the wool, and on top - a thick rubber gloves, and corrected all irregularities.The composition is also good for cooking and ledges.
If the outside is frosty weather and the snow does not want to roll in the snow, do not despair!Gorka is possible to build and with an ordinary snow shovel.Snow with the need to carefully tamp that it does not subsided, and the design stood until spring.
If the snow piled up so much that the New Year at your windows formed five-foot drifts, Saw them into cubes and let the matter - fold the pile of them.
But what if this year, nature has deprived of snow, and it has to collect the crumbs?You can make the frame slides from scrap materials, such as wooden crates.Or pour the old wooden roller coaster, as I have done our forumchanin Kostas2001 .On the mound, he spread a linoleum, and extended frame snow.
Castle ice fairies
is built on the site - a snow fort or ice palace?Or, traditional dwelling Inuit - needle?Solve this puzzle with their children, involving them in the creative process!
To fill ice bricks fit plastic canisters with cut-top boxes for seedlings, basins or cartons of juice.To get the colored ice, tint water watercolor.The cracks between the bricks will be overwritten by sleet.Inside the ice pieces can be integrated backlight, while the evening will lock your winter sparkle fairy lights. readers of our materials already know how to transform a garden with the help of lighting and decorate the facade of the holiday. for Christmas garden decoration also good ice lanterns.For their manufacturing baby will need a bucket.Pour into water and put out the cold.When the ice clutching at the walls of the bucket, poured the excess water from the middle.Recesses put in to get the spark.
the Ice toys can also decorate the trees in the garden.To do this, freeze water in cookie cutters, first placing it in flower petals, berries, beads, coins, ribbons - everything beautiful that you will find in the house.
celebrate the New Year and Christmas in the warm company of family and friends surrounded his house beauty and comfort!And to share photos and stories about the construction of slides you can in this topic in our forum.Tips on filling the rink here.