Spring grafting cuttings

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18 April 2016
user FORUMHOUSE Veptqobr read in old gardening books and successfully tested here is a method of reproduction of fruit plants: spring choose the attractive fruit trees a smooth, flawless branch, on its basis only the scraping bark (cutting height 1 cm).On the branch put on a plastic bag (the packet length of about 20 cm, diameter of 10-13 cm), it fall asleep fertile soil.Package top and bottom tied with twine, it made holes for ventilation.Until the fall of the main branch grows on a tree in the fall neatly cut off and planted in the ground.
members FORUMHOUSE from Siberia criticized this method: Krasnoyarsk winter is not exactly a seedling transfer.
Baba Galya:
- In our region, such plants do not spend the winter and the first year sincenon-grafted fruit are not adapted to our winters.What we inculcate cultural cuttings on cultureless rootstocks that the root wildings have much stronger in terms of hibernation.
Vaccination - not only one of the most reliable methods of reproduction of
fruit plants, but also one of the easiest.
- If you carry with seedling five years (if we can root it), then in the end he or vymerznet winter, or it will turn back to the strong wind, - says viktor50 .- Experiment was not forbidden, but I think that within a year the heat diminished.It is much easier to buy a book about the vaccination and to learn to impart.I was in 9th grade, I was shown how to vaccinate, I planted on the cherries cherries, planted apple, pear.Most of the vaccines failed.
There are two main ways of grafting cultivated varieties of fruit plants on rootstocks: kopulirovka (grafting cuttings) and budding (grafting the kidney).Kopulirovku carried out since the middle of March until July, but the best time for her - mid-April - early May, the period of sap flow.Prior to the sap flow in March, it is better to vaccinate only pereprivivat cherry and big trees.If any terms vaccinations main condition - dormant cuttings of the scion.
There are subtleties.So, the father of the wearer FORUMHOUSE vassy, ​​an agronomist, taught her to instill apple when the cherry blossoms.It was at this time apple active sap flow and better survival.
- Vaccination handle is spring, buds are not yet blossomed.Even if the stock blossomed (wilding), but cuttings were stored in the basement or refrigerator, the vaccine is normally survives.I planted even in mid-June.
cuttings can be harvested from early November to the end of the winter, until the bud.The best time - early to mid-December, when the cuttings have matured, hardened by frost, but not podmerzshie.Store them in the refrigerator or in the cellar.There is such a method - freezing, storage under the snow.Shanks wrapped with several layers of wet newsprint, wrapped in plastic wrap (the ends must remain open) and buried in the snow on the ground level.
can cut cuttings in early spring, then you do not have to worry about where and how to store them.And the survival rate cuttings, cut in April, often low - about 30%. Natal usually takes cuttings for grafting in early March - less hassle with storage than with the onset of winter, and the survival rate is better because there is no problem with cutting drying during storage.
Standard shank for kopulirovki - a stalk with 3- 4 buds, a length of about 20 cm. Crown grafting cuttings with 6-8 buds accelerates the beginning of fruiting.
two simplest and most common ways kopulirovki - Easy and improved.Just apply for the same thickness of the rootstock and scion.On a stock from the root collar up makes an oblique cut length of 4 to 5 cm. The same sections were taken and the handle, 1 cm below its second kidney.Rootstock and scion combine slices so that the tissue (bark, cambium, sapwood) match.Then bandage spiral moves without clearance over the whole length of cut.For many gardeners FORUMFOUSE strapping tape is used about 1.5 cm wide.However, not all good - it is necessary to check: moderate stretch tape should not be torn.
With improved kopulirovke on oblique slices of the cutting in the upper third of them make small serifs, which when combined cuts come one after the other.Thus the compound achieved a better fit and an exact match tissue rootstock and scion.
Personal grafting - accuracy.Hands, cuttings, tools - everything should be clean.Dropped stalk - cut it again.During the operation, the scion wipe with a damp cloth and tools.
Kopulirovochny knife can be with purchased or homemade, from the web mechanical saws.The main thing that he was sharp.Pruner also need to sharpen so that he cut newsprint.Nozhovok should be 2-3, with different values ​​of a tooth for cutting the branches of different diameters.Still need a broad chisel (15-20 mm) for trimming thick slices and a special hatchet.To perform the vaccinations thin cuttings may need 2-3 safety razors.
If you want to have in your small garden are many different varieties, you can instill 2-3 grade one apple, but you can not mix them in ripening.On one apple encourage your summer, on the other - fall, etc.
- Plastic bags increase the survival rate of vaccination.Especially stone - without vaccination packages are practically impossible!Vaccinations are dying from lack of moisture.And until the healing humidity must be constantly high and uniform.But a significant greenhouse effect - the enemy of survival.To eliminate it, it is necessary to secure the paper roll on top of vaccination.And only when the leaves will touch the film, the last to do the hole, and then take it off.
not always have the opportunity to graft cuttings in spring: the weather prevented, the inoculum No sooner - sap flow has not started yet, it is too late - the kidneys has blossomed. Ingwar does kopuliroku and in June, after the onset of rains, with the beginning of the second sap flow.Cuttings uses segoletnie, lignified.To determine whether the cutting is suitable for grafting, his folded hands.Crackling - suitable means.Requirements for the length of the cuttings and the number of kidneys - the same as in the spring.All the techniques and rules of vaccination match spring.For fresh, cut grafting cuttings did not have time to dry, Ingwar keeps his mouth cut in until the scion has been butchering.
to cover summer vaccinations used plastic bags, including transparent and, most importantly - tightness and not too large.If necessary, vaccination pritenyat.
About a week later, it is clear whether the stem taken root if the old stalks and leaves turn yellow and fall off - vaccination caught if pokorichneveli and firmly hold on to the stalk - died.When the weather is good grafting procedure can be repeated, but do not forget - the later vaccinated, the more likely it vymerznet winter.
to frequent questions novice gardeners - "how to plant a pear the apple tree" - there is only one correct answer: no.Pears on apple do not teach.Grafted pear or pear wilding, or rowan, or specially selected clonal rootstocks.
On wilding apple can only instill apple cultivars.
To instill a pear on Rowan and chernoplodki need some branches on the bush.On the one hand, it is convenient: many varieties of pears freeze in winter, and grafted bush rowan can be tilted - and she calmly hibernates under the snow.But what says vassa :
- I grew pear and mountain ash, and chernoplodki.And large plum planted thorns on shoots.But most of these trees have lived long.The development of the scion and rootstock must be coordinated.On roots chernoplodki most pears grow.It is best to vaccinate pear wildings, pear or pear root growth.
Numerous shoots under the cherry trees can be used as rootstock for grafting cherries.Cherry cherry on a good survives and grows not as high as usual.
excellent result gives grafting cuttings in plum plum crown.In this case, you get several benefits.
Elena-Summer Resident:
- First, one tree can be grafted several varieties of plum.It's good for the pollination of flowers, and to save space.Pref spring twig plum in the crown of plums, the next year you can get the first results.Second, the cultivation of plum on plum perspective plum to improve hardiness.Third, the vaccine gives undoubted decorative effect: on one branch plants will ripen the fruit plum yellow, on the other - burgundy, on the third - red ...
On the right tool for vaccinations you can read here.Useful information on grafting fruit trees collected in this section of our forum.And here - a master class in the winter grafting fruit trees.