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18 April 2016
There are people who like to relax in the garden, admiring the plants, but can not stand to work in it.Or they simply do not have time.Or forces.But you never know that.One way to reduce the greenhouse to a minimum of work - to select the start plants which do not require much maintenance.The undemanding plant, the less will have to spin around him.
Trees and shrubs
Here are the criteria taken into account when choosing trees and shrubs:
frost (plants do not need to cover in the winter, or take to the room);
compact (keep decorative and without pruning);
endurance (will not be capricious match);
wintering leaves (trees and shrubs are decorative throughout the year, the leaves they do not necessarily remain green, but retained on the tree);
life (the plant has resided for many years).
These plants includes most softwood: fir, pine, arborvitae, juniper, cypress, etc.
- Two years ago, bought a little yellow color fifth.Vparit it to me as a cypress
as I asked anything, "unlit" desirable and cypress.Did - thing!Sitting in the sun all day, not pritenyayut last spring - in perfect condition, has grown up over the summer.
- Fertilize not in a hurry, conifers do not need fertilizer in an amount thought gardeners.It is not the fruit and vegetables.Give the plant root growth and go, then think about the fertilizer.And even then in limited quantities and only special.
When planting, you can use any stimulants kornevin ensuring expeditious rooting.Everything else - not soon apply.Irrigation water is just enough.
For undemanding trees and shrubs include barberry, cotoneaster, hawthorn, lilac, honeysuckle, willow, mountain ash, viburnum, buckthorn and others.Be sure to plant a tree hydrangea - quickly grows into a gorgeous shrub.
- I really like spirea and jasmine.Fast and beautiful.
Basil Zhurov:
- About Eve - is universal, plus there is a large number of species, even planting willow only, you get an interesting shape, texture, color, composition.
Vertical gardening
Having started hardy vines on supports, can achieve a great effect.Vertical gardening - perfect for a garden reception malouhodnogo garden.You can not even bother manufacturer arches and pergolas, and plant climbing along the outbuildings, arbors and walls of the house.Choose plants that do not need to be removed for the winter: hops, magnolia, honeysuckle climbing ... Perhaps, the ideal plant for lazy gardeners - parthenocissus.This plant is simply not killed, and it does not require care at all.
- parthenocissus - the most it.Very unpretentious, branch plant in the hole, he clings and stretches in the summer - green, in autumn - red.It can be cut at will.
- Curly - Clematis, girlish grapes, lemongrass, Actinidia, drevogubtsy.
Selecting hardy perennials that do not require special care, great.Very good bulbs: for example, snowdrop grows all by itself.I planted time - and forgotten.In general, a list of perennials that can grow without human intervention, can get quite long.Participant FORUMHOUSE Ksyushik five years did not live in the city, and all the while her garden lived alone.Relatively good without a woman feel tulips, lilies, snowdrops, peonies, lilac, marigold, daisy, daffodils, bluebells, a Turkish cloves, Aquilegia and daylilies.Upon returning gardener had just overcome the weeds and thoroughly proryadit landing.
more users FORUMHOUSE recommend daisy, doronicum, peony, Astilbe, delphinium, saxifrage, dahlias and gladiolus, daisies and lilies Asian (unpretentious watering rare bloom and delight).Good looking mixed "village" landing with daisy and other "natural" lupine flowers.Ottsvetaya, they continue to decorate the garden "kashtanovopodobnoy" lacy greens.Aquilegia can grow for many years in one place, regular blossom and capricious, even without special care.Thanks to a well-developed tap root system, it is easy to tolerate lack of moisture, producing it from the deeper soil layers.
But in the first place in the list is unpretentious plant host.This perennial can be found in virtually every decorative garden.It is not demanding to light, resistant to cold and disease.It looks great on the shores of artificial lakes, along the paths and lawns.Usually no needs watering - it lacks moisture from the ground.
- I also really like daylilies.Read somewhere that this plant for the lazy.Indeed, hassle-flower.Class - the sea, and Terry and povtornotsvetuschie, high, low.The flower lasts one day, but in the bush a few stems and on stalk - a dozen flowers that bloom one after the other.Form a large bush, beautiful and without flowers, the leaves are narrow, remnevidnye.Even a faded spine recruited water and become plump.In winter - cut off at the root, spring all otrastёt.It is not necessary to take refuge.I fed only when the buds were fastened.And it is growing in partial shade and in the sun.
If you sow between perennials annuals, the bright flower throughout the summer provided to you.Godetsiya, eschscholzia, kompakny sweet peas - all this undemanding plant ... Apelsinka advises marigolds: bright, bloom all summer, are not afraid of the drought, no rain. Natal - Cosmo, calendula, eschscholzia, cornflowers, aster - "all you can sow directly into the ground and does not take itself head seedlings."
Excellent look in any garden dahlias annuals.
- unpretentious, bright, bushy, low flowers.It is best to sow them now for seedlings and then planted in the garden, where you want.With seedlings before they bloom earlier increase green mass.Grades are different: "Jolly Fellows", terry, etc.If you wish, you can dig up the roots in the fall and store for next year.Then the bushes will be even bigger, and flowers - more.
- In general, look for something that is akin to growing in the wild flowers.
- From annuals, too unpretentious flower - lavatera.You can sow 2 times, in spring and in June.Flowering - until frost.Pleased one year since hooked on the site.Much can be planted before winter.
All work on flowering or Moorish lawn is to dig up the soil once to a depth of 30 cm, choose from her stones and roots of weeds and plant the lawn to a depth of 1.5 cm. Then -Only atomizing watering.The main colors in the Moorish lawn - annuals, so he looks sideways: the plants should ottsvesti and to Samos, from which they germinate the following year.In autumn, after flowering and seed maturation, flowering lawn mowed to a height of 8-10 cm from the soil surface.Grass clippings are left for 3-5 days, then harvested.Everything.
have Moorish lawn there is one drawback: it does not look neat, well-groomed lawn.Conversely.
- Those blossoming lawns, which I saw in kind from their friends, more like running section.Try it first on a small piece, and if you like, then - go ahead!
- It is not a substitute for a lawn, flower garden is one of annuals.
for "lazy garden" suits and white clover lawn.Clover - undemanding plant, growing rapidly smooth emerald carpet, displaces other weeds.A mowed lawn of clover less than classic.
Tatiana you:
- In view of my experience after planting only need one haircut.Then - out of necessity, not often, but once or twice a season (in the winter must!).Sample sowing rate - 20 g / m2.It grows very, thicken landing impossible.
way, any lawn mowing will be easier if you do not place on the site of a lot of single trees and shrubs and benches and planters to move from the lawn to the paving of part of the yard.
If you want to do in their area hedge, but you will not have neither the time nor the desire to cut it, do nestriguschuyusya.It will look natural and pretty.For such hedges used lilac, maple, barberry, dog rose, physocarpus, western arborvitae, dereny ... etc.
user FORUMHOUSE awful set a goal: to grow impenetrable barbed barrier.
- watered and do not intend to cut.It is necessary that once planted and forgotten ... The people, mainly focuses on, or "beautiful and berries", or "cut and prickly."And I need just the opposite - do not cut, do not water, more rough, inedible, and can even be ugly.And so it was not too expensive.
Options "bystrorastuschekolyuchego" small, says Helga: rose tetracorals / vulgaris barberry / hawthorn.
- Hawthorn eventually bare trunks below ... You will be able to crawl or walk the dog.If the height is not important to you, then stop at the Berberis vulgaris.There was an experience that put him in two rows for greater obstruction (staggered) This fence can be partly decorative, and if you combine zelenolistnye purpurnolistnye copies.
And yet we must not forget that likes to garden care and attention.Not necessarily upahivatsya but mindlessly stick most "easy" plants are not necessary.Consider the terms of its plot: lighting, proximity of groundwater, soil type, and so on.
- To start Plant plants that prefer your soil.We have an old cottage was neutral ground, so my grandfather led dances around lilies, the somewhat fed up, the spud, then sprayed.I got the impression that this is problematic flower.And I have the soil is acidic, so they grow by themselves without any dance, so beautiful.
Summer Resident Pavlova:
- In a remarkable program of the English landscape designer before proceeding to the design of the garden, walks and looks into "someone else's garden", iestudies which garden plants grow in the area, as they are well in the area.
What grows in your neighborhood?If you like something, you can always ask the name of a particular plant.Any gardener is always ready to talk about his rastyushki and even share them!
Here you can read about the vines here - about a vegetable garden "for the lazy."This video will help prepare for the upcoming holiday season.