New Year's Eve at the cottage

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15 April 2016
main task in this New Year's Eve - complete nervous and difficult passing year happy and enchanting.There could not get off traditionally hearty meal in front of TV.We need a real Christmas story!And where it can be found?That's right - in the country!Experts and participants tell how to make a New Year's Eve to remember.
Members Active Lyakseich his every New Year was celebrated in the country: "Why not in the city?"- You ask."And so interesting!"- I will answer.TV and working in the country, the warmth and the light is there in abundance.But!Clean, frosty spruce-birch air!It is not in the city!And the country is!What I lift your mood?Near at hand there are guitar harmonica and Tula.Guitar - the room is good, and harmonica - on the street.Oh, I almost forgot: I grow Christmas trees on the site.The hack is not necessary - along the beautiful, and the order!
Summer New Year can be a good change of scenery has one: the crackling of wood in the stove-fireplace in the sky wink
invisible in ordinary urban life of a star near - relatives, loved ones.
«To become a truly memorable holiday, it must be full of events and adventures," - said the organizer of mass celebrations and experienced toastmaster Olga Platytsina .- Sit in front of a TV or abundant dinner can be in any other evening.A Christmas to be special.This evening, our gratitude for the universe that we enter into another year, and need to have fun to the fullest. "
If winter at the cottage no one lives there for two or three days before the holiday to delegate any of the family members.Let him well to heat the oven, clear the track, bath and prepare a place for barbecue and all - decorate the plot.That's a good idea: using a two-liter bottle with hot water to make snow deepening of 20-30 cm, and then put to ordinary candles and light them.Snow is like a glow from within.
Mikhail Smolyannikov , director of mass events :
- I think, create and execute the program of the festival site is necessary, focusing on the children, because for them it is a hundred times more important than for adults.And adults during such moments are children.I would naryl caves, they put candles, set up ice magic castles ... sure would build a hill and flooded the rink.
Festival a good start with a bath with brooms and jumping out of steam in the snow.It's great to relax, lift your spirits and recharge your batteries for the night.New Year is better to meet in the house - a glass of champagne, a chiming clock in the TV or radio, as in the children's book "Huck and Chuck" toasts and congratulations.
- So, there are very little.Champagne cooled in the snow around the house.Olivier in a bucket and goblet are suffused on the terrace.A table laid in the house in the Japanese style.We are waiting for the guests!Veal on hot, pickles, meat pies, salads, appetizers, easy homemade beer.
Mikhail Smolyannikov:
- During the first part of a drinking holiday to drink, a snack, so I put emphasis on intellectual quizzes and auctions.Well, let's say, "Come on, dear friends, will hold an auction for the name of the conifers.Who will call the last will receive a prize.And so they begin: "Fir!" "Pine!" "Tui!" Tuya time two arborvitae, Thuja three!The prize goes to Maria Ivanovna!You can think of a few of these auctions for the New Year's theme or topic that is close to all the participants of the company.This variety of meal and create the right atmosphere.
theme auction of table can be shared memories - college years, joint visits, some important events of the year.Or let everyone present calls a movie in which the action takes place in the winter.Anyone who remembers the name of the last New Year's picture - and the winner.
And then it's time to dress warmly and go out - to continue to have fun.
Often neighbors dacha together, bring to the table out, snacks and drinks (in such cases is very good mulled wine in a thermos), accordion.Dance, sing ditties, arrange fun contests.
Mikhail Smolyannikov:
- In general, the main secret of a good new year - the people.Those whom you know well, respect and love, who respect and love you.It is important that words that sound the table, were sincere.In my opinion, in the sincere wishes - the key to successful New Year holiday, and that he is different from korparativa.
Well, if there's pre-built and filled with water slide, but you can slide down and the slope.It's great if you do not put the table on the street and on the ice of the neighboring pond.Fireworks always - a good attribute of the New Year.Perhaps this element of the holiday can not save.
Members Active Hanter78:
- We did the New Year celebration for the residents of the village.Salute, they have not seen.And we have arranged them.
Fun repeatedly strengthened if at some point in your business suit on skis important festive Santa Claus with a bag of sweets and gifts.Believe me, we will be happy not only children.Adults who also have to remember the poem and tell their grandfather, fun from the heart.Who will be surprised - it turns out, at school remember "Borodino" Lermontov, and someone will boast knowledge of Baudelaire.And do not forget this dance around the Christmas tree!
Olga Platytsina:
- I would refrain from vulgar tenders, especially since the New Year - a family holiday, and children should have fun in it with adults.But dance - is necessary.Run around the tree, loudly singing "The Forest Raised a Christmas Tree," to lie in the snow, pobleyat maybe in a goat, the symbol of welcoming the new year.Congratulate all suburban residents to shout in unison with the children: "Happy New Year, mouse!Happy New Year, hedgehogs! ".Also important
skewers all these efforts around the barbecue, red, shimmering like a magical treasure embers, fragrant smoke and searing pieces of meat directly from the skewers.And it will go to the chalet pickles, pickles.
Popev-dance, good to be back home - and start the final part of the festival: a guitar or karaoke, tea and sweets.
New Year in the forest
Another unusual variant of the New Year - a picnic in a forest glade.Magic Snowy Forest, blazing fire, mugs mulled wine and tea - this festival will be remembered for a long time your company as a good romantic tale.
main thing - all prepared in advance.Day to find a good place to be is to get comfortable in the dark of the house or a country house, "punch" to clearing the path so as not to get bogged down in the snowdrifts, and the very thorough clearing clear.The ideal option if you favored by the patch will grow small Christmas tree - the main character of the festival.If desired, it can be to decorate toys and hide under it presents for the whole company - get a great surprise.
sure to prepare a stock of wood for the fire, in such a way that you do not have fun in the middle of the night to roam the forest in search of fuel.Prepare a campfire and zagotovte first kindling.Make All the participants' forest party "- good to use seat propylene bags stuffed with hay or straw.On top of them can be put tourist mats "skin" - get soft and warm.
course, you need to think about the right outfit all the participants forest feast.If you plan to stay in the forest for several hours, it is advisable to wear thermal underwear, and to grab a spare mittens and socks, especially for the youngest participants of the "New Year of the expedition."Do not forget the flashlights to illuminate the way to a festive clearing, as well as several candles, which can highlight the picnic spot.
Christmas feast also better prepared in advance and bring in thermoses or be wrapped - why spend time on a holiday cooking?Edible should be taken with a reserve: an appetite for nature appears serious.And that will not be able to eat up - you can leave for the forest inhabitants.And, of course, can not do without hot tea and mulled wine - they also better to bring in a thermos.But the drinks are strong - hardly a good option for a holiday in the night thicket, as if not to spoil the holiday!
And to meet the New Year does not become a simple gatherings around the campfire, it is important to take care of the entertainment program.Think about just a contest you can spend, what games to play.Maybe your company will join stuck together there at the clearing, snowmen?Or are you razmahnetes for construction of a snow house?For children can be pre-sew costumes - hares, squirrels and foxes to be a great time on the forest festival.Of course, the costumes have to do so as to put them on top of clothing.
Olga Platytsina:
- Blast away, quickly, Kiss, jump over the fire, sparklers burn ....As much as possible the Christmas bustle, joy and fun.Sing, laugh, allow yourself to go back to my childhood!
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