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20 April 2016

Hawthorn is considered one of the best plants for hedges: it is beautiful, durable, brings frosts and drought.Shrub - a very thorny, so not every thief will dare to stick their noses to the area protected by this plant.

Perhaps the main advantage of this fence - unpretentiousness.Behind it you can hardly take care of, but it will still carry out its task "beautiful land fence."Wood Hawthorn - strong and ductile.This shrub can be cut out as a regular decorative fence and complex sculptures.Perhaps from neighboring cats fence of hawthorn not protect (although in the history of were such cases), but from prying eyes - exactly.

plot by Pirmid was fenced rabitsey.Ideya « beautiful vegetable gardens from the outside world» arose somehow spontaneously.

Pirmid :

- As otgorodki hawthorn was chosen because of its qualities: scratchy, useful, beautiful, unpretentious.It was in the autumn of 1999 in one of the garden lounging negotiate with the seller on the purchase

of 80 seedlings hawthorn.In the agreed day from morning I uploaded this economy into the car and drove to the cottage.On the same day and planted.Soot, as a joke.One dug a trench along the fence, the second stuffed seedlings in a trench at a distance of 55-60 cm from each other, the third buried trench.For everything it took a couple of hours.

Pirmid almost courted hedge: Do not fertilize, do not water, is that one day it had to be sprayed against pests.And the cut is necessary, "otherwise rushing up and in all directions."

Pirmid :

- Striga and I did.The top - only the ladder, and if the sides do not equate - mow fail.That's the whole treatment.


-Absolutely agree hawthorn tenacious, like a dog.Even if you do not either watered or sprayed or fertilized with him nothing.The only thing that will lose -time.If, like everyone else, want to hedge faster, it makes sense to take care of.

Hawthorn survives quite hard, so the first two, and then four years bushes are allowed to grow freely and only then hemp - is cut at a height of 20-25 centimeters.Penkovanie makes a single-tree multicore thick bush.This procedure is always carried out in early spring.A year later, you can already cut the fence: prischipnut shears all the branches that go beyond the line of the fence.


-Here around the roots of the grass in the summer be sure to mow.This will give them the light and will grow.In the dry season and to be sure to water frost.As long as the roots are small, they need help.Then they grow like weeds.Cut is better to start at an altitude of at least 40-60 cm. All the same, laid bare bottom over time, but if the high grass next to no, then some branches remain below, or kidney wake up.

P irmid said distance of 50-60 cm between plants in the hedge best - just under a lawn mower.But generally hawthorn closely in such a dense planting.Although Gameday plant and 40 cm, and even 25 (which is the case when the fence can not sneak no neighbor cat), correct planting bushes through 100-120 cm. Do not be afraid of bald spots in the fence: Hawthorn muchIt grows.And if you want to eventually get a flat no solid green wall and create the appearance of naturally growing shrubs distance between seedlings should be 1.5-2 meters.Hawthorn can be alternated with rosehip: the experience of members of the forum, a very even nothing.

Do not forget that hawthorn - very different, and that one type of good, the other - death.


- In Russia, cultivated the four main types.To hedge best Crataegus laevigata (height up to 5 meters) above the rest, apparently, so it laid bare the lower part.With proper formirovke this should not happen.Diversify a hedge of hawthorn ordinary it can be decorative forms: a brilliant golden yellow and silver-variegated leaves.But note that they are more whimsical.

Someone loves smooth and neat hedges as from the movie, someone respected wildlife.A matter of taste, and hawthorn allows it to taste to follow.Form a hedge until the plants are young, and it is not a complicated process.


-height you decide what you need.All branches growing on the north-south, leave, and on the west-east - cut close to the trunk.All pruning lead in view of where the kidney looks after pruning.You need to separate branches only in the two sides.Get trellis in one plane.I mean, if there is a loss of a bush a few meters, then at this point branches grow together, and bald spots will not be visible.

Trim bushes hawthorn can be twice per season.Some do it every month during the growing season, when the hedge becomes thicker and looks neater.


- How to grow shrubs have decent (6-7 years), it is best to cut twice in a season.In spring and autumn, and summer in late June or July.Later in August, circumcision would not normally mature wood, twigs and freeze.Or can awaken laid flower buds.When my neighbor put a fence, then mangled many branches along the fence, and in September we were able to admire the flowering.Only for the bushes, the trees is bad.

If you got a site running the hawthorn thicket, growing on the border, the process of turning into a thicket nice fence will take several years.In March and early April, will have to be cut on each bush several old shoots, and so long, has not been shaped hedges.Extra proliferous shoots are cut down to the ground.

Note that bloom and bear fruit in the neatly trimmed hedges hawthorn can not, because all the flower stalks are cut off.


- So choose: either the beautiful well-groomed hedges, or high huge flowering shrubs.

That's beautiful, as if from books about hobbits, hedge new posts Marcia - hawthorn bushes planted in 40 cm. Their age - about 10 years, height - about three meters.This fence - an impressive design element of any site.

Hawthorn can impose, and just like that, and along fence netting or sheeting, stepping back a foot.In the latter case, access to crop will be only on one side, but the fence still will not look like "bald."


- Hawthorn in the first place should be trimmed from the top, and only then podravnen sides.Plants feel good, where they can grow, and where - no, so that a solid fence to the side he is not very branches will throw.

Hawthorn will not give you a quick hedge, he slowpoke and normal screen, covering the area from prying eyes, become so only after five years.

Helga :

- In my experience, if "immediately" is, alas, only a solid fence.And then, for themselves, loved ones, it can be inside the "green."

way, the forum users have been used and hawthorn thorns - they can be used instead of the toothpicks.They are comfortable, they are a pleasure to hold in their hands ... something reminiscent of bamboo toothpicks from sushi bars.

suitable for hedges and other plants, to decide on their choice helps you here this article. Here you will find successful examples of hedges and practical advice that will allow you to improve the landscape of your site.And be sure to watch a video tutorial on how to create a hedge - for example, the Amur lilac.