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17 April 2016

often happens that a man planted a plant, which long dreamed of, groom him, cherish - but nothing comes out.We know in the next street the same bush - the pride of the garden: the spectacular, with beautiful flowers, and here - stick some stunted twigs, and even crashed.So beats man, just with a tambourine around his bush does not dance, but all in vain.And it may be that the plant is put in the wrong soil!

soil type can be determined by taking a sample from a depth of 15-20 cm and roll it into a bundle.If you get a quality harness, soil - clay.If the harness is cracked or even explode, loamy soil.If the sample does not roll into a bundle, and marbles, loamy soil.If you do not roll - sand.

considered best for gardening black earth, loam and sandy loam soils.In these well-developed roots, but the nutrients are in the form available to them.Sandy soils quickly and well warmed by the sun, but dry quickly and do not retain heat.You are well-watered garden sandy soil in the evening but in the morning

moisture can evaporate for a couple of hours.Together with the moisture from the soil leaving almost all nutrients.

Garden on clay

clay well hold moisture and nutrients, but they are heavy, long and poorly heated by the sun.

Gardeners are always trying to improve, cultivate the soil.The sand make organic fertilizer (half or two buckets of rotted manure per square meter), enrich its green-manures, making clay powder from garden stores.In clay soil add the crushed brick, sifted through a large sieve, sand, horse or sheep manure, peat, sawdust.

Here is what the clay soils by FORUMHOUSE Sunnice :

- By itself, the clay soil is not bad, but because of the density of the difficult delivery of water and nutrients to the roots, and raw years - on the contraryroots waterlogged.Clay is heated rapidly, but cools rapidly, bad pass moisture.Green-manures can be corrected, but it is a long time.I planted potatoes at first (it loosens, breaks little lumps), then shoveled sand and compost.Sand disintegrating structure.Peat, in my opinion, not necessary.But compost can not hurt.

When you improve the soil structure, the range of plants that can be grown on it, expand significantly.But as long as necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the soil.

choosing plants for clay, you need to rely on moisture-loving who tolerate long stagnation of water.For heavy clay soils will suit even the marsh plants.All of them should be hardy - clay is very cold and heat-loving, tender plants will die in the first extremely cold winter.

in clay soils are remarkably growing many species and varieties of roses, bulbs and herbaceous perennials, certain types - for example, arunkus, Lysimachus, mimulyus and Tradescantia.Feel good on clay, most host, including such popular as Host wavy, curly Khost, Khost Siebold, Host Fortune.Garden ornaments on clay soil will Highlander snake with his spike-pink buds.It can be put in the foreground of the border near the iris, geraniums and bush chubushnika.

of wood on the heavy clay soil can grow conifers, but most require drainage: spruce, larch, fir, juniper, arborvitae west.Good growing birch, willow, red maple, alder, cherry decorative.Among the preferred elderberry bushes, hydrangea tree, cotoneaster.Excellent survives parthenocissus and other creepers.

Garden in the sand

- I like more clay soils of sand, becauseyield improvement and a much more fertile.Sand also need to fertilize every year - says user FORUMHOUSE Wernner.

It is true -better certainly the heaviest clay!Indeed, the majority of woody plants, for example, grow only on fertile soils, well-to-moisture.Many gardeners with areas of sandy soil to plant trees in holes filled with fertile soil.But this, unfortunately, does not guarantee success - after a while the nutrients go into the sand, and the plant will begin to wither.

M ountelf:

- Sand primarily bad that dries quickly, the second - the poor.

There are two ways to solve this problem:

1. Plant a tree in a huge container filled with soil suitable for the plant.Capacity to dig in the sand.For example, in Egypt vegetated area near the hotel.We - not Egypt, so the plant must be winter-hardy.

2. Choose plants suitable for sandy soil.The choice, by the way, is not too small.

From ornamental shrubs suitable for sandy soil: physocarpus kalinolistny, Berberis vulgaris;hawthorn, dogwood White, shrubby cinquefoil, snowberry white, tamarisk, woodwax, common juniper.

From perennial plants: aster Italian, Dianthus deltoides, alyssum rock, antennariya, thyme, cornflowers, Gaillardia, HELIOPSIS, oregano, tansy, feverweed, verbaskum, yarrow, sage groves and ornamental grasses.

From annual flowers: marigolds, kosmeya, eschscholzia, marigold, nasturtium, portulaca, iris.

grow well on sandy soils all bean: sweet peas, lupins and decorative beans.

Excellent feels as luxurious plant as japonica.Here is what the user FORUMHOUSE Terekhova:

- They planted twigs three years ago, growing well (sandy soil when planted almost any land added accustomed to).It has grown so much - go interfered, I cut it strongly.It should be a wall, in the summer through it can not see anything.He dislikes heavy clay, very moist soils.And if you have sandy soil, sandy or loamy, it is growing very fast.

lovers sour

Elizabeth Panteleyev , Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Senior Research Fellow Institute of Horticulture for Siberia them.MALisavenko argues that the type of soil is not as important as its acidity:

- Of course, black soil rather than clay or sand, but gardeners are usually drawn off far from ideal sites.We have to get out.If the soil is clay, groundwater is close, do not swarm pit, planting plants on mounds, hillocks.If sand - on the contrary, put plants in a hole for the plant with the necessary substrate.Yeah, the nutrients over time, will leave in the sand, but who's stopping you fertilize for next year?And the next?That acidic soil - it is indeed a problem.

acidity of the soil are divided into neutral (pH 5,6-7), slightly acidic (pH 5,1-5,5) and acidic (pH 3,8-5,0).The best are neutral and slightly acid soil - they grow well in most garden plants.Determine the level of acidity of the soil on the site can use the indicator plants.

grow in acidic soils: meadow knapweed, Veronica Chamaedrys, heather, willow-wheat, smartweed field, herbaceous cinquefoil, Ranunculus repens, Persicaria maculosa, daisy, sedges, mint, plantain, sweet ear of corn, tricolor violet, horsetail, sorrel.

on slightly acid soil: clover, lady's mantle, mother and stepmother, burdock, rose hips, chamomile, chickweed, sow thistle, knot-grass, field bindweed, alfalfa, wheat grass.

on neutral ground: nettle, red clover, and quinoa.

There is another way to determine the acidity of the soil in the home, for it tells party FORUMHOUSE Evii :

- 3-4 leaf currant pour boiling water when cool, drop a ball to the ground.If the water is flushed - strongly acidic if blushed - mildly, turned green - close to neutral if the blue - neutral acidity.

Mountelf recalls that all improvised ways of determining the acidity of the soil conditionally.Weeds and weeds because that tolerance to different conditions.

Acidic soils - always a problem for site owners.Usually they are formed in the former marshes and coniferous forests: soil "acidified" during decomposition of needles.Traditional garden flowers and shrubs take root in such soil is bad, so many gardeners are trying to change the acidity using lime.It really raises the performance pH.But it is complicated and unpredictable process, which ideally should be done before the breakdown of the garden.In general, materials commonly lime (chalk, dolomite, marl) into the soil only in the autumn and at the desired concentration, from 1.5 (sandy soil) to 4 (clayey soil) 10 kilograms per square meter to increase the pH by one unit.That is not to be mistaken with the dosage, you need a serious analysis of the soil.

way, Andrey Vasilyev , consultant of "fruit garden" FORUMHOUSE considers all portable priborchiki for self-determination of the level of soil acidity toys:

- Seriously equipment cost money.Secondly, a sensor to measure the acidity, is a limited time, it should be protected from drying out.(It is a special cap is closed).His soaked-soaked, do some other manipulation, and then this thing is working properly.I did not go into details too much, but I realized that it was not easy.

Fortunately, the way out of this impasse gardening is: ornamental plants prefer acidic soil, there are, and most of them are very effective.

most famous plant for acid soils - rododendon for others it is simply not growing.Acidic soil like all ferns, heather, Erica, ivy.I feel good in her broom, broom, bloodroot, hydrangea and almost all varieties of fan-maple.One of the most beautiful plants for acidic soil considered saxifrage.

How to grow a flower garden on the damp clay soil here.Here is a video tells how to choose decorative plants.How to choose plants that are suited for your region, please click here.