Cold smoking: delicious recipes, homemade smoke generators

By Admin | The Hands
15 April 2016
to smoke fish or bacon hot in the country, in field conditions, or even in a city apartment for the forces of each, but with cold smoked all much more complicated.There can not do without the stationary smokehouse and strict observance of technology.And as much as you need to take into account the various subtleties to get in the end the "right" product!Many users successfully mastered the art of cold-smoked and are happy to share lessons learned and successful recipes.
On sale now complete and fully equipped with smoke generators smokehouses for every taste.But a good purchase unit - quite expensive, and often easier to do it with their hands out of scrap materials.The main thing - to know how to.Proven working version offers the user Vital .
- smoke generator made in the form of a long tube for several reasons.Summary - Slow burnout sawdust.You can stretch a single charge for the whole process of smoking, just after a little time to rearrange a lamp or tor
ch along the pipe.On the tube heating is the optimal spot.With pan / oven did not get, and the smoke will go charges (like warmed - was a heavy, then a gradual decline).We'll have to watch out for sawdust and change them often (HK protracted process).Then, the fire (or a bourgeois) is not very convenient to monitor the temperature constantly need to control the combustion process.
barrel iron (and not just any box, padded insulation), also plays an important role in cooling the smoke.The joints on the threads, it is desirable to do - is to understand the design, especially the back cover, smoke generator to charge through it.It remains to make a couple of holes in the barrel, buy sensor.And you're ready to use.I should add that this option is the oil lamp - winter, at higher temperatures must also make an additional cooler smoke (or a pipe, or of the barrel).
But the cold smoke generator version of the user Captain777 .Also tested - it works fine.
- Generator connects to any cabinet or barrel pipe, corrugated, and so on. F. Do not build meter chimney to cool the smoke outlet lukewarm.Rectangular metal container, which bombarded the chip-sawdust at the bottom of the hole with a plug for ignition and the second - to supply air from the compressor (can be used on the tank or, as in my photo - from an old refrigerator)."Charge" is enough for a few hours.
His simple but effective design of the smoke generator offers Semur .The unit, according to him, literally assembled on the knee - cheap and cheerful.
- The generator is powered by a chopped wood chips: the riser slept chips, lit from below, the compressor hose from the aquarium - that is,air pulls the smoke through a horizontal pipe, at the same time creates a craving chips smoldering, smoke coming cold.4-5 hours running.Malo - lengthened tube and 8-10 hours will smoke.Price question - five electrodes fitting + plumbing tube spigot + better weaving diameter (chips will not get stuck).
Cold smoking - is a serious matter, and time-consuming, and to learn how to cook delicious foods and minimize damage to health from their use, forum users are advised to carefully consider all stages of the process.No harm will be familiar with the sanitary requirements for the smokehouse furnaces and technology smoked.Simplify here nothing can be, it is important to comply strictly with the temperature and time mode.And, of course, to know the "right" recipes.Here, for example, poultry and meat smokes forumchanin DeRenardNez.
- smoked duck.Per kilogram of meat - a tablespoon of salt, a tablespoon lemon juice, ½ teaspoon of red pepper.Thoroughly cleaned and eviscerated poultry put under pressure for 48 hours in a cool place (2-4 ° C), previously rubbed it with lemon juice and salt.To the meat has turned milder recommend to discourage duck ambassador.Push the top to break the bones and give the plane - so it is better prosolitsya.Before smoking inside and roll in thick pepper.This bird must be densely collapses both outside and inside.Bird Copts within 48 hours.It can be longer - we must observe.When smoked recommend using sawdust oak, maple or cherry.
Pork tenderloin and brisket.5 kg of meat: a glass of salt, a tablespoon of sugar, ½ cup of lemon juice, a teaspoon of allspice, 4-5 cloves of minced garlic.The meat is rubbed with a mixture of salt, sugar and spices, is kept in a cool place under the weight of 72 hours.Washed with cold water, dried and rubbed with lemon juice.The smoking time is from 24 to 48 hours (depending on the thickness of the pieces).After smoking the ham is hung in a cool dry place (1-4 ° C) for a few days (how many suffer) - it should dry up.
user Roman261076 mastered cold smoking fish, and gain experience in a range of added fat and meat.
Roman261076 :
- carp clean, take out the gills, well washed, and removes the black inner film.Season with salt dry salting (1.5 kg of salt per 10 kg of fish), and - under pressure, for 3-4 days.And we try to take out the salt.If too salty - soaked and washed.Soak at the rate of an hour a day of salting.Then ventilate the 3-5 hours - and smoking.Copts day in alder, oak and pear wood and sawdust.Smoking - usually overnight at a temperature of 30 degrees.We tried and smoke perch, catfish, medium-sized carp, pike.
training product for smoking - an important stage.According to many members of the forum, cold smoked fish for a better pre and well prosolit provyalit - then smoking will take more than a couple of days, and only about 12 hours.
numerous nuances of smoked technology forum users are discussing this topic.Here you can find production versions smokehouse with their hands, and in this section of the forum users exchanging recipes.About the secrets of successful smoked here.