The first hours of life calf

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17 April 2016

Cow - maybe not such a nurse and given the price of food, but still -practically family member.The birth of the calf - always a great joy.After two months of inactivity reappear "his" milk, butter, sour cream and cheese, and a calf have fun jumping on the court, funny touches thin legs.If a cow is healthy, the hotel is undergoing quick and easy, but still - the presence of the owner when it is necessary.It is necessary to wipe the calf, drink it, to destroy the last, that the cow was not eaten.

Here's how emotionally talks about his first calving cows wearer FORUMHOUSE MalvinaYa:

- We waited calf from 1 February, all went, looked.And the hotel on February 17th.I began to calve - could not screamed much!(This is also our first birth, but cats and dogs).There were legs and tongue, blue, it will hide, you will.They began to pull the husband pulls, I pressed down on his stomach.Stretched out, we thought dead, suffocated, and baby - again - and eyes blinked.My husband and I already tears in his eyes

- live!Live!Let us wipe it, then he licked her cow, and then we it - in a cage with a heating lamp.Milked the cow, calf watered ...

period of pregnancy in cows - 283 days, and run it (stop milk) two months prior to calving.In the last months before calving the cow looked after carefully.On how well fed it depends on the health of the calf.Cows that were fed poorly, brings weak calves - they often get sick, they do not grow and may die, and not leaving the infant.

pregnant cows can not be given low-quality silage, sprouting potatoes, frozen food and old, it can not graze in the pasture, where there are many poisonous plants.At this time it is better not to drink cow cold and warm (not below 10 degrees) water and treat it polaskovey.

closer calving period, the need to closely follow up the cow.In the villages, "check" on the eve of calving cow run several times a night.Here are the signs that indicate that your cow calves soon:

- Two weeks before calving in cows udder increases, falls stomach.

- A few days before calving relax ligaments on the sides of the root of the tail, "under the tail" all swells, mucus.

- A few hours before calving appears milk.

- expanding the bone from the ridge to the ass - if the cleavage between the shoulder blades fits the palm, then one day a cow calves.

- Cow worry, nothing eats, drinks poorly, constantly looking back.

People sign if the udder before calving in cows swell starts to back shares, it will bring the bullock and from the front - calf.

During calving, first out amniotic bubble.After the bubble burst spontaneously appear front legs, and then lying on their head.When all goes well, the hotel lasts no more than an hour.If the fetus is delayed in the birth canal, the cow needs help.Here's how to do in Siberian villages when the legs seem a calf, tied their rope loop and pull.Pull the rope is necessary only during natural contractions of the cow.

When the calf is the hind limbs, it is necessary to ensure that the umbilical cord is not broken before the head of the fetus would be outside, or he could suffocate.

If amniotic bubble burst did not, and the front legs and head and hind legs and rump calf has entered the pelvic cavity of a cow, it must be open, otherwise the calf may be choked at the exit and break the umbilical cord.

In difficult cases (if the fight lasts 35-40 minutes) induce a specialist.

Six after calving cows should have the last move.If the last separates within 24 hours, call your veterinarian.

to follow normal departed after calving cows give sweet drink three cups of sugar in a bucket of water.Sometimes, instead of sugar is added into water jam or glucose from the ampoule.


- We give heads of sunflowers sealed, we have given such advice.The last good moves, but maybe it does not affect.

SEQ better to bury or burn it to a cow has not eaten.


- The cow can be a strong indigestion, tympany (swelling of the scar), and diarrhea.Unlike carnivores and omnivores (pigs) for which there is even the membranes useful in ruminants afterbirth is not digested - it is good to drink amniotic fluid and the baby lick.

If a cow has eaten the last, in a few days it should be given plenty of water with the addition of Glauber's salt - to activate motility proventriculus and intestine.

If tympany, then treat it.But in any case, observed 2-3 days after the cow.Deaths are rare, but the cow is sick.

Miguel - a professional veterinarian.He says that every owner of a cow in this case the house should always be lactic acid, Glauber's salt, and some alcohol - for digestive disorders these tools are indispensable.

As soon as the calf is born, just in the first minutes of life calf, the cow should be a good lick it.Then you can wipe it with dry rags and to massage, cover with something, such as an old towel and put in a cage on the straw.The first few days it room temperature should be 20 degrees, not below.

his first batch of colostrum the calf must receive at least an hour after birth.It activates the digestive system of the newborn: starts stomach, intestines freed from original feces and populated mikrofroloy.If you fall behind with the first watering, a calf may start digestive problems.

Therefore, immediately after calving cow's udder wash with warm water and wipe with a clean towel, sdaivayut first trickles of colostrum in a separate bowl and shoved the calf to the mother.After that, it is usually weaned from the udder and watered warmed colostrum.You can not give the calf udder - just milk the cow and drink the baby warm colostrum.If the calf kept next to his mother, be sure to manually dodaivayut cow - calf can suck all the contents of the udder completely, and cows develop mastitis.


- The larger the calf drinks, the better.If the stick and suck at once mayhem carefully balances colostrum and give to drink a little warm + 36-38 c.Not standardized milk - even drinking much included.Do not listen to anyone, and the calf will grow healthy.


- When we have a cow calves, calf, we do not otsazhivayut, he "otdaivaet" nurse.Thus, the calf receives the correct amount of food for themselves, and we are freed from frequent milking warming colostrum from cows razdoyki.Of course, watching the toddler with her mother and dodaivaem if the calf that had left.About a week later the calf is deposited.

In the first 4-5 days of life the calf watered 4 times a day, vypaivaya a liter and a half of each time.Calf watered at regular intervals.Starting from the fifth day, in addition to calf colostrum give boiled salt water: to colostrum, and then - after half an hour after.A week later, the calf is transferred to three meals a day, and about two weeks of age to give a little bran, hay and produce a run in the sun.

first week after calving cows fed sparingly, easily digestible food, kept on a diet of hay and water.During the second week of feeding gradually lead to normal, including silage, fodder beet, etc.Golf hotels on the udder usually lasts a few days swelling - his massage, smeared soap (soon washed away).Warming ointments that many use, can trigger the further development of edema, so it is better not to use them.


- I'd add that normal cows should calve in the winter, the maximum - in early March.If calving year, either to get rid of a cow, or something with the help of veterinarians and osemenatorov try to bring this mess into shape.Summer calves get sick more often, the cow's milk less, do not normally have time to work up grazing.When winter calving cows have time for spring, summer and autumn to gain strength and get good nutrition.Just after calving, when the ends are dry winter feed begins strengthened food fresh summer grass, cow's milk adds sharply.And by the time the next hotel it healthy and strong.During summer the hotel everything is exactly the opposite.

This section FORUMHOUSE veterinarian answers questions related to health and calving cows.In this - discusses how to take care of the cow and how to feed her throughout her life.This video tells the story of new technologies in animal husbandry.