Under the thick-thick layer of ice.

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14 April 2016
February and early March for fans of ice fishing - a real test.It would seem that before the end of the ice fishing season is still plenty of time, but during this period many people, mostly beginners and inexperienced "winter roads" left tackle to gather dust in the closet and begin to wait for open water.And not because narybachilis and catch the eyeballs stuffed freezers - a period of "gluhozimya" as he was called fishermen, requires a lot of physical effort, endurance, skill, and, of course, good luck.
angler spent a day in the cold, wrapped a few kilometers over the pond, naburil holes in a thick ice so that the arms fall off in the evening, and the result - more transparent ershishek, even in a matchbox PACK.That frustrated beginners and waive subsequent attacks, waiting for warming and spring activity fish tribe.And in vain: to learn and to love fishing in gluhozime only empirically.Personal experience will come with time, well, someone else gained an army of anglers for many years,
for starters is very useful.And then they will catch, and trophies, and not passing the desire to rush back on the ice.
task not for the faint
gluhozimya have no clear time frame: in different regions and even in different bodies of water in one area, it starts at a different time.Somewhere "blind" period begins in January, somewhere - in February, well, the first half of March, as a rule, is celebrated throughout the low activity of the fish.
Another problem is that by the time the ice on the water bodies, especially in winters, gaining maximum thickness - is that a meter or more.And for the northern regions of Siberia and the half-meter thick ice, and are not uncommon.This factor must necessarily be taken into account so as not to have to figure out on a fishing trip that your ice screws just does not reach the water.Requirement bury- "telescope", the length of the bar which can be increased.Models such drills is now a lot like the famous Swedish and Finnish companies and domestic manufacturers.Spare set of knives for fishing at this time - also need: a thick ice shell, especially on large rivers can easily be layers of sand.Suffice it a couple of turns to "put" sand knives and when there is no replacement - the end of the fishing trip.
Drilling wells at this time - not an easy job, especially if you just did not get to a cool place and have to look for fish.Motoledobury - units are expensive and noisy, but the army "winter roads" and here found a way out: the idea is to automate the ice screws using cordless drill - screwdrivers rapidly gaining hearts and minds of the fishermen.Another would be: in a matter of seconds to drill a hole borer "150 Coy" in the meter layer of ice - just a fairy tale!Not confused and manufacturers of tackles if kulibiny- pioneers invented their own technical solutions for connecting screwdrivers, now on sale there are ready adapters for different models of the Boers, however, mostly, "the Swedes".But domestic drill with your hands is not difficult to automate.It is only important to choose the right screwdriver: it must be strong enough to withstand and operate at low temperatures.
And of course, gluhozime requires a special approach to the rigging: at this time is particularly relevant is the presence of light rods with a very thin line, and mormyshkami the smallest sizes.Sometimes, to "revive" a passive fish, rather instead of fishing line with diameter of 0.08 mm to use the "cobweb" of 0.06 - and start biting!And because the fish are biting inactive barely noticeable, even a nod from fishing rods to be extremely sensitive.
How and where to find it?
main reason "gluhozimya" refers to a lack of oxygen in the water.During oxygen starvation little fish moves through the pond and almost ceased to feed.An important role is played by the size and depth of the water, aquatic vegetation, and the presence of underground springs that enrich the pond with oxygen.It can be concluded that the most promising places for fishing in this period - the big river with a strong current.Slightly worse than the situation in the small and medium-sized rivers with calm water and large and deep lakes and ponds.Well, hardly count on a good catch at this time on small lakes, even if November and December are great pecking large groupers.
When looking for fish in a particular body of water should pay attention to the confluence of rivers or streams - is the concentration of oxygen in the water is always more, and it attracts the fish.Do not overlook the traditional places of fish feeding sites and places: drop fell from the depths zakoryazhennye sites.Fully "deaf" are areas with an abundance of underwater vegetation: grass and algae absorb oxygen, and fish do not stay here in the winter.
many anglers experience shows that in gluhozime on certain days and hours of fishing the fish can significantly activated.The main thing - to get the time and the right place.How to do it?You can, of course, random travel around several ponds and theoretically promising places.You can use the "fishing Radio": information about where and what yesterday "took", passed by anglers from mouth to mouth swiftly SMS messages.Another good habit that will serve you in the future, good service - make your own fishing blog.This is not about "lyrical sketches" (although if you're creative people - why not?), And the important information you have gathered for the next fishing trip.
Here are some important data should appear in the useful blog:
  • Date and place of catch, a description of the local outlets (depth, flow and so on).By the way, the coordinates of the points catchability good "score" in the GPS-navigator.
  • weather (air pressure, wind direction and strength, temperature, etc.).
  • gear used and how they can use, lures and bait.
  • time biting his particular activity of fish, the reaction to the bait and so forth.
Many began keeping such records, pretty soon throw this thing, and not having to check their actual use.But in the next season they will be able to become a fisher of this "guiding star".By the way, is not necessarily used to record the notebook or notepad: Now on the Internet there are also programs for doing these things, and numerous regional fishing forums allow its visitors to blog - because there can not only flaunt pictures of trophies, but pulled out a real benefit.
fish in gluhozime - not a simple matter, but the fact it interesting.Good preparation, well-chosen gear and, most importantly, faith in yourself and your success will turn back to you and the joy of the next outing on the ice, and a good catch.No tail or scales!
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