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16 April 2016
Not every beekeeper will keep the bees under the CHT: too small portions, too many people around, and for gardening, provided by the legislation, this activity is not covered.On the other hand, many believe that the bees - an integral part of the garden of life, and to keep hives in the country the law did not explicitly prohibited."Here and twist as you want" - say people FORUMHOUSE.
Can they keep bees in the country?The document, which defines the conditions of bees (Order of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Russian Federation of September 28, 1998 № 570) dealing with large apiaries, honey producing on an industrial scale.
Instructions content of bee colonies and beekeeping organizations in the settlements and suburban areas of the Ministry of Agriculture prohibits installing hives 3-5 meters closer to the border area.They must be separated by a solid fence around the perimeter of a minimum height of two meters, and notch - directed towards the middle portion of the beekeeper.It is
also prohibited to install apiaries near childcare facilities, schools, hospitals and manors people with allergies after being bitten by a bee and have a medical certificate about it.
There are regional laws and statutes SNT.Indeed, in the statutes of certain CHT says that breeding of bees is permitted only with the consent of their neighbors.But most of the CSP model statutes, and there is written that you can keep bees.Specifies limits on the number: as a rule, no more than five families to the area.
So, if the site is not fenced beekeeper to the desired height, the distances are not met, or someone from a neighboring beekeeper is allergic to bees, the claim may be brought.Otherwise, keep the bees at the site can be.But the conflict with our neighbors no law protects.The only defense here - honesty, kindness and ability to listen to the needs of others.
Traveler 163 - experienced beekeeper, owner of a large apiary.Several beehives "for the soul", he keeps in the country for several years.Neighbors, he said, it only too happy to "just have a few obligatory conditions that show that the beekeeper to respect the neighbors."A few "rules of etiquette and have the user FORUMHOUSE Pivovarich , who has long kept his apiary at their summer cottage.These rules by two experienced beekeepers:
  • fence area, where there are bees, should be at least two meters in height and preferably hollow.From this it follows that none of those misses a flight of bees (on their path in the air) and therefore will not be bitten.
  • Bee just not biting.
  • neighbors who have pools, are not particularly fond of the presence of the bees that fly to drink some water and drown.But this can be combated, placing a maximum water containers on their site.
  • Keep only in the CHT peace-loving breed bees (Karpatka and the like), and Sinister, like Central Russia, in any case - zagryzut all.
  • alerts neighbors to conduct work in the apiary, and if possible, do not carry out these activities on the weekend.
Ptitsa Govorun:
- With neighbors it is necessary to advance a talk about the benefits of bees that pollinate plants, and they improve their productivity!Ask them not to leave the jam in banks in the open air and not waving his arms when a bee.
Pivovarich also advised to take preventive conversations to explain the situation to neighbors pros: beautiful bee pollinators mean, cucumbers and tomatoes will have you the envy of all!With neighbors better beekeeper friends and periodically receive "wages" honey.This honey, like a beekeeper who works "for itself", can not buy.
Unfortunately, not all owners of suburban apiaries are responsible people, so the proximity to the apiary can make country life unbearable as, for example, bite .
- The time is work on the plot, in recent years, waiting for this time with fear.The reason - the neighbor beekeeper bees endure seven years.If during that time we did a photo bites would win the whole collection.Those of my family were like the faces of fighters, just defended his world title in the heavyweight division.And now I see in my family fit nervous idle summer season.In general, you need a reliable means to destroy the invaders.
Not all beekeepers have the opportunity to take the bees somewhere far away, and not all the dimensions of the site allows you to remove the bees at the other end, so as not to disturb the neighbors.But, says the user FORUMHOUSE _JG_ , have adequate beekeeper has at least three ways to solve this problem, even for the area four hundred.If the beekeeper is not ready to make concessions, then its neighbors are legitimate ways of influence on it's such:
  • request the President of the society - it just has to decide such questions.
  • If he does not cope - there Phytosanitary Control (Rosselkhoznadzor).
  • If even that does not help - there are prosecutors, in which you can complain about the non-fulfillment of duties and authorities responsible persons.
  • At the next meeting of the society can be a vote on the question of limiting the number of bee colonies in one area.At least the neighbors beekeeper facilitate your participation - the denser the bees are, the more fiercely become.
- And if the war begins, then, subject to fixation in the emergency room stings and their consequences, and you can sue.At least - the unintentional infliction of bodily harm and moral harm - there is always an excuse.But if you put all business correspondence to the Chairman and the rest of the court, and you can try to prove intentional damage.Still the best and most effective way - to agree with himself a beekeeper.It is not necessary to yourself and others to spoil the nerves when you can always negotiate, make concessions.Be good!
Here's how to negotiate with its neighbors beekeeper Bambarbey :
- He brought a dozen families to home - furious!It so happened that I did not have time to deal with them, and that's had an agreement with a neighbor.Every time I climb for them, first to a neighbor - whether they will have work to do in the garden.So this summer and it was, but got it a couple of times neighbors.In the fall, the day before the Honey Spas, I told them a jar of fresh zelёnenkogo presented with sow-thistle.
On FORUMHOUSE believe that when a bee bite, to blame only the beekeeper.
- Also held once bees - says seabee.- When you do not know how to handle them, they ran from the kitchen garden, like a scalded cat, and neighbors got it.Then he brought the Carpathian bees nekusayuschihsya, and learned to deal with them.Picking up the weather, I talk to them, smeared with propolis and Melissa, did not climb into the hive more often than once every two weeks.And complaints from neighbors disappeared.
why beekeepers experienced gardeners are advised colleagues: Only Karpatka.Even forget to think about the Central Russian or some hybrid breed.And keep a first aid kit at home to specialize.Because the potential for anaphylactic shock 1-2% of the population has not been canceled.
For its part, the neighbors beekeeper can protect yourself as much as possible, if they abide by simple rules.That's what advise Arkpavel and Pauline :
- While you are neighbors beekeepers have to refrain from perfumes, alcohol and other noxious fumes.
- When a bee sting pull the sting out of the wound (it almost always stays there).The wound can be lubricated latex conventional vegetable garden sow-thistle - an excellent natural remedy against any painful bites of flying insects.It helps juice plantain ointment bites and banal Vietnamese balm asterisk.Any of these means, smeared a couple of times a day, remove the swelling for a day or two.
- Put in a first aid kit in case of an antihistamine bite.
- If you are stung by a bee, without fuss and immediately goes into the house, t. To. The smell of bee venom for bees - a signal of attack (because I once two bees with an interval of a minute bitten the nose - standing on beetrack).
- If you watch the flight of bees, you may notice that they fly along several directions - "beer runs."Better not stand in the way of these directions.
- To eliminate pad runs at the human level, it is enough to put tall plants or put a fence, then the bee will fly over obstacles and do not interfere with you.
- In late summer, bees may become aggressive due to the decrease in the natural fodder.Therefore, in August, will have to abstain from sugary foods on the street.
Many gardeners in normal times are loyal to the passion of their neighbors, beekeepers, dramatically changing their attitude towards him after the meeting with Roy.Run away from the apiary swarm - a spectacle, however, terrible.But it was terrible and not dangerous.
Even experienced beekeeper can not always prevent swarming, and his guilt is not.But the bees in the swarm, when unprovoked, never touched.If the site is surrounded by a high wall, a person simply can not physically be in the path of the swarm - a swarm of flies over the fence to the selected high places, such as wood.Usually a swarm inoculated in the tree and sat there for a couple of hours - during which time the beekeeper is almost always it takes.
- It turns out that if you do not get in the way of digging (which is almost impossible in the fence) and do not come close to him when he grafted, the chance of being bitten - is minimal.Moreover, the very swarming - a very rare phenomenon in the apiary.If the swarm left the hive, the beekeeper usually examines the rest of the family in order to prepare to swarm and take appropriate measures to prevent it (the beekeeper swarming is not profitable).If a small apiary, it is unlikely that there will be more than one swarm over the summer.
Aleksej2000 twice been in the center of a very large swarms.Once even without ammunition, just in a cloud setting the trap of digging, "I shot on video, and they with me - zero attention."
way, a swarm - a good way to influence the inadequate beekeeper."The next time, when Roy sits in your area, you can not let the neighbors just to the site.From digging through half will be over, and the would-be neighbors, maybe think about the regulations. "
legislation on the conditions of the bees is discussed here.Here you can find videos about bees.This article describes how to prepare bees for winter.