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19 April 2016

Who better than users forumhouse.ru best know that iron helpers each year is increasingly used in home gardens.But if tillers, tractors and electric trimmers have become commonplace, the robotic technology for home and garden is still perceived as exotic.But the future is now!

So, in this article you will learn the answers to the following questions:

  • As the robot began mowing lawns, which saves your time and money?
  • To instruct vacuumed the apartment cleaned if necessary, and you do not want?
  • How to wash windows, do not stain your hands?
  • Can I clean the pool, keeping the water out of it?

Robotic mowers

It's no secret that the progress does not stand still, and what was once considered science fiction, now perceived as commonplace.

Every day is still smaller spheres of human life, wherever the use of automated work.

Today no one would ever think to drill holes with a drill with a mechanical drive or do laundry by hand.

In fact, besides the purely physical effort, electrical assistants sav

e a lot of time, allowing you to do other, more important things.

But if, throwing clothes into the washing machine, can be an hour or two to forget about its existence, the lawn care using gasoline or electric lawn mower requires your direct participation.

Is there a device that would independently cut the grass while working in the heat and in the cold and in the rain, just when you do not want to leave the house?Sure!This is - the robot lawn mower.What features of this device have?

brand manager Robomow Maxim Baskakov:

- mower, unlike gasoline counterparts (lawn mowers and trimmers) works completely offline, iewithout human intervention.The work is carried out almost in silent mode, so the use of a robot lawn mower may even at night.

Expert Company Yunisoo Alexander Iguchi:

- For the robot lawn mower is not necessary to remove and dispose of grass clippings.You will not be disturbed noise of a gasoline engine.And most importantly, you do not need to spend your personal time, which every year becomes more and more valuable.

robots is getting more and more "intelligent" and autonomous.Even if you're away from your lawn, the robot will send to your phone SMS that he performed some work.SinceNew models are easy to "connect" with mobile devices.

To understand how the robot can cut the grass yourself, you need to understand how it works.

Maxim Baskakov:

- Robot lawn mower - an automatic device, the control does not require any action from its owner during normal operation.

After purchasing the robot lawn mowers require only initial setup of the device.For example, the time set by mowing the grass, and made "acquaintance" of the machine to the site, after which it will have to take care of (primarily meaning an indication of the plot area).

only exception is the manual mode, use the joystick or tablet.

This mode is rather an auxiliary function for those cases where there is no desire to carry the robot over long distances.For example, you can overtake the robot lawn mower "on their own" from site to site, or need to mow the lawn at a small section of the manual control mode.

Head of Internet Sales "Garden mechanisms" Roman Safronov:

- Some models of robots can be equipped with a remote control and / or module, Bluetooth (with which you can connect to a normal tablet).

This allows you to manually send the mower to the place where she would not independently reached.

In order to understand the robot, where his work area, the perimeter portion laid special wire connected to the charging base.

by supplying him with a weak station, charging station, the mower can "see" the border delineated wire, and does not extend beyond the lawn.

Director of RoboWorks Basil Demenkov:

- The base station is designed to automatically charge the robot and connect the wire perimeter limit.Special requirements for the installation of the base station no.It is only necessary to leave a small space in front of the charging base and after the course of the wires (typically 1.5 to 3 m), so that the lawn mower no difficulties parking at the base.

Maxim Baskakov:

- Since the wire is not under high voltage, it is completely safe.

procedure for laying the wires is performed only once during the installation of the robot, and then the wire does not require any attention.Over time, the growth of grass in natural, visually it "disappears", and do not cause any irritation aesthetic.

If the lawn is not a single plot, and consists of several separate areas, it is necessary to configure separate zones, so that the robot can mow them consistently and clearly knew their area.It is necessary for planning duration for each of the work stations.

Maxim Baskakov:

- At first glance, the nature of the robot lawn mower may seem chaotic, but it is the result of years of research.

Such movement algorithm eliminates any probability of uncut areas after the completion of the mower.As a result, you are guaranteed to get a perfectly smooth lawn.

Today the market offers a lot of robotic lawn mowers.And in order to choose the model that is best suitable for your site, you must know the basic criteria for selecting devices.

Alexander Iguchi:

- The first thing you should pay attention - this is the area of ​​the lawn, his relief, the descents and ascents, the presence or absence of barriers separating.

Basil Demenkov:

- The main thing - it must be a robot and a robot to ensure the maximum degree of automation of the process of care for your lawn.

This means that after working a lawn mower from the owner of the site should not require further action by dokashivaniyu lawn, as well as special care for the device itself.

This result is achievable if the automatic lawn mower has the following qualities:

  • stable basic mows the lawn area and leaves uncut areas;

Modern robotic lawn mowers are designed for the care of lawn grass and ensure the height of vegetation after cutting in the range of 15 to 80 mm.It is desirable that prior to cutting the grass was not higher than 10 cm, which is easily provided during regular operation of the robot during the season.

  • does not require additional configuration of the robot lawn mower for the season, such as adverse weather conditions;

As a rule, all the automatic lawn mower equipped with a rain sensor and interrupt mowing as long as the rain does not stop, and the grass is dry.

  • robot mower has a mode of "mowing the edges";

mode mowing edges avoids herbal "fence" around the perimeter of the site and eliminates the manual labor of man to eliminate it.

  • robot mower chops well (mulches) grass, which does not require the collection, otherwise spoil the look of the lawn after mowing;

Roman Safronov:

- The advantage of mulching is that grass cuttings pulverized into fine particles.So no need to collect the grass clippings becauseit turns into a fertilizer.Plus, there is a return to the lawn nutrients and nitrogen saturation.

  • robot mower has a high performance and capacity cutting grass, which depends on the diameter of the blade and the length of the cutting edges of the blades and engine power;

wider band of mowing, the mower will cope with their work and release the lawn for recreation.

  • autonomous operation, primarily depends on the type of batteries.

most progressive and durable (withstands approximately 2,000 charge-discharge cycles) are the lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePo) batteries.Fewer resources and have a service life of lithium-ion (Li-ion) (500-800 cycles).A nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries are significantly losing the first two in all respects.

Alexander Iguchi:

- Charging time is usually equal to the time of discharge, but this applies only to lithium-ion batteries, nickel metal hydride (NiMH) little work and long charging.The life of a lithium-ion battery under normal use (when not charging every 5 months) -3-4 year.

When selecting the robot should pay particular attention to the battery capacity and autonomous operating time without recharging.This is important to ensure that the robot was able to process the application area.It should be understood that the robot, in order to achieve the result can be operated on a plot of 30 acres 10 hours recharging or 24 hours, constantly returning to the charging station.

Basil Demenkov:

- The battery life of the device to the first charge is usually from 30 minutes to one and a half hours.Robotic lawn mowers are trained yourself to return to base for charging and automatically continue mowing after the energy reserves are replenished.

Very often the question arises: Is there any special requirements for the site and how the robot mower handles mowing grass in confined spaces?

Basil Demenkov:

- For most robotic lawnmowers smooth slope of the area - up to 35% (about 20 degrees) is not an obstacle.

In a collision with a tree or a flower bed lawn mower detects an obstacle, and toured it.Those elements of the landscape, which is counter-contact lawnmowers, for example, a flower bed or swimming pool, encircled with wire perimeter restrictions that exclude the dangerous proximity.

is also necessary to take into account the area of ​​cultivated land.

Basil Demenkov:

- As for the plot area, the matter is not declared area, and the real time operation.

For example, for each of the models indicate the recommended maximum area, the robot is able to mow.

If the lawn mower, designed for care of a plot of 6 acres, 15 acres to mow the offer, then it it will take 15-20 hours of work each day.This will result in a significant temporary inconvenience, excessive trampling the lawn, and the emergence of uncut areas.

Roman Safronov:

- Initially, the mower is placed on the already prepared area, previously mowed.It is calculated on an almost daily mowing while the grass just does not have time to grow high.

Also, be aware that the robot lawn mower - is not a toy!Mowing the lawn is the result of moving the mower on a site with a rotating sharp knife or knives.

Basil Demenkov:

- Given that the speed of the knife is usually about 4,000. / Min., The device requires compliance with the simplest of security measures around.

Alexander Iguchi:

- Robotic lawn mowers are equipped with an emergency stop when you turn the knife, at the touch of a portable handle.

to remedies include cover that protects the blades from direct access, and large emergency stop button.

And in case of accidental rupture of the boundary cable radio signal disappears, the robot lawn mower stops immediately and the drive is switched off rotating blades.

robot cleaner, window cleaner robots and a robot to clean the pool

cleaning the apartment - it is unpleasant and routine task that takes time, which can be used for more important things.But progress does not stand still, and robotic vacuums They stopped for a long time to be exotic, gradually becoming as much a part of household appliances like dishwashers and washing machines.

list the main advantages and disadvantages of the robot cleaner.


  • cleaning robot takes 2 minutes and cleaning the apartment - half an hour;
  • robot vacuum cleaner frees up time that could be spent on other things;
  • robot vacuum cleaner can get into hard to reach places such as under the sofa;
  • robot vacuum cleaner is very good collects hair and pet dander;
  • robot cleaner very high quality even collects fine dust, such as sand and smooth floors.


  • need to prepare in advance a room for cleaning, for example, to provide free access to the robot-vacuum cleaner under the bed;
  • robot vacuum cleaner can not carry out general cleaning;
  • may be difficulties with the cleaning of carpets with long pile;
  • robot vacuum cleaner can not simultaneously vacuuming and mopping the floor;
  • robot, from time to time, need to be cleaned of the collected dirt and dust;
  • robot low suction power, compared with the conventional vacuum cleaner, due to the fact that the used batteries.

In order to approach the selection of your domestic helper consciously need to know some features of this device.

CEO "Robotics" Vladimir Saranchyn:

- Robot cleaner - very handy device that is almost completely frees you from cleaning the floor.Especially if the room is prepared in advance: clean the floor socks, cables.Some models of vacuum cleaners come with a timer, you are setting the harvest, it is removed in your absence, come home - the floor is clean, and it is pleasant to walk barefoot.

Since the suction force is not the main factor when choosing a robot (which is very small compared with manual vacuum cleaner), it is important to pay attention to the existence of a system of mapping space.If the robot can build it, he will cover during harvesting most of the room, as its movements are not chaotic.

Vladimir Saranchyn:

- Modern robots are able to build a map of the room and know where they are cleaned, and where - no.Objects they see using infrared sensors, but the narrow objects such as chair legs, the robot does not usually notice them and crashed into the bumper.However, it established mechanical sensors, and from such an attack robot changes its motion .

robots with camera mapping and facilities know exactly where they started and where the base.And after the cleaning cycle straight back at her and charged independently.In almost all robots have sensors height difference, that is, the robot does not fall down the stairs.And in advanced robots have a gyroscope and odometer.

  • gyroscope is used for more precise navigation of the robot vacuum cleaner.It captures information about distance and motion devices, and controls the rotation angles.Due to this the route is calculated and set by the direction in which to move the robot.