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16 April 2016
Not every vegetable grower decides to plant reproduction by means of vaccination.Some are afraid of the operation because of its apparent complexity, while others simply do not see the sense in it.Meanwhile, the fruits from grafted plants ripen earlier, yields increased - and most importantly, this method turns out to grow even capricious and whimsical plants.Another Soviet agronomists have shown that this can be obtained, for example, the famous Turkmen and Uzbek melons in any climatic zone.
Culture with a weak root system grafted on the culture of high-energy growth.A plant that is grafted is called a scion, those that are vaccinated - stock.
eggplant grafted on tomato, gives higher yields;melon and watermelon on pumpkin become resistant to weather conditions;cucumber on a pumpkin becomes resistant to fusarium.Ways many vaccinations - growers like FORUMHOUSE vaccinated "vprokol" or "Plugging into the puncture between the scion cotyledons rootstock" - it today and we analyze.
lovers experiments instill all for everything, even for tomatoes Petunia.However, the user experience FORUMHOUSE shows that it makes no sense to vaccinate cucumber "and so they are always a lot."Fiddle with the grafting tomatoes is only in one case - when left alone to stalk the two roots.
- I read everything, including - recommendations of doctors, PhDs RAAS (thesis 2005-2007.): Watermelon is recommended to vaccinate lagenariyu, cucumber - a pumpkin figolistnuyu, melon -a pumpkin type "Volga gray" and melon, only hybrid F1.
But grafting melon, indeed, gives good results.Therefore, for example, Japanese growers are grown on 100% vaccination melons.
- I did vaccination watermelons, cucumbers and melons last three years.I do not know how in the southern regions, but in the middle lane melons definitely worth vaccinate.At least for myself, I made such a conclusion.
Ellis Cu:
- I want in their area real Turkmen grow melons.And their only method of grafting on pumpkin can be otherwise - will not have time to ripen.
as rootstock watermelon, melon and cucumber is good pumpkin gourd.Vegetable growers who prescribe special Chinese rootstocks, do not notice much difference (especially watermelons).Good results are obtained and Volga gray pumpkin.
Here's how a user FORUMHOUSE Deppert planted on lagenarii cucumber and nods:
Vaccinations were carried out in the field, in the kitchen, almost on his knees: from chip was planed "punch" (later Deppert disappointed in him, tookordinary toothpick and further intends to use only it).
Here "patients": an overgrown already polegshy cucumber (third sheet blank) and three nods for fresh.
lagenarii in here, too, a little overgrown and begin to spread.
¬ęPunch" ripped from the stalk chips instead turned puncture incision.Deppert insert the cucumber scion, who had removed all true leaves, except for the top.The design was kept poor, so the place had to wrap the foil vaccination.
With nods everything went bang!Stem lagenarii user FORUMHOUSE pierced with a toothpick.In order not to repeat the fracture stem made as follows: first the tip of a toothpick deepened strictly parallel to the stem, and then removing the bit, pierced stem.It turned out great!
and paste nods, like clockwork: All right, and a little outside.
Prototypes Deppert transplanted into a separate pan, sprayed with an atomizer and covered a large cut bottle.
After a while forumchanin repeated experiment planted cucumbers and melons.On survival took only three days.Determined this is simple: even planted unopened cotyledons, and under the hood it in three days began to unfold.So that allegations of poor survival rate of melon on lagenariyu not confirmed.
FORUMHOUSE User Experience shows that graft is better to take those plants that were the first seeds of the hatch.In the future they will be the leaders of growth in strength, beauty and health.Late in the 2-3 days of receiving shapeless, weaker and shorter.
- The strongest were those that germinated before.I planted them the same for the development of water-melons and saw that summer on strong lagenariyu bushes were strong, and the weak - weak, they have not caught up with the strong.More last spring has come to the conclusion that many seeds germinate and to choose the most powerful of them - the ones that sprout first.I do not know about other cultures, but lagenariyu - so.Stems from the scion and rootstock must be the same diameter.
scion usually recommended to plant before the stock, explaining that pumpkin still growing faster watermelon.But in practice, it happens that the great pumpkin rises and sleeps watermelon, and then the fun begins.User Experience FORUMHOUSE shows that while sowing cucumbers and watermelons are often far ahead of growth in lagenarii:
- That's why I chose to be vaccinated "to puncture", where the timing of sowing will not go wrong: first, sow lagenariyu, raise it to two true leaves, or simply - while the stem is sufficiently thick.Then soaked and sow melons or whatever you, in two days they are coming up on the third day until cotyledonary leaves have not yet opened, you can cut and vaccinate.
Grow seedlings scion recommended with sufficient lighting and not overdo it: sooner or later, by its very nature, any melons will fall to the ground and starts to crawl.
FORUMHOUSE When users ask about the meaning of vaccinations, they say, first of all, it's just interesting!So try the most incredible options.
So, Gardener petunia planted to tomatoes.This experiment it began in June.
- Purpose: just wondering how to live one kind of plant to another.Prior to that, he planted roses, fruit, but everything is predictable: a flower on a flower, a fruit to fruit plants and flower here - on the vegetable.Maybe someone in my experience seems useless folly, but extremely interesting to me to watch it.
Of the 10 grafted plants survived 3, and the ones that have been vaccinated by "splitting in 't. E. In a slice of tomato stem and make a gap in her set slice cutting petunias.Here's how it looked:
- Out of six vaccinated so and began to grow briskly, suddenly, for no reason at all three plants perish completely, the scion and rootstock.Just stop growing and somehow quietly shrink.Two survivors of the plants I planted in a nursery in the garden, under the shelter of spunbond.Unfortunately, this year's early and late blight attacked experienced tomatiki not spared, in one night dark and fallen down leaves, flower on bare stem lasted a little longer.
analysis of the experience showed that this commonwealth is in principle possible, although there is mutual alienation: the tomato, petunia and develop poorly.
SvetlanaTu vaccinations wedge:
- In general, everything is simple.I'm not an expert, I am an amateur experimenters.Planted in a small plastic pot immediately and lagenariyu, and watermelon.Seeds put her down flat, not crack, not soaked, heat - lagenariya grew 30 percent higher than the watermelon.
Has waited cotyledon leaves both.She took the blade (previously hold him in the solution of potassium permanganate, two minutes. Make an incision in the lagenarii between cotyledon leaves. Cut off from the cotyledonary leaves of watermelon, very close to them. The incision is made wedge, wedge angles repeats leaflets and carried out smoothly along them. In this case, on lagenariyuwatermelon wedge is inserted, so to speak, leaves leaves: very close to each other. Then just tied plastic bag - or rather, a narrow strip. Do not cover, not sprinkled, not cleaned from the cool box. Just leave them to survive.
Grafting vegetables - not such a hard task, but requires some training. Grafting garden - more common. So make the vaccination handle. You can read about grafting bridge. This video explains how to do the pick and take care of seedlings.