Farewell beauty: that decorate the garden in late autumn?

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19 April 2016

sad beauty of autumn, hundreds of shades of gold, bright red spots maples, pale pink euonymus ... So sit well clear October day on a bench in his garden, enjoy the falling leaves, nothing to think about what does not regret.Beautiful garden - it's one of the best gifts that can make a person understand it and fall as a particularly acute.Gardeners forumhouse.ru grown plants with beautiful autumn color of leaves and needles to again and again to experience this warm feeling.

sometimes given some very special autumn, when everything just blazing colors, like the paintings of the Impressionists.Leaves look spectacular all those years when, after a very warm weather comes sharply cold.A similar result gives a big difference of day and night temperatures.Brightness of autumn colors depends on other things, explains the user forumhouse.ru Tuomi.


- The intensity of the color of leaves depends on how warm and sunny it was summer, how strong in August and September of differences between d

ay / night temperature, the degree of sun light on the plantssite.

It is clear that the color - it's just one of many tools, expressive means of garden design.But it is the color perceived by the eye first.That palette of plants that our forum users "paint" their fall, filling it with different colors:

Orange :

  • Norway maple Royalred (summer leaves purple).


  • hazel Aurea (first - golden yellow in the summer - lime green and autumn - yellow);
  • Globozum Norway maple (intense yellow, often - with a reddish tinge);
  • European larch (in the autumn - golden-yellow);
  • mountain pine Ophir.


  • Euonymus alatus Compactus (green color changed to purple-red in the fall);
  • European euonymus;
  • red oak;
  • red maple Red Sunset (from mid-September the leaves are bright red or orange);
  • Spiraea japonica Makrofilla (red and yellow combined with remains green).


  • bereskelet winged species.

Claret violet, purple:

  • Filbert "Purpurea" (dark red leaves the whole growing season);
  • Cotinus coggygria "Purpurea" (dark red leaves the entire growing period).
  • apple decorative purple (maroon entire growing season).


  • Loch silver (silver the entire growing season).

Among trees , that autumn is so good that, as they say in forumhouse.ru, «over the colors of autumn, you can forgive the rest fall" stand cherry Pennsylvania (leaves from orange to pink-red), bright-aly Ginnala maple, mountain ash-quality with orange and red leaves, and the fruit can be quite atypical, such as yellow and Rowan Ken (purplish red with white fruits).The very beautiful, delicate lemon color painted cherry Maak , but, unfortunately, leaves kept short and quickly fall off.However, this rapid leaf itself - a delightful show. aspen (poplar trembling) grades "Erketa» becomes bright yellow, sometimes orange.


- absolutely stunning in shades cercidiphyllum Japanese (but it is necessary to choose the right place).Cercidiphyllum may issue a tender pink color, but also yellow and orange - you never know how it will turn it this fall.


- Feature cercidiphyllum: yellowing only on open sunny places, in closed area - hardly.

Speaking of bushes , here, according to members of the forum, apart from the competition - Saskatoon, Saskatoon particularly Lamarck with its Martian orange-red color.


- About autumn color (particularly irgi) - is not so simple.Often different instances of the same variety or growing in different conditions, different colored autumn.My Saskatoon, for example, is never a bright reddish-orange.It depends on the weather in a particular year .

good also orange chokeberry (chokeberry), scarlet dogwood Sibirica , warm red Fieldfare ryabinolistny . Hungarian lilac can be purple, dog-roses dress up in all shades of red - from wine to purple.All Japanese spirea pleasing rainbow, some festive color foliage. Currant glandular autumn turns bright red, stefanandra - orange-yellow.Very beautiful autumn deciduous rhododendrons.

Red autumn favorite of many gardeners, can be different - and cold with a burgundy tint, and warm orange or brownish.And it is very important for the overall color scheme of the garden - cold or warm.

Basil Zhurov:

- For me red in the garden - it Cornus alba " Sibirica " - Deren white "Sibirica "- unpretentious fast-growing shrub - a bright accent color due to the crust.

very interesting one of the varieties of Berberis thunbergii, namely grade "Red Pillar" ( Berberis thunbergii Red Pillar ).Vertical columnar shape shrub looks good in group plantings and hedges.It responds well to shearing.Compact shrub, up to 1.5 m. Autumn foliage - especially bright.


- And there are perennials and shrubs ... For example, the Swedish dogwood (or Canadian) - red, Gillen - orange, loosestrife Landysheva - orange-red, asparagus - brightyellow, aster splayed - pink (leaves, no flowers ).

Autumn colors no less important than the summer blooms, says Mountelf .Here is a list of its best plants for fall.


  • hybrid witch hazel;
  • pteleya three-sheeted;Ginkgo biloba
  • ;
  • Acer platanoides;
  • abeliofillyum.

Red-purple :

  • Manchurian maple;
  • Acer Pseudosieboldianum;
  • something of deciduous rhododendrons (many beautifully painted autumn, the Japanese, for example);
  • rose podzabornaya.


  • apple berry;
  • Rowan vefed;
  • chernoplodki.


  • any euonymus.

incredible Rhus typhina is handsome, but not every fall, but only when there is a long early frosts.


- Acer Pseudosieboldianum - just the perfect thing.The palette of autumn colors - from blazing through a purple bright pink to yellowish-red.Leaf shape, size and habit - just for small gardens.


- Dimorfanty very clean yellow.


- A euonymus - do my absolute love.Well spend the winter, low, unpretentious, autumn color - a stunning and bonus also "Christmas decorations" aggregate fruits.

Euonymus Maksimovic.

Euonymus megaloptera (later painted in pale pink).

Species alatus.The fact that he can grow up to 2-2.5 meters, Mountelf drawback does not consider

Autumn to face the most conservative plants in the summer, and that attention is not obraschaesh.Dioskoreya nipponskoy such unremarkable summer, autumn -very personal.Beautifully painted grapes like the Amur.Small shrubs, grasses - all this gives to the autumn garden charm and warmth.


- Cotoneaster, blueberries, maple lozhnoziboldov.

This autumn is very beautiful, and every day it is more beautiful.


- only euonymus I almost flew over, so sorry ...

until you hit the first frosts, you can admire the roses, hydrangeas and roses in the late autumn flower garden.Until the snow garden will decorate decorative kapusta.Bolshe ideas for successful landscape your garden, you can learn in this video of our online channel