Ducks at the start!

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15 April 2016
When choosing a suitable breed ducks all important.Plot size, the presence of a reservoir nearby, and even your relationship with your neighbors.Some duck noisy bawling in the street, the other - pretty quiet.Some people love to swim and throw on a farmstead "dirt and terror", and other general nevodoplavayuschie prefer to sit on the branches of trees.
- delicious and musk, ducks and waterfowl (pekinka, Bashkir), and geese.Optimal feeding - Geese on the carcass - musk, because it really meat has a higher percentage than A Beijing.But if a little is to keep everyone.The only time the iron - musk will not strain their cries of others.
So for a small suburban area more suitable musk duck, also known as indoutki - they are below the grass, meek, may dispense with the "washroom", and therefore will not be breeding in the area dirt ..
- In the context of limited land resources and fastidious neighbors, this option has no alternative at all.Musk calm, like a boa c
onstrictor, unlike pekinki.
However, the most common breed of duck - Peking.Her love for simplicity and independence, delicious meat, as well as for the fact that these ducks are growing rapidly.
- I have them all easily.The first week - in the heat, and then, in hot weather - on the grass (tenyok required), and I put a couple of tanks with small boards for swimming.The first two weeks pour warm water.The rain stayed home.I have them on a grid live and bottom trays and poop water.They will still be washed at least from drinkers, though where.Only if the baths set, then you need to change the water there very often.I feeders - from different sides zagonchik so birds do not hustle and do not interfere with each other.Growing very fast: Bashkir, blue, musk - much slower.
only, but significant negative pekinok - they are the champions of speed and rate of food consumption.This is the most voracious and very fatty duck.Even if they score in the 60 days of age, you will merge to half a liter of fat and duck older still fatter.
60% success in the cultivation of poultry feed depends.The main course of duck menu - feed.Many mixed "Zelenka" give chopped vegetables and fish waste.
- all the vitamins and minerals from the green stuff, and even more so - not to live field can not be obtained.But this does not have to worry if they eat feed, because there is a premix (vitamin and mineral)!By the way, about this rush to give the shell to a month of special needs I do not see the same chalk - a source of calcium is in the feed.And I have no one to digest the chalk before the month, or even a half, I did not give.That's when he ran down the street in the enclosures once or twice a day to feed shunt.In general, the principle is: up to a month to give SC5, up to two - SC6 further - chicken.This is the ideal.I often just to feed the young SC5 month, and then - chicken.
We must remember that duck - non-vegetarians.In the summer they get calcium and phosphorus from grasshoppers, frogs and other animals, and in the stall period they clearly do not have enough micronutrients.This can be partly compensated for by feeding cheese and crushed egg shells to give, and to give better feed shell, meat and bone, bone, feather or fish meal.Sometimes you can still treat bird meat and bone residue, which is sold in stores or wholesale food bases.
ducks in the stall period, as well as all other birds, must be given also a major river sand, which improves the digestion of other foods in the sand and wood ash to add.
- I've took fish waste from a processing plant.Just do not salty: cancer, trimmings, heads.If you have no such possibility, and not a lot of ducks, then buy in the store fish, remove the fillets for yourself, and everything else - the ducks.If you want happiness ducks?We need to force myself to eat fish cakes!Just before slaughter, so there was no smell, you need a week or two to put them on the grain and feed.
sometimes from lack of minerals ducklings attack one part - not the weakest, with all my duck flock and peck to death him to death.In addition, calcium and phosphorus, poultry may lack iron, copper, selenium ...
There are several ways to stop the LAYOUT.Members FORUMHOUSE, who breed ducks seriously advised to months of age not to mash ducklings, feed dry food, it is not important - feed it or crushed zernosmes.Problems with the pecking already be less.Giving vitamin supplements: sold and packaged and in bulk.But in the spring effectively expel the ducks and geese on the ponds or puddles.
BOS Constantine:
- Now get out all sorts of bugs, spiders, frogs begin to lay eggs ... Ducks quickly restore the balance of substances.
wounds suffered bird necessarily treated powder (or tritsillin streptocid) or ointment (streptomycin, tetracycline, sentomitsinovoy).Duck for a few days deposited into a separate room: the smell of blood attracts aggressive counterparts, and they do not stop until they peck to death an accident.Weakened ducklings also desirable otsazhivayut, hard to feed and each vitamin drip directly into the beak.From preventive antibiotics watering is better to abstain.
Usually, people start to breed ducks "for himself" because they want to get a "clean", not stuffed with meat medicines.So it turns out: a small population makes it possible to respond quickly to emerging problems.Moreover, that's the use of a large poultry antibiotics experienced FORUMHOUSE not see.
- so serious and widespread diseases such as mycoplasmosis, can only withstand a serious nerazovaya vaccination program.Large and serious economy, and even more - the factory, they use them.Is it worth not a penny and time takes five minutes.No desoldering, alas, to save the bird from similar diseases can not.
But to eliminate these diseases have proven the old methods - feeding dry food, especially in the summer, even if the content of calves up to 3-4 weeks on the grid.Still not buy ducks and plant them yourself, or buy only from reliable sellers, etc.
- I have two years because of the disease is not dead, no duck.Important: I am calm the bird from the farm where I buy ducklings, salmonellosis is not sick and do not infect humans.The rest - is already leaving.I have all the waterfowl on the grid after hitting me.Small - in cells, specially made for them with plastic feeders and trays of galvanizing that are washed daily.Cells My every few days sea pollution.
Poultry has the opportunity to spend much time in the sun, swim in the clear water, graze on the grass and eat insects.It is clear that the immunity from her - not that that factory.
Many summer residents from buying ducklings stops inability to come to him every day.But this is not necessary.Users of FORUMHOUSE have experience of growing ducks in remote access, with short visits once a week, and he's good.
Jeanne F:
- We had a little sarayka for them, and on the one hand - the aviary.From the side of the cage cut through the hole for free entry and exit of ducklings.They had a week where we left them alone, the death of one of the 20 pieces.With water, we decided as follows: put the tank with 50 liters of fitting with a hose released in the tub, which is dug into the ground.The hose bath clamped bricks.When the water splashed from the bath-ducks drinking water from the hose is filled in the tub.I have a bad experience when the ducklings could not jump out of the pan, and died in it.Now, in the bath must lie bricks to ducklings can climb on them and jump.But this is small.Ducklings were pekinki, they have grown without our constant presence of up to 2 months of age, prior to slaughter.There were a good weight.
Another question that often stops people from buying ducklings: Is it profitable to start ducks just one season, and "his and clean" - the only, albeit important advantage?Often it seems that in the feed to spend more.
- If you count the numbers specifically, the two-and goose 5-6 kg, and weft in two months 3-3.5 kg, and turkey in five months at 9-10 kg -It is absolutely beneficial, and at any feed!
At home, ducks kept for longer than at poultry farms in 45 days, do not beat.But in order to recoup the costs of feed, this period should not be longer than 2-2.5 months, and, in practice, reaches six, "our people are not accustomed to consider, alas."A poultry
who believe money slaughtered ducks in 60 days.Pekinku even earlier - from 50 days, then it is not so fat.And it's not only benefit: this time the pen is already grows and stumps yet.
Jeanne F:
- I take for two years in a row of ducks: pekinok, favorites and Bashkir, and Beijing.Chop two months, the maximum weight of carcasses was 2.7 kg.Fat lot of them, I do not detect.I have them in moderation diet.
- Those who indulge ducks, get all 5 kilograms, but there really are unprofitable costs.We feed not the most expensive feed, but proven.Protein is there median 15-16,5.In addition to animal feed, poultry consumes plenty of greens, when there is a Christmas tree with flour or herbal meadow hay.Plus so much weight in duck feeding is achieved not only that I argue for five years.We in Russia duck farms obmelchali because it tightly no one did.At the time, he took the ducks from abroad, led a simple selection, that transmit good size.
When the ducks begin to lay eggs, you need to wait a week or two - and only at the end of this period to begin to collect them for the incubator or duck-hens.To check the egg is fertilized or not, it is necessary to hold it for five days in an incubator and see-through.Immediately we will see, is there an embryo or not.Feeding during this period should be effective, "no fillers such as bran", but - "brilliant green" and vegetables, at least occasionally.
eggs, which will be used for hatching in an incubator kept at a temperature of 8-12 degrees.Typically, this temperature is in the underground or basement.
- before laying eggs under the hen keep in the fridge, you can keep them there up to 10 days.
Many prefer Incubator hen: youngsters from the first day rises on food for children, but not fussy, and the result is a rapid weight gain.On the other hand, when the ducklings to duck them less of a hassle.
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