A simple but ingenious dough

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13 April 2016
amazing, but forumhouse.ru, where people can do hands seem to do all the common "I do not know how to make yeast dough."We'll tell you about a very simple, like all brilliant, the recipe of the dough.It is a versatile recipe: you can make out of it open and closed pies, cakes, shanezhki, rolls with poppy seeds, pizza ....You will succeed if you do not right the first time, then the second for sure.
- most favorite grandmother's dish from a distant childhood - pies.Very thin crust, and in general, all the air.And punctures with a fork ... Filling: it sprouts, it is rice and egg, the meat - says user forumhouse.ru Hvat .
Apparently, grandmother Hvata baked pies because of our recipe.In fact, in the culinary circles it has legendary status.Cook Anna Dyshkant cooked patties from such a test Khrushchev and other members of the Politburo.Later, this test is described in one of his cookbooks known Soviet chef, promoter of good food Pohlebkin William.In his version, it is called "kulebyachnym."But i
n a notebook with recipes Soviet housewives it means called "Khrushchev" or "proper dough for pies."
This dough is not necessary to nurture, above it is not necessary to cast spells, cakes no long rasstaivat before sending it to the oven.In part this is the exact opposite of a test for classical Russian pies.Do not bother temperature products do not have to strictly follow the recipe - somewhere the third time you'll be all put to the eye.Do not make the sponge: just mix all the products, and - voila!But you try - again make sure that all brilliant - just.
In this test, there are several options: a versatile, eggs without, for all cakes and pies, and even pizza, a rich, sweet small for pies, sweet pies, etc.Finally, these cakes are just beautiful, they are pleased to take up: crispy, almost like a shortbread crust and a fluffy crumb.I did this test pies and cakes with all the fillings: cabbage, meat, apples, cherries, cherry, mushrooms, cranberries, blueberries, cherries, cheese, fish - never failed.And I must say that before meeting with this recipe I generally try to stay away from the kitchen, only coffee brewed.
main thing, remember the rule: If the plant dough in advance, for example, in the evening, it can be especially do not knead.Precocity dough kneaded for a long time.The ideal solution, if you first rub the frozen butter into the flour and rub their hands until smooth, then add the milk, yeast and sugar and knead for about 20 minutes with his hands and not less than 10 minutes with a mixer at medium speed.In this case, the dough becomes so plastic that form the patties out of it - a pleasure.Excellent obtained and various decorations for cakes closed.I did the whole installation pan with fish: a fisherman in a boat with a fishing rod, the moon, some reeds.Needless to say, this cake made furor among the guests.And then, it's not cooking, and pure creativity, some art therapy.I would like to do this, not for the result, but simply because of the process.
qualitatively vymeshennoe dough is torn, and stretches in a transparent film.
After kneading the dough is left on the table - a rest for 15-20 minutes, or send in the refrigerator.But in general, long vymeshivat not necessarily - it's a question of your makeovers.Still will be delicious.
first option, universal:
500 g flour
50 g of compressed yeast (domestic production)
45-75 grams of sugar
200 g butter or margarine 250 g
Knead the dough,cover with foil and leave to rest for 20 minutes.To cut to the cakes or pies, to proofing and bake for 20 minutes at 180C.Immediately after mixing, the dough can be put into the refrigerator, and it will be stored in the cold for several days.
second option, sweet:
500 g flour
50 g of compressed yeast (domestic production)
125 g sugar
200g margarine 2 egg yolks
200 grams of milk
lemon peel.

third option pohlebkinsky
¬ęKulebyachnoe dough" (from the book of Pokhlebkin Cuisines of our peoples):
500-600 g flour
25 g yeast (domestic production)
1 tsp
salt 200 g butter 3 egg yolks
1 cup of milk.
300 g of flour mixed with milk and the yeast and knead the dough.Give him 30 minutes to come.Following vmese oil, yolk, salt and flour, to obtain a soft dough.Give the dough to come for another hour and cut into cakes.

fourth option for large cakes
500g flour 25g
fresh or 10 g of dry yeast
0.5 tspsalt if unsalted butter - 1 tsp
200 g butter 3 tablespoons
sour cream 1 cup milk
Soak dried yeast in a glass of warm milk, add 2 tspsugar.Knead the dough, put in a pan, greased with vegetable oil.When the dough to rise properly, Punch it and store it in the fridge for half an hour.From this test, make great big cake, for example, with cabbage.Before you send a cake in the oven, brush the surface of the yolk, or just water.
fifth option: the dough long storage
500 g flour
25 g of compressed yeast (domestic production)
1/2 tsp
salt 200g margarine
1 cup milk
Knead a soft dough, roll into a ball and put in the refrigerator, where it can be stored at least a week (so this test is called ageless).For the pie dough is rolled thinner.There are better hot cakes.
sixth embodiment.The classic "Khrushchev" dough
500 g flour
50 g yeast (Russian-made)
¬Ĺ tspsalt 2 tablespoons
sugar (50g)
200g margarine
250 grams of milk
Knead the soft dough and place in the refrigerator overnight, at least - for 4-5 hours.Suitable for cakes and pies.
Once again, the main advantage of this recipe - simplicity.Without refrigerator, it is suitable for a few hours, so do not just help you out in an emergency situation room.Only: baked pies from this test are obtained much tastier than fried.If you do not have good yeast, you can use the "fast" Chinese - and not to say that the result is much worse.
ideas for fillings
Here are the filling for cakes and pies users do forumhouse.ru.
Lucy min6666 making apple butter from the midst of which remains in the juicer after forcing apple juice:
- grounds, forcing the rest of the juice, rubbed through a colander of the seeds and peel, adding a little sugar, cook for about ten minutes and you're donejam from childhood.I like!

Tatiana Quail stuffed mushroom pies:
- There have been enough not to feed, how many do, still not enough!Mushrooms mince, overdo with chopped onion, juicy possible to add a little sour cream, and for flavor - garlic and freshly ground pepper.
Clarisse loves pumpkin pie:
- Raw pumpkin mince, add to the oranges with rind, sugar to taste, you can add cinnamon.Pie closeout deals.

Sheatfish told about fried pies with guts!
- Winter - the season when preparing cakes with roasted intestines.Guts wash, scraped.Wash, scrape and were procured for the future.Boil, chop finely and fry with onions.Cheap but nutritious and tasty.

Beatrice bakes Kurniki:
- For the filling: Mix finely chopped chicken breast without the skin - 2 pieces, such as finely diced potatoes - about the same amount by volume, 2 medium onions, salt, flavor of refined sunflower oiladd seasoning, like what (I added seasoning for chicken).

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