Time to plant radishes!

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15 April 2016
It seems very simple radish culture.Del is: sown, watered, and very soon the harvest: even in the salad, though in a hodgepodge, though so crunch.But for many it is a radish and mutual understanding is impossible, and instead of hard crunchy balls grow sluggish roots.
Meanwhile, as they say in FORUMHOUSE, «juicy radish during the summer - it is a reality, it is only necessary to apply some tricks."About these tricks and we will tell you today.
sowing dates
In the garden has not yet melted snow and hands are itching - you want to sow radishes to the Victory Day please close the first harvest.But scared that the seeds will lie motionless in the icy ground!Members FORUMHOUSE still trying to sow this crop as early as possible - before the end of April, or, in the case of Siberia, in early May.Then she does not have time to go to the arrow, and it is guaranteed not to eat cruciferous Fleas.Many fall to prepare redisochnye beds in the greenhouse tomato and cucumber greenhouses.
- Before planting cucumbers and tomatoes, we use the greenhouse for the cultivation of early greens and radishes.Over the weekend, we could see the smooth ryadochki radish, usually in May Day celebrations are already doing salad.
Temernik sow radishes very early and in the open ground on the first thawed patch of garden, around which are still snowdrifts.Between the rows of dark he puts plastic water bottles.
- As we know, water is one of the best battery temperature.Therefore, during the day it is bottled is heated (preferably to be dark) and slow cooling in the night hotbed, ie reduces the temperature difference.I am their second year so I put between the rows, Easter has its Radish himself to eating.
If you still have to sow radishes in late May, then choose nestrelkuyuschiesya varieties.Many radishes sown in June-July, to obtain a second crop.That all happened, and take only nestrelkuyuschiesya varieties abundantly watered and be sure to pritenyat beds with 17-18 hours.
Siberian Victor Maleev planting radishes on his method:
- Usually planting radishes in early May on the perimeter of the beds (with carrots, herbs, etc.).During the mass maturing radishes, when she was about to bloom almost all her dig, I cropped tails (leave 2-5 mm), and put them in my cellar or refrigerator.A month can be safely added to the hodgepodge or salad.If you do not remove the radishes - it goes to "tune" and blooms ...
Consultant FORUMHOUSE Lobelia believes that too early planting radishes as bad as recent:
- In late March, early.Even in a greenhouse can not do without the shelter, and the light is not enough.Radish is considered short-day plants, under these circumstances, it is not an arrow, but in March for a yet still enough light and cold - povytyagivaetsya.The earliest our planting radish was on April 10 and on May 9 ate his.
Radish likes moderately fertile soil and can not tolerate clay and acidic.User FORUMHOUSE Ptitsa Govorun, whose land - a solid clay - annually receives redisochny wonderful harvest.Here is his secret:
- Shoyu in the hole!I take the shovel, he nailed across the bar at a distance of 35 cm from the end and in a bed dug a hole to stop doing this strip.Then in a tank mix with sand and humus I stuffed the hole with this mixture;obtained in a bed with good glasses and loose ground.At a depth of 1.5-2 cm sow seed, and more - all as usual.
Those who hates to thin out the landing, Smoker recommends a good way to try with a lid.He, incidentally, applies not only to plant radishes, but also any other crops:
- Take the beam across the width of the beds of about 3x3 cm. On it, at intervals of 5-6 cm (depending on a kind of culture), are mounted on the lid1.5-2 liter bottles.I Crepe their young studs.Cover height - 1.5 cm. Having a marker on the ground I was back by his side otgrebla a little piece of land, making the mound, then pressed firmly to the ground marker and had a magnificent scheme holes for planting carrots, radishes and Greenfinches.In each hole, dimple I strew 2 seed and then covered with earth with pre-made ridge.Few palm compacted and watered from a watering can with a strainer.I was very pleased with the result - friendly shoots, as a thin depth and is not necessary.
fleas.How to fight
main enemy of radishes - crucifer flea.This voracious insect may be a few days to completely destroy all your radish sprouts.Wrestle with her early plantings, folk remedies and preventive introduction in a bed of wood ash and tobacco dust.
- I always advance sprinkle tobacco dust, mixed with lime in half-Pushenko, carrots, onions, garlic, and the entire garden.And fertilizer and lime, and repelling fleas and midges!
Nadya D:
- read somewhere that you can fit the plant and sprinkle with ground black or red pepper.
From fleas is very good tincture of potato and tomato leaves, infusion of tobacco dust and soap.Rinse with water from a watering bugs (they do not like) and pollinate the plants with ash, a mixture of peppers, mustard powder.Loosen the earth.
-I always bad radish gets.That drought, and I usually every 4 days, the flea.Last year, planted with peas through a number of benefits for more and covered the old nonwoven.And all perfectly risen, and enough moisture, and Flea "nosed" remained.When eaten radishes, peas stayed - we love it.
What to do, what not to do
always delicious radish gets Mariska .Here's what to do and what to do - it is not necessary: ​​
Never sow radishes, where it just grew.
sow only nestrelkuyuschiesya grade (this must be written on the bag with the seeds), such as Duro Krasnodar and Malaga.
crops of radish place so that in the morning they were sitting in the sun, and in the second - rested in the shade.I sow among the tufts of bush beans, beets, flowers, under bushes, fences.
not thickened crops, sow not even rank and piecemeal (one seed left, the second - to the right).
mulch the soil around the radish cut grass.In the absence of rains watered regularly.From cruciferous Fleas regularly sprinkle radish leaves red hot pepper ground or ash.
Speaking of grades, the majority of users FORUMHOUSE like heat and the French breakfast.Many are trying to get themselves out of it the seeds of radish.This is done by:
- When the peduncle radishes need to tie up, not to the audience.Then wait for the flowers.If you're lucky, and the plant is to tie the seeds, then you have to just move his hands or inflorescences to attract pollinators (bees, bumblebees, etc.).Then you wait for the formation of the pods.You can collect when they start to turn yellow and dry pods can wait - they do not crumble.But if the plant is not to tie the seeds, it is necessary either to pollen from other plants pollinate or other artful methods used.
successful experience of growing radishes user FORUMHOUSE - from sowing to harvesting and preparation for implementation - see here.With interesting varieties of radish can be found here.Talk on radish, radishes, turnips, daikon, ask questions, share experiences, you can argue in this section FORUMHOUSE.This video introduces you to the basics of organic farming as an example of a single problem.