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13 April 2016

have on your personal site pond dreaming, perhaps, every owner of cottage or country house.A small pond on the site can be a place of rest and a source of water for irrigation, and a supplier of fresh fish to your table.

Dig a pond small but adequate for fish size and depth - a technically simple task, but it will require a lot of effort.It should also be aware that personal pond and its inhabitants require constant care of the owner.Many users already got their own ponds and gladly share their experiences on their creation, arrangement and fish farming. If you plan to do fish farming in the holiday format - take advantage of their advice.

First you need to determine the location and size of the future of the pond.The optimal size for a small number of breeding fish - 30-50 square meters.Pond larger requires significant investment, small - term care.But note that in the pond area of ​​the two or three hundred years to grow the fish, leaving it for the winter will be too troubles

ome and expensive, so the fish will come out "gold".The best option - to buy seedings growing up it over the summer and in the fall to catch - and on the table.The optimum depth of the small pond - about two meters in a pond and you can swim, fish and be comfortable.

choose for your outdoor pond site to be a well-illuminated by the sun in the morning, and by the middle of the day - or half the entire stay in the shade, the temperature of the water is increased strongly: in warm water quickly multiply algae, and fish may be lackingoxygen.There is a rule: the direct rays of the sun illuminate the pond should not be more than ten hours, optimally - no more than six.

better if your pond will be extended in length, than to have a round or square: in a convenient swimming pond, planted along the banks of the plants and take out the water for irrigation.

To fill the reservoirs using a variety of sources - streams, high routes running through groundwater wells.In any case, you must first carry out analyzes on the availability of water for breeding fish.Such assays do in the sanitary-epidemiological service labs or fisheries.

also need to explore and a ground on the future site of the pond: how well it will hold water.Soil with high (above 30%) of clay and loam - fit, but for the sandy soils need to create an artificial waterproofing, which often means significant additional costs, particularly if it is not a film, but the capital, concrete waterproofing.

Relief bottom of the reservoir, which is supposed to fish farming should be challenging - alternating shallow and deep areas.

After the bowl of your pond is filled with water, it should be allowed to stand for at least ten days, and only then proceed to landscaping and planting plants.This is best done in early summer.Underwater and surface plants in the pond will perform not only a decorative function, but also to maintain it a natural biological balance and serve as a kind of filter for water.

How many fish can be kept in the garden pond of a small size?It is believed that one individual fish length of 10-15 centimeters requires a minimum of 50 liters of water.The calculation is simple to make, but it is important to take into account that the fish grow quickly enough.In overpopulated pond its inhabitants will not be starved for oxygen and food, and the water in it will spoil quickly, particularly when there is insufficient or no filtration.

What kind of fish to breed?The answer to this question depends on the geography of your region, climatic conditions, the water temperature in the reservoir, and many other factors.Among the most popular are carp, crucian carp, tench, grass carp, silver carp.However, many successfully grown in ponds and their predator - perch and pike and crayfish.Frequent inhabitant of suburban reservoirs - koi.The fish are bred not for the beauty and aesthetics: it differs unusual, very beautiful color, and it is very interesting to watch.However, as her relative, carp, koi are actively searching for food poking through in the bottom of the pond, creating a haze, so that when a large number of individuals on the transparency of the water in your pond, you can forget.

Fish living in a big pond with a lot of plants and micro-organisms often do not require additional feeding.But when fish farming with a small pond if you want to get as a result of well-fed products - fish feed have.But here we must strictly comply with the measure: excess food, do not eat fish, quickly turns sour and spoil the water in the pond.

Anyone who wants to acquire their own pond, remember that even a very small artificial pond - a complex ecosystem that requires attention and proper care.In order not to make mistakes, better to explore all the nuances. On the topic of fish farming is very popular, and materials it had accumulated a lot.This link - a guide on where to collect and structure all the useful information on all stages of the construction and maintenance of ponds and fish farming.On what plants can be planted in the suburban pond, read this topic.

here- extensive and regularly updated, and the forum users updated database of fisheries in different areas where you can buy fish stocks.

this video useful tips for those who want to grow fish in a pond, but does not know where to start.