Picnic - not only kebabs!

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14 April 2016
beginning of the summer season - the time is not only a hassle and work on the site and in the garden, but it's time to spiritual gatherings around the campfire or grill.The first really warm sunny days, pleasant company and great food are on the tired winter body better than any antidepressant, awakening to life, giving strength and setting up the optimism.
That's just the eternal problem: what to cook for a picnic in the fresh air?Shish kebab on the grill or in the street pilaf cauldron is, of course, a good tradition, but tradition can be boring in their monotony.Let's try to add to them new experiences, impressions and tastes, using ideas and recipes Member FORUMHOUSE.
dispute about what should be a real pilaf - work endlessly fascinating, but unproductive.You can, of course, carefully follow the recommendations of "guru", ensuring "that same taste."And you can take a risk and to take up new, previously untested option - for example, to prepare a "Balıklı yanahly ash", Turkmen seafood
risotto.His recipe shared user forum Crist .
To prepare, at the rate of 10-12 servings, we need: 1.8 kg of fish fillets, 2.5 liters of water, 500 g of sesame or other vegetable oil, half a liter of sour cream, a kilogram of oniononions, carrots and rice, 300 grams of pomegranate juice.And, of course, spices: black pepper - 20 grams, ground black pepper - 5 g, fennel seeds or ajwain - 10 g, parsley root - 20 g, parsley and dill - to 30 grams, saffron - 1 c, bay leafsalt - 50 grams.
prepared as:
boil water, salt, put a bay leaf, half of the chopped parsley root, pepper, half an onion - and cook until half over moderate heat the fish, cut into large pieces.Then remove it from the broth and shifts in refractory pottery (you can in a pot with thick walls for fire).Fish salt, sprinkle with pepper, parsley and dill, fennel, saffron part, finely chopped onions, parsley root (it needs to be pre-grate).All of this pour cream on top and put to languish at very low heat.
now preparing al.Fig wash and soaked in hot water for 30 minutes.Warms in a cauldron over a high heat sesame oil, went to him light smoke, fry the remaining onion in it until golden brown, add finely chopped carrot and fry until golden.Now pour the strained fish broth, bring it to a boil, add the rice and season with salt.Cook over moderate heat until the rice until it takes an almost all the broth.After that, the remaining ash dressed with spices, stir the rice, cover with lid and put it at the very low heat for another 20 minutes.
Spread ash in a deep dish, pour its pomegranate juice, decorated with pomegranate seeds.Separately serve fish.
Those who do not want to spend a lot of time and effort to prepare complicated dishes with lots of ingredients, it is worth a closer look at the proposed forumchanin llson cookie recipes with vegetables.To prepare this dish in a cauldron - quickly and easily.
author uses for his dishes of lamb liver, but other users FORUMHOUSE prepared for its prescription and pork liver - say, turned out fine.
- On the whole liver annual sheep need to take two large onions, two tomatoes and a pair of bell peppers.Who likes, can add a small eggplant.
Pour oil into the cauldron, chopped laid layers of onion rings, pieces of liver, coarsely chopped tomatoes, eggplant, pepper, sprinkle with chopped fresh herbs.Do not forget to salt each layer.You can add a little cumin.Close the lid and set on fire as soon as zashkvorchit - fire in the cauldron can be abated.We are waiting for 10-15 minutes, no more.Remove, stir - ready!
Simple and delicious substitute kebab - rolls of fish - the user Viktosha preparing on coals on the grill.They require fresh frozen mackerel and pink salmon fillet and lemon, salt, pepper and a few tablespoons of natural vinegar.
oregano, basil, thyme - on request.
Cut the fish into pieces three or four cm. Fill with vinegar and a glass of cooled boiled water, add the sliced ​​lemon, spices, salt and black pepper.Thoroughly but gently agitated, taking care not to crush the pieces of fish.Marinating 30 minutes - just the coals in the brazier "dospeyut."The pieces of mackerel put slices of pink and bandages cotton thread.We spread on the grid - and on the coals for 10-15 minutes.
- What do we have in the end?Oily mackerel with strong skin keeps the heat and maintains the shape of rolls, dryish salmon inside saturate Zhirkov and becomes tender and tasty.Quick cooking time guarantees the preservation of juice inside fish.
on the aroma and taste of dishes cooked on the coals, can be influenced not only by means of pickles, but also adding to the traditional coal birch wood chips and twigs of apple, cherry, grape vines.So they slowly goes bust and gave more fragrant smoke, they should be pre-soaked in water.
to any dish of meat or fish on a picnic will perfectly roasted vegetables.They can be laid on the grill or on skewers strung like a shish kebab.Or cut large pieces, brush with oil, wrap in foil and bake in the coals.
Small eggplants can be cut lengthwise into halves or slices 2-2.5 cm thick, brush with olive oil and bake on the grill for 3-4 minutes on each side.
Tomatoes and peppers baked in whole or halves, cut parts lubricated with oil.
Potatoes, too, can not completely stove (for too long), and a good wash and cut into slices the thickness of no more than a centimeter, grease and bake on the grill: he comes to readiness in just ten minutes.
Many people can not imagine a holiday without a barbecue picnic, but somehow indulge in dessert.And it is in vain: the barbecue over charcoal or barbecue can be quickly and simply bake any strong fruit: apples, pears, peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots, kiwi.Such smelling smoke dessert will delight children.
Oranges can bake on coals whole, peeled and wrapped in foil with a piece of butter.And you can cut thick slices, brush with marinade of fruit juice with honey and cook on the grill, basting with marinade while.
original and delicious dessert obtained from the roasted pineapple and pear.Cut the peeled pineapple thick circles, and pear - slices.Lightly grease with vegetable oil is odorless, put on a clean well-heated grill and bake for 1.5-2 minutes on each side.Serve dessert sauce cream, preparing it too easy.Bring to a boil 200 grams of cream (30%), add the vanilla stick, remove from heat.Whisk the egg yolk with two teaspoons of sugar, mix with hot cream.
Another win-win situation - baked apples, which can be "stuffed" with any jam, sliced ​​banana, mashed with sugar, cranberries or cranberries, add cinnamon or tarragon.At the core the apples cut without damaging the stems, put the stuffing inside, wrap it in two or three layers of foil, pierce the top of the hole - and bake on the grill at a mild heat for 20-25 minutes.
And as a refreshing drink for a picnic fit homemade lemonade.Make the syrup: a cup of sugar to a glass of water, heat until sugar is dissolved.The syrup is cool, add the juice of five lemons, stir and strain.Ready lemon syrup, pour into a bottle and refrigerate.You can add the mint leaves.At a picnic will only need to dilute your syrup to taste sparkling mineral water - and to treat all hungry!
exchange recipes, drinks, domestic preparations - in this section of the forum.The selection and manufacturing barbecues are discussed in this and that branch.To learn how to cook barbecue instead of boring in the country surprisingly tasty kebab, explains in this video.