Rain on the circuit.

By Admin | Landscape
18 April 2016
- called this chain Kusai Doi.And the idea, originally Japanese.
Rain chains or Kusari-Doi invented in Japan several centuries ago.This device successfully replace the drain pipe to a small building: one-storey houses, arbors, etc.Jets of water cascading down the cups, which hang on the chain, singing softly, very pleasant, soothing song.One can endlessly admire this painting, meditate, forget about all the excitement and anxiety.And it is clear that this beauty does not leave indifferent users forumhouse.ru.
- I stumbled here somehow an interesting thing!Rain chain!Does anyone know about them anything ?
rain chain can be made of any material: steel, copper, even masterly trimmed necks of plastic bottles on a strong fishing line.You can use a sophisticated decorative weaving, decorate chain of rocks, beautiful branches, glass, various unexpected pieces such as umbrellas or artificial flowers.Or hang on a chain of children's set of buckets or leechek - is very
original.Generally, you can fantasize endlessly in every direction.
Beloyarka :
- Probably the chain attached to the roof or to the drain instead.And if a strong rain - wash away such beauty?
- also saw.It seems even if just usual big chain descended from the roof gutter in a barrel, for example, the water is supposed to "stick" to the circuit and will not be sprayed.
- I'm just an ordinary circuit, but it will still be sprayed, and these, if you watch the video, emit a very pleasant murmur!
Kusari-Doi suspended at a distance from the facade to prevent water splashed and sweep it in a heavy downpour.Rain chain attached to the lowest point of the roof, with the rafter or purlin or via figure suspended to fastening hole drip tray.
Besides beauty, this design has several advantages over conventional drain: no need to drill holes in the wall and roof to fix gutters and pipes;rain chain is not clogged leaves no zamylivaetsya.And icicles do not fall from a height, and ice in the gutter system is not freezes.
Rain chain, which consists of a funnel with an open bottom, almost does not spray even in the heavy rain.Funnels simply send water from one to another, and so on to the ground.This drain can be hung, and closer to the front.
chain put under a stone vase, wooden barrel, or dig a drain hole which is filled with pebbles.Members of our forum eric and nelidova want to collect rainwater chain into large containers and watered her beds.
- I madly like a chain, but there's nothing I can think of to their corrosion.I have some water will be collected for irrigation, and the presence of rust in the water - not gud.
If you are going to pour with rain water, or planting seedlings or want to use even in some case, your circuit must be galvanized.Validating Pax Romana have a chain adorned the facade of their new home.
Pax Romana:
- water in the chain runs perfectly!The only one trick: in the corner to drain the circuit put carnations, or center the chain link nail.You he will play the role of the direction of water flow.That is, if a small stream - that no water was bent as if under water pumping, past a chain stream.

- The idea of ​​a chain I like, but I like the old reinsurer would strengthen them in some way from the bottom.I can not say why or why, but intuitively understand that it would be necessary to do so.
Indeed, rain chain it is necessary to fix the bottom. Pax Romana going to put a chain of large stones and Drill them:
- But ... is not blind area and started a chain hanging himself alone at the bottom of Mount ... need 100%.
can put a drain ceramic bowl or decorative copper plate and fix them in the chain.This, incidentally, will be saved from the big icicles that arise in the process of thawing-freezing.Japanese are often installed under a large ceramic pot chain - in the rain, when the pot is filled with water, this design looks very impressive.You can call into Kusari-Doi oval or rectangular border of cedar or other good wood;or of copper, stainless steel and brass.You can fill it with pebbles or put under a chain of several small stones or ceramic tiles battle to break the water flow.Constantly wet pebbles likely overgrown with moss, it will be great.
- Well, this is the most aesthetic option.You can still capacity to dig, such as pond.I myself, two years ago puzzled exactly the problem, and no one else here is not advised.I is a drain is a barrel, a plastic blue.
Perhaps no less than in Japan, rain chains are popular in Norway.A forumchanin WAB57 chain saw these Finns:

- They say that this Drip, t. E. Their purpose - to direct drops in the spring when snow melts to avoid digging blind area.Chains necessarily out of a small funnel, do not touch the wood.
Very beautiful rain chains are sold in shops, however, they are refreshingly expensive.But you can look at the works of the masters and make Kusari-Doi hands.For visitors forumhouse.ru, where they like to work and difficult task, it is an excellent solution rain problem.
- Yes, it is very beautiful.Below you can and put the barrel, and just bring (as in the photo).Very nice, when they are covered with ice.Personally, I do not really copper chain, silver metal is better, but it depends on how one design.
East topic in the garden can be developed to a very nice and unusual Chinese arbor.Watch the video, telling about the finer nuances of construction.About different unusual chalet built describes here.
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