Mixborders: introduce and implement

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17 April 2016
coming winter - important time for our online florist.Wearer forumhouse.ru studying thick books on floral design and landscaping, damn scheme mixborders, discuss them with the accomplice and redraw again.Create a real mixborders really hard.As noted new posts Grandma Irisha , «All last winter I read, looked pretty pictures landshaftnikov - what?You go to your site to the leaf with the drawings and shovel ... nothing emerges.It remains to be planted where the left leg right ear whisper ».
- Mixborders - it curbs "mix", which creates the illusion of depth limits.Mixborders typically created from the background, intermediate landings, and front-end, and, optionally, to plant rows can be planted haphazardly, the main thing - to choose the plants, so they do not overlap and are not killed each other.
Any gardener would like to arrange immediately mixborders on a permanent place, but, as a rule, all the first phase is the accumulation of the plant, and then - everlasting chang
e.That all happened at once, it is necessary to imagine the end result of a long time to work on the plan until it is perfect, and - not to forget about the natural environment of the future composition.As they say florists, "Birch badly combined with petunias."
imagine the end result - this is usually the most difficult.

Olga D:
- I feel that over all, as usual, the track ropes break, I will take all that is, apart, have a look, moving eight times, and I will garden!I do not at all mind can not understand how it will look, and even in different seasons.
miksborderny carefully studied the issue, Doktoritsa came to the conclusion that we must begin with lawn, trees and shrubs.Yet, like all beginners, start with flowers: «truth in each minus is a plus - I now have a great variety of perennials, I know their habit and can already imagine where that plant» .
Even at the first stage of a well maintain garden magazine, where to write terms of flowering and beautiful combination, for example: «Japanese rhododendron bloomed at the same time Phlox divaricata Blue perfume;beautiful contrasting combination of orange and purple-blue. " Subsequently, these plants can be planted nearby.
usually begins growers pick the color of the plant.The easiest way to make plain mixborders, but then it turns out that he is not happy and even tired eyes.Several other plants stains can remedy this situation.
Mixborders in white and silver colors can be thinned with cream plants, red - yellow, it will give him ease.
Blue mixborders looks gloomy, it is diluted with white and gray.
Contrasting mixborders made on the basis of two contrasting colors, such as purple and yellow, blue and orange, and others are added to them.
- I want to create mixborders near the net.As I understand, he should have three tiers: the upper, middle, lower.Length - two meters and three wavy cutting edge.And for each tier so you need to choose plants that bloom blooming replaced by other ones.The main thing - how to choose colors.For some reason I like mixborders, which combines no more than three colors.I would like to make one mix "front" to take a red, silver, white, and even some.Another - in warm, sunny colors.

At first glance, mixborders, filled with colorful flowers, looks very impressive, but the structure is more important than the color scheme.Without this, any mixborders will look sloppy, especially after your flowers ottsvetut.Plants should be adjusted in height, and here it is necessary to take into account the size and proportion of your garden and mixborders.Little mixborders suit small perennials, and mixborders tremendously in the garden you can be sure to plant trees and shrubs.The farther away from the front edge of mixborders, the higher should be the plants, at the same time for a change, and can be planted in front of a few high, only slimmer, but not massive.
Experienced gardeners there is such a thing as "the plant as an upstart."This technique works well when you need to set the rhythm in the flower garden.


- Separation height often violated in the model pictures, and in the first row next to the ground cover, appear quite high water lily or Veronica or loosestrife.Of course, they are hit from behind by something even higher, but there is no clear division of the high-medium-low, and it just gives the natural flower garden.

At each site there is a "genius loci", a tuning fork that sets the tone for everything else, and dictates that the plant, and that - no.Usually, it is the tallest, the most notable tree, often - conifer.Therefore, if you feel that you still have to pine, plant them as soon as possible - they grow long.And for them to plant junipers and arborvitae - but of course, if the area of ​​your site is not less than 10 acres.
Generally, perennials and shrubs can not boast of expressiveness, so mixborders recommend including strict geometric shapes: spherical, creeping, spherical, high and narrow columnar, or cubic openwork, which is achieved haircut.
Massive plants can balance the cereals - mixborders become easier, air.Large bush looks disproportionate near the small single plant, but some small plants near the same large bush - has a balanced composition.
All this is necessary for reflection and for the beginning of the "plant" on the plan on graph paper, maintaining the scale.There is a high probability that the plants you want to plant just will not fit in your size.Or vice versa.Do not forget that one major plant can balance the two or three medium-sized and large number of small plants.

mixborders That plan, which drew rainbow07 - she wants to do it at a neighbor's fence to hide from the eyes of their greenhouse.
NatalijaG trying to create mixborders on the basis of such requirements:
- mostly perennials, not difficult to care for;
- the dominant color at flowering - pink and purple palette, with white, yellow and blue in small quantities;
- if possible - a decorative look in all seasons (deep winter - do not count, t. To. It cottage).

nascent mixborders spent half of the season, and the new posts made important conclusions for themselves what to add, what not to put that to plant seedlings the following spring, and what better to buy ready-made seedlings.

- Greens still matters.What it is necessary to close the spring, the yellowing bulb foliage.The same decorative bow beautiful blooms and foliage - no, it means that he must "get out" of the more decorative greenery.

discussing the best photos of the design magazines, the leading growers forumhouse.ru agreed on the fact that to play them on their sites is impossible, and no reason.But if you choose the right plants, you can eventually get a beautiful composition.And for this we must take into account not only the height, shape and color of plants and flowering period.If one plant loses its appeal, it must be replaced immediately replaced by another.

- Perennial flower beds is interested in creating a consistent, but not flowering at the same time.After all, so many colors for different varieties of one species even necessarily in the description given by the flowering (same peonies or daylilies).In order not to "shed its all time", at the same time they gave a terrific picture and everything.This method of "instant design", nothing more.
foliage is more durable than flowers, so mixborders often built on contrasts of shapes, colors and textures of leaves.These mixes are doing near the entrance to the site and along the tracks.Fern leaves contrasts beautifully with coarse, large leaves of other plants, but not to lubricate the impression ferns should not be much.Feathery leaves look good next to any other.Designers are advised not to abuse the plants with round and heart-shaped leaves - it looks boring.

If you make the first steps in floriculture, will help you here this article.More about mixborders can be found here.Good ideas for your flower garden, you can learn from this video.