Dobychlivoe hobby.

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12 April 2016
As sleds need to cook in the summer, and the summer season of open water anglers begin to prepare ahead of time, even in the winter cold.About azah ice fishing, we have already talked to FORUMHOUSE in this and this articles.Now we want to help choose the way of catching those who are planning to join this summer Gaming dobychlivomu hobby.
What determines the choice of gear and fishing methods?For beginners the easiest way to "dance" on the pond, which is supposed to learn a new hobby, and of its inhabitants.A small pond with "ladoshechnymi" carp, a small river with great river omutkami or serious depth and over will require their gear suitable for the conditions.Another important factor - your temperament and physique.Some prefer a leisurely, almost meditative carp and carp on the bottom gear, others - catch in the wiring on the rivers with the current, third - shore "hunt" with spinning when searching for parking passes predator angler often one kilometer.Among the many fans of fishing,
"wagon", but as a rule, each have one or two favorite species, which paid most of the time during the summer fishing season.
Regardless of the method of fishing, the choice of gear for the first fishings there is a general rule: do not chase the cheap.Yes, with special luck you can catch fish on a stick carved in the wood with a piece of fishing line on the mower, a float from a wine cork and forged hook from ancestral stocks, but such exceptions only prove the rule.To understand the beauty of fishing, it is necessary initially to develop a harmonious, sensitive, reliable gear.With careful handling quality rod will serve you for many years.Well, is not the case - to save on consumables: Fishing lines, hooks, floats.A cheap product unnamed companies may at any time draw and spoil all the fun.
Makhov bait with a dull snap of the people commonly called the "float", but this is not quite true: there are many other ways of fishing on float tackle, such as Bologna, Match or plug rods."Max" - the most popular way of fishing, loved by many for democracy and universality.Place for fishing can be found on almost any body of water, even on large rivers with a solid course there are always holes and coastal zatishki where in search of food going to fish.The object of fishing - mainly medium-sized peaceful fry (carp, roach, bream), and the ubiquitous grouper.
in the arsenal of the "advanced" fishermen poplavochnikov usually there are a set of rods of different lengths, from three to seven or eight meters.Beginners can do a conditional versatile five-meter.Longer without adequate skills to use difficult, short sharp limits opportunities for fishing from the shore - to promising places just do not get throw the bait.Quality rod must always be easy (five-meter - a maximum of 180-200 grams), then they can comfortably catch a lot of hours, not letting go.For one rod can be prepared in advance to snap motoviltse under different conditions of fishing - with different weights floats and weights.If the tips of rods mounted lock connector (sold in any fishing shop), the change of equipment in a matter of seconds.
Among other less common but gaining popularity in Russia kinds of float fishing - bologna and Match .Bologna is equipped with rod rings and a fast-response coil.They are caught in the wiring from the shore, constantly driving gear, the holding, then stopping, then float a special form of rafting down the river.The Match is also used fishing rod with a capacity coil plus rings and heavy floats "vagler" allowing snap throw of 60-70 meters.Long casts allow to catch a big fish on big rivers and reservoirs.
English donk (feeder) in recent years, strongly pressed, and soon, it seems, completely replace the traditional domestic demersal gear.This is not surprising: the correct approach a feeder rod can easily be fishing on a whole battery exposed along the coast, "Dubin 'with alarms, bells.Bites in fixed flexible feeder fishing rod tip (supplied to the rod usually go several interchangeable vershinok different sensitivity).The most important element snap - trough in which the place of fishing on the bottom of the food is delivered.Every few minutes (no biting) perezabrasyvaetsya tackle at the same point, so the bottom is created attracts fish "spot".Traditional object feeder fishing - peaceful "white" fish: bream, carp, roach, carp and others.
Feeder rods vary in test (maximum weight throw-cargo - feeder with groundbait).Test the easiest (known as "pickers") - from 10 to 40 grams, so convenient to catch small fish in a small distance.Feeders for pickers employed or tiny, the size of a thimble, or use a sinker, and lure in hand.Heavy "Heavy" trough feeders can be cast from 100-120 grams and more, catch them on the big rivers over.
important component feeder fishing - bait.For one fishing sometimes spent several kilograms of specially prepared and hydrated mixture.Also for fishing will need additional equipment: Special stands for rod, landing net, feeding tanks, bulk tank, landing net.Fisherman, master feeder must learn to "read the bottom", defining attractive fish swings depth, edge and other irregularities.
Spinning - The most popular fishing tackle for fishing with artificial lures mostly predatory fish.Ordinary objects spinning production - perch, pike and perch.For the development of this gear will require patience to learn the technique of casting rod and reel, precision casting, finding locations and promising choice of baits.Spinning invented a large number of types of artificial baits: traditional swaying and spinners, soft bait made of silicone (twisters and soft plastic bait), lures, etc.For each type of bait there are various ways of passing it on the development of which sometimes takes many hours of fishings.The simplest, which usually begin with introduction to spinning anglers - using small rotating spinners, wiring which does not require special skills.
everything starts spinning faced with the choice of rod and reel for him.The fact that the term "flexibility" for this type of fishing is practically inapplicable: baits for different types and weights, and different reservoirs require different test rod (wt bait) and system (elasticity).For example, silicone zander lures used rigid rod "fast" system, and to perch on the baits - a light rod with a "slow" system, quenching wrenches.It is clear that for the first spinning attacks are unlikely someone would buy several "sticks" and coils.As a universal shareware can advise any budget model medium-fast action with the test in the range of 5-25 grams.So you can successfully catch a spinning lure and bait silicone in small and medium-sized rivers, lakes and reservoirs.
When choosing a spinning gear is very important from the beginning to bet on quality.With cheap "oak" spinning, you can skip most of the bites, and "nameless" Chinese coil is able to go out for the first fishing trip.Now the manufacturer has any known line "budget" rods and reels of decent quality, which has been successfully used by both beginners and experienced anglers.Often on fishing forums, you can buy a cheap second-hand gear, whose characteristics and reliability superior to cheap consumer goods and survive more than one season of intensive fishing.
Another difficult (and therefore considered by many almost "elite") type of fishing in open water - fly-fishing to artificial flies .The bait in fly fishing is sent into the water on the principle of a whip.For this purpose, lightweight and flexible rod and a heavy cord, due to the weight of which manage to throw almost weightless lure that mimics an insect fallen into the water.Traditionally, fly fished trout, grayling and other salmonids, but modern fly fisherman uses his tackle to catch almost any fish - and asp and chub and roach and carp, pike and perch with.
addition to a serious approach to the study of art casting, fly fishing in the first phase will require solid investments for the purchase of gear and equipment.For example, the fly fisherman can not do without wading costume or "waders" - wading pants with boots.However, in the future fly fishing can be less expensive than the same spinning, require regular purchase of new baits not cheap.The fly fishing is the main item of expenditure - flies, and many fly fisherman prefer to knit them yourself.A material for the production of larvae, ants, beetles and other insects is now sold in abundance.
Flyfishing - difficult to develop the kind of fishing, fly fisherman ulterior motive community regularly conduct special workshops where the "gurus" teach beginners the art casts and other tricks.However, many noted that a person who has mastered the basics of fly fishing, as a rule, falls in love with fly fishing once and for all, preferring it to all other methods of catching.However, it can only check empirically.Try!
On the choice of suitable clothing for different types of summer and winter fishing read in this forum thread.Here you can place your fishing reports and boast catch.To learn how to create your own pond for fishing and cultivation of marketable fish - in this video.
Good luck fishing!