Neighbors in the greenhouse

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13 April 2016
always convenient to have one large greenhouses, rather than two smaller ones.It's easier to control the climate, it is more convenient to plan planting, and quite a watering system at all about all.How to organize the living together of different vegetables in a greenhouse, we will look at the user experience FORUMHOUSE.
Recently, many people prefer to plant a large area of ​​the lawn grass, to allocate space for several small gryadochek, kitchen garden and all herded into a simple greenhouse.If there is no problem to collect a record harvest, and to grow vegetables for the soul - that is, to eat in the summer and a little to prepare for the winter, it is a very real problem.Do not forget that the greenhouse, as well as the beds should be located from north to south - then it is uniformly heated by the sun.
What to do in the greenhouse beds, decide for yourself.Some do three, and the other two big pass.In the passage you can put water containers, boxes and greens with radish, etc.Tomatoes are
planted in the garden, depending on the variety: the wall are those that grow without limits growth path closer to those who need to generate.
-frames do no better than wood, and metal pipes.Then, in the first place, it is possible to make collapsible, and secondly, you can save on film: only have to take the thickest.By the frame of the pipes can be fastened conventional clothespins or metal clamps with rubber gasket.Above, on top of a greenhouse, you can criss-cross wire wrap film, not to sail.If this film cover greenhouse in the spring and in the fall to remove it, it will last about five years.
wearer FORUMHOUSE Pansies tells how to construct a simple greenhouses for early cucumbers and tomatoes at one of her friend's grandfather.On the surface - this is the easiest greenhouse made of windows, but under a layer of earth to heat his - theft of manure and straw.
In his greenhouse vegetable grower podroschennye seedlings are planted well, and varieties of vegetables - for the greenhouse (greenhouse).To avoid problems with cucumbers, only self-pollinated plants - Eliza F1 and others.
To save space ties cucumber trellis and to grow them vertically.Tomatoes and cucumbers need a different climate, so the greenhouse is divided in half window frame.In cucumber half for the moisture delivered a bucket of water, and tomato, on the opposite wall, facing each other, are made windows.In each half of the greenhouse installed thermometers, and the only problem - the temperature has to watch all the time, that is, for a long time will not leave the cottage.But if you make the manure-straw pillow thinner, this problem will disappear.
Grow cucumbers and tomatoes in a greenhouse is difficult, and many growers are not getting good results, until they dissolve, the most important for us, for a variety of cultural hotbed.The fact that these vegetables are different requirements for growth conditions.Cucumbers, essentially - tropical plants.They endure the heat, like heat and humidity, they need daily watering, even with irrigation.Cucumbers are afraid of drafts and need pollinating bees.
Tomatoes, on the contrary, can not tolerate excess moisture (this is the main condition for Phytophthora), in need of drafts, especially in bloom, otherwise they are not pollinated.Therefore, if there is no draft in a greenhouse, for effective pollination of trunks tapped rod.Heat they too do not like, at a temperature greater than 30 degrees sterilized pollen, fruits are not fastened, and the flowers fall.
- High humidity in the greenhouse is used for the prevention of spider mites on cucumbers.Tomatoes are also high humidity begin to be affected by various fungal diseases.And the rest, beautiful marquise all is well, all is well ...
can divide the cucumbers and tomatoes well-stretched film, and the passage is supposed to be a blind, lapped.If the tomato half will come humid and warm air from the cucumber halves, the tomatoes do not like it.
In practice, few people can create in different halves of the greenhouse conditions suitable to different cultures.Usually, their care grower, climate in different parts of the greenhouse virtually identical.And therefore, in most cases there is nothing to bother with the division.
At joint cultivation of various vegetables in a greenhouse have to prioritize.Typically, these are a priority in agricultural technology tomatoes, ie: very neat watering and good ventilation of the greenhouse.And cucumbers have to adapt to the existing conditions.
- No need to put a lot of cucumber, quite a few pieces for the very first.Tomatoes at this time do not interfere.When will grow tomatoes, cucumbers will go in the open field, and from the greenhouse can be thrown out.
Consultant FORUMHOUSE Lobelia agree that "the necessary priority, and from this dance."She grows tomatoes in the greenhouse, but how to plant seedlings, sowing radishes, herbs and flowers.Cucumber gives a lift to the tomatoes in July, when it was quite light.
- cabbage do not advise, still it's hot indoors, and often tied hernia, but the tomatoes - the most it.My opinion is, or tomatoes, or rosary to in the Crimea!
return last frost to -5 or even -8 degrees, depending on the region, there are at the end of May - beginning of June.Hotbed of them does not help, but you can protect the plants.Throw them a few layers netkanki, along the walls of the greenhouse to put a large bottle with hot water, to see how the greenhouse is covered, if at the level of the soil have slots, all forgiven, cucumbers, good-bye, tomatoes!Doors and vents greenhouse cover film, too, so as not to muzzle the cracks.
There is still a great way to ancient cottage: wrap each plant in kulechek newspaper or a piece of wallpaper, and the tip kulechka sprinkle the ground.
If frost caught you off guard, and cover plants nothing, try to arrange for a greenhouse ordinary household candles, covering them with a leaky bucket or jar.Household candles burn some nine hours, so that is enough for the whole night.A wearer of our portal so saved their tomatoes for freezing in 5 degrees.However, a little one to grab a tomato in the corner, but eventually managed to resuscitate him.
not protect against pests and greenhouse.The worst greenhouse beast - a mole cricket.From her escape with pesticides, but to go out to water the poison their native vegetables ready to come.You can arrange for medvedok trap: since autumn dig a hole in the greenhouse depth of 50 cm, and put fresh manure.Medvedkov will slide back for the winter, and in spring they can dig.Importantly, do not forget to mark the place traps to forget about him.
Medvedka marigold can not stand, and if you put them in the greenhouse along the track, on both sides, it is likely to find another place of residence.And you do not have to grieve over her cropped cucumber lashes.
Farming growing vegetables in greenhouses is discussed here.From this video you will learn how to pinch greenhouse tomatoes, how to care for hothouse peppers and how to grow cucumbers in the barrel.We also recommend you an article on the formation of cucumber in the greenhouse lashes