New Grandma's chest: repair and restoration wooden furniture

By Admin | The Hands
11 April 2016
Buying new furniture - the event is always costly and troublesome.And to find something with a soul and a highlight in the shops - a rare case.Look closely at the "Old Fund".Maybe on your grandmother's cottage dusts substantial buffet, which can be a better alternative to plywood kitchen cabinets?You just need to bring a bit of gloss paint to freshen, wipe cracks, that it re-decorated house of its kind.Our forum users tell of simple and affordable techniques of transformation and restoration of furniture.
Wash off old paint
The first problem that arises before the restorers of furniture - clean it from old paint and varnish.In the hands of member FORUMHOUSE Galushenki appeared Soviet bookcase - glass doors were covered with cheap film, broken shelves.Relatives stored therein banks, and certainly would have been to send it in the trash, but new posts decided that the furniture may still be a living ornament.

To remove old paint, Galushenka sanding surface sander and sandpaper.In this ca

se, such treatment was sufficient - albeit with difficulty, but the old paint evenly gone, exposing the wooden surface of the cabinet.Then new posts furniture covered with two layers of dark oil and lacquer furniture, clean glass and put new shelves.

more difficult to remove the old paint and varnish from wood furniture, decorated with carved elements.In this case, as a rule, can not do without special tools - Nuwa uses for this purpose a set of manual cycle.
Before proceeding to the processing of furniture, it is best practice and to remove paint from the usual pieces of plywood.
also remove old paint, you can wash with the help of the AFL-1. Nuwa advises treating the surface of small pieces - 10x10 cm, and not overdo chemistry no longer than that indicated in the instructions that do not have time to soak the wood fibers and no more ugly divorce.
Nuwa :
- After application, wash the surface of the need to cover with foil for 15-20 minutes (that did not dry up remover and cover evenly descended), and then remove the old paint or varnish with a metal spatula, curly cycle withoutpressure or stiff non-metallic brush (curly thread of the places).If after the first time you need to use a stripper again, we do intermediate processing Furniture solvent 646, then wipe several times with a damp soft cloth to dry.
Hide the cracks, restoring chipped
In the country of our new posts AnnaSavva is a beautiful oak sideboard with carved glass of the early XX century.Wooden top perfectly preserved, but at the lower corners of the doors rat nibbled.Is it possible to restore the lost surface on their own?Participant FORUMHOUSE Lali offers next outing - sawdust mix epoxy resin and "ramp up" the missing corners, if in the future a buffet designed for painting.
Eliminate flaws not very valuable copies of furniture can also using modern wood shpatlevkok.If the wood chips or minor damage to the veneer has antique furniture, restore them better with the bone or fish glue mixed with sawdust (sanding).Bone glue made from animal bones, fish - from the swim bladder of sturgeon - are ready to make today can be easily found in the building or online stores.
Create a new coating
on with some furniture you have to deal, it depends on the type of coverage that you will use.Not long ago, an inexpensive wood furniture stains on the first tinted broth of various plants, and then coated with pure, melted in a water bath or a wax mixed with turpentine 50/50.A more valuable - natural varnish or primed alkaline varnish and then covered with resin varnishes or polished alkaline polish.
Create a coating on old technologies can be today, but many beginning restorers prefer to use modern finishes - special oils, stains and varnishes for furniture.
If you do not pursue the goal through transparent varnishes and stains to enhance the beauty and texture of wood, you can create an opaque color coat with acrylic paints.
popular today of vintage can be achieved by using decoupage techniques and applying krakelyurnogo lacquer - dries, it "draws" on pre-painted surface characteristic cracks.Tips our members of the forum on transforming furniture using decoupage and craquelure can be found in this thread.
Today in fashion - a deliberately crude wooden furniture in a rustic (village) style.That participant FORUMHOUSE Kostorama with brushes and paints decided to transform the shabby, but soundly countertop made of glued pine timber.Table new posts sanded and covered with two layers of dark brown acrylic paint - to get raznotona, Kostorama mix the colors several shades.Then brush the average thickness of a woman drawn strips, impose additional dark and light colors, simulating the texture of old wood and varnished in two layers.That's what happened in the end:
What swirls and streaks on the tree - just figure, according Kostorama , seen only at close range.Throw years of furniture and give it a kind of antique can artificially aged wood and other, more complex way.To start a wooden surface should be brushed - that is, to give it relief, characteristic of old wood.Member Forum Aib offers to perform this operation using the metal nozzles for drilling.In his opinion, it is best suited brush diameter of 60-70 mm and a thickness of no more than 1 cm and larger - diameter of 120-150mm and thickness 15-20mm.
Aib :
- surface at high speeds on the growth of treated fibers.Beautifully turns out, if handled along the boards no more than 5-10% of the first small nozzle, and then, on the same grooves, wider, to smooth out the pits.
After giving relief cover the first layer of wood stain and oshkurivayut sandpaper.Then - the second layer of stain, and again polishing, if desired, can be repeated again.More information about the artificial aging of wood you can learn from this material.
Other interesting examples of alteration and repair of furniture by our forum users can be found in this thread.Experience the restoration of antiques go here.We also suggest a look at our video about the restoration of furniture.