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13 April 2016
What owners gardens regularly buy the whole machine manure?Says consultant FORUMHOUSE Sadovnik62, manure acts as a starter: its main value is that it accelerates the growth of microorganisms in the soil.It is good for the plants, especially in our climate, where the soils are long cold and bacteria do not multiply as active as in the south.Furthermore, the manure attracts earthworms.
most nonaggressive fertilizers of all kinds of dung considered goat, rabbit and partly sheep.They do not burn the roots of plants, and can be immediately without composting pipetted into the well or bed.They do not heat the soil, and the plants are fed only.
rabbit manure can fertilize cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, beans, onions.If the dust from the litter rabbit urine has entered the cell, it is necessary to add to deoxidation dolomitku or ash.Just manure and hay from rabbits and goats does not need this.Goat manure (litter with the remains of hay), you can mulch the period between planting vegetabl
es.Firstly, it will prevent weed growth, and secondly, nutrients during irrigation will go into the ground and gently feed the roots of plants.
Manure generally most effective when it is spread on top as a mulch.Of course, this nitrogen is lost.When the fresh manure is worked into the soil, nitrogen is retained, and the worms will deliver nutrients deep to the roots.But experts believe that the value of manure nitrogen and many other bioactive elements that enhance the fertility of the soil.
However, opinions diverge on this point, and many respected agronomists believe that any manure is necessary to dig a layer of earth.
Budaunik fertilizes the garden fresh rabbit manure as: digging a furrow in her, not wishing puts manure makes the next furrow, ground out of her sleep manure from the first furrow.So he dug up the entire garden and greenhouse.As a result, underground manure obtained cushion.
If manure is applied to the soil, rather than use it as mulch, then do it in the fall.Sealed his shallow: in the bayonet, and even on polshtyka shovel.If you dig deeper into the manure, in the winter it will not degrade as it should be - that is, without forming beneficial bacteria.
If such a process fertilizer garden seems too laborious, you can follow the example of user FORUMHOUSE Kotlatskogo: his rabbit manure on potatoes grown in such a way that the neighbors green with envy.Well grown and cabbage, and carrots, greenhouse cucumbers and tomatoes. Kotlatsky fertilizes his garden slurry: imposes a barrel rabbit litter (manure with the remains of hay) and fill with water.After a month of fermentation dilutes the resulting infusion of water and pours the aisles at the vegetables.
The effect is stunning: the rod plant, by leaps and bounds, and under the crust of the dried manure bred earthworms and various useful microorganisms.Many gardeners, incidentally, believe that such a manure compost effectively, because during the fermentation mkiroorganizmy form plants in a solution of the desired substance.
can fertilize the soil and fresh cow manure, but carefully.
- bury it in a circle, departing 70-80 cm, 3 buckets of fresh cow manure under the vine grew as bad, the whole summer.The harvest was good, they say, the 3-4 is enough!
Chicken and other pungent manure to make the beds can not be in any case - it contains so much urea and acids that can burn plants.Therefore, from his first make compost, sawdust or hay pereslaivaya, and only then, at least a year, applied to the soil.Is fermented for 2-3 weeks or in some container, and then diluted with a liter of fluid to a pint of water and water the plants.Especially love this cucumber dressing.But be careful: do not make more than half a liter of water the plant and be sure to water.It is better to fertilize more often, but in small doses.Chicken manure from poultry farms use only for ornamental plants.
Usually pereprevaet manure into fertilizer for one year in a warm climate, and in a cool, short summer, two.Therefore, many Siberians do two compost heaps or pits or accelerate pereprevaniya drugs from living biobaktery.But the dung of the year, for example, cows can feed a young raspberry.
- Manure from goat's rue deduce about 3 times a year, in the spring after winter and summer a couple of times from the henhouse - once every 2 weeks.Store in a haystack to mow not crumble, making stops from flat sheets of slate.Stored as follows: a layer of manure - a layer of grass clippings from the lawn mower - a thin layer of manure.When the autumn leaves fall, it - there too.I do not use compost in potato and tomato tops, sunflower and corn stalks.
This stack should stand for at least one full summer, winter - not in the bill.If the summer is dry, you will have to wait another one.You can apply composting accelerators.
Despite the danger of fresh manure for the roots of plants in Siberia and other cold regions, it is made to warm the beds of cucumbers.In another early harvest did not work!There are several ways to grow a garden of cucumbers, and manure is not to burn the plants.
first is to put in place the future holes upturned bucket.Around them are placed dung and wells covered with earth.It turns out that around the hole manure, which warms and nourishes the cucumbers, and the bottom - land and roots in security.
warm cucumber ridge, which is grown in Siberia early cucumbers, spread fresh manure.Makes a great box of manure and dung walls down, poured into the layer of soil or compost (about 20 cm).
- We have to get the first cucumbers in May, to do just such a bed, plus a cover on top, plus cucumber seedlings.
Here is the ridge of manure, which is made HDD.Cucumbers it withstood temperatures down to 11 degrees.
Do not forget that the manure can replace mineral fertilizers.The dry mass of manure contains, on average, 0.3% calcium, 0.6% potassium, 0, 25% of phosphorus and half percent nitrogen.It is not enough to "feed" the plants all the necessary, though manure improves soil structure.
Most gardeners are on the way of joint application of organic and mineral fertilizers.
about how to build a storage facility for manure here.Here is a video to help you classify the soil in your area and choose the right fertilizer.Ask a question, share their experience on the subject can be found here.