Wonders of the fabric

By Admin | The Hands
10 April 2016
idea, sewing machines and skilled hands - when these components are combined in one place, the house becomes a comfortable and beautiful.And now the fun rag hare, his legs dangling from the mantel, chewing his carrot and next, expanding toys on a colorful patchwork carpet, children play.As the curtains winds light pattern of roses, which accompanies elegant Divan cape.Participants FORUMHOUSE know how to transform the home space, saving the family budget unharmed.
Patchwork - for carpets, curtains and pillows
When building new posts Sky have a baby, she decided to make a soft mattress on which a child can play safely.Mattress sewing so she decided to use it to be in the house - the floors in the living room Sky tiled and on the street, lay on the grass.
in store for travelers participant FORUMHOUSE bought four karemat (polypropylene mat) 200x60 cm thickness 12 mm.In the department of tissue Sky acquired four meters inexpensive green plaschevki, breathable, and two meters plaschevki pink a
nd purple flowers.The advantage of this material is that it is easily washable and fast drying.
Sky :
- decided to make a striped mattress (each strip of about 52 cm), with seaming used so-called "seam underwear" because the fabric fray.The main thing - filling the gaps in the rubber mats to keep no more than 1-1.5 cm between them did not stay too long period.The size of my mattress - 205x250 cm and fastens with Velcro.
Convenient a mattress by the fact that it can be easily folded up and sent to the shelf when not in use.
But new posts NainT decided to please his sister a gift from Kiev and sewed a wonderful blanket 150x230 cm
of colorful fabric scraps.Patchwork technique still has a second name - patchwork.According NainT , make a blanket (which may also serve as a blanket) is simple: first you need to sew together quilt blocks, then make a quilt and a typewriter, "pie" of sewn patches, padding polyester fabric or batting and the bottom of the curtain.
If the blanket is too large and quilt it entirely on the machine hard, participant FORUMHOUSE Pauline offers simply sew around the edges of the product and make a dot in the middle of the firmware manually.
Pauline :
- Here you can show off and make large stitches thick colored thread, you can cross even though snowflake easy to portray.
fabric patchwork blankets or carpets need to buy in the store - you can start up on scraps of old dresses, shirts, bed.No new posts Vinmarina sewed soft Blankets for the daughter of pieces of knitwear from her children's clothes, so that it always reminded her of childhood.
A participant FORUMHOUSE Pipasurinamskaya empty on scraps of wearing jeans - get the original rug.
Skilled workers with experience, such as a member of our forum Cameo , bedspreads depict the whole picture of the patches.Here and colorful summer bouquet, and an alpine landscape with snow-capped peaks and flowering meadow.As recognized Cameo , tinker come with shearing parts, and the assembly process is not difficult.
from colored patches of fabric you can also sew a pillow.Machinery and drawings compound patches together - a great variety: it normal stitching squares, and "Crazy" and "windows" and "corners" and "watercolor" quilt, etc..
If after sewingremained quite small colored pieces of knitted fabric, do not rush to throw them out!The wearer of our forum Grace offers cut strips jersey on flat stretches, fold them in half - formed loop.Then you need to take a knitted mesh (to fit the posts nakida through one or two loops) and hook the loop under the crossbar grid prodernut ends and tighten.Got this cape on a chair:
And, of course, if the fabricthere is very little, and make of it something, but would like to, you can make a patchwork house for a pet. Samic , for example, sewed soft colored parts that attach with Velcro to the base of the bars and the lining.Ivory new home appreciated.
Ā«reviveĀ» cloth
Another passion of our forumchanok - sewing fabric toys.Especially popular doll Tilda, who get their name from the doll collection Norwegian designer Tone Finnanger.Such toys - not just the joy of children, but also an excellent interior decoration.
participant FORUMHOUSE Mamakarlo , in ordinary life - Elena Sokolkova, two years sewed more than a hundred dolls, and then completely stopped counting them.
Mamakarlo :
- I love your work, it gives me pleasure.Sometimes you want to try some new technology, but I understand, textiles - this is mine, returning to the fabric.
stuffed cloth toys masters usually synthetic padding.However, at first, due to lack of experience, can form bumps (jokingly referred to as their new posts "simulation cellulite")."Animating" the girl of their dolls in different ways: someone embroider eyes silk or cotton thread, someone draws the eyes and the mouth of acrylic paints with a thin brush or toothpick.
participant FORUMHOUSE Sadina makes dolls in the technique of "cold porcelain".The face, hands and feet of new posts sculpts inexpensive self-hardening plastic, "worn" on the wire frame (thanks to this thin Palchikov can be given according to the curve of the plan).A body is made up of a wire frame, the top trimmed with foam and hand knits.And, of course, their dolls Sadina otshivaet notable outfits.
And for the little children of our new posts - mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts and godparents - sew entertaining toys.For example, house with reclining walls in which they live sleeping cat and mouse with a piece of cheese - work forum participants Lusik. Or tic-tac-toe with funny bunnies and carrots with Velcro.
your hands are already stretched to the tissues, and the sewing machine?Unleash your imagination and decorate your home sweet made with the soul of things! And this theme of our new posts tell us how to sew a beautiful and useful things for the home.Also we advise to read our material on beading.You do not know what to do with old newspapers?Make furniture of them!This will help the participants tips FORUMHOUSE.