Difficulties pionomanii

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12 April 2016
Peonies - unconditional kings garden.The beauty and fragrance of their gorgeous colors set the tone for the entire summer.These flowers bring a lot of fun, especially if you deal with the challenges that are not with them, no, yes there are.For example, the users of our portal we will look at disease and the subtleties of farming these plants and understand what to do with them.
Insufficient dressing
rare, but still occur at FORUMHOUSE story: on the bush peonies appear small buds that never bloom.
According to experienced users of our portal, pythons growing for many years, it is likely due to the lack of dressing.Up to three years of care is reduced to the peony cultivation and watering the plants should be fed more.Usually peonies "feed" fertilizers three times in early spring, during budding and flowering after about a week.But here on trips to the botanical garden of MSU wearer FORUMHOUSE MiLeDi told that fed five times.To feed use complex fertilizers - Kemira or Fertikov.In the fa
ll, experts recommend mulching with compost peonies, it gives very good results.
Root rot
But root rot - often, even ubiquitous disease of peonies.The roots begin to rot even in the pion is looked after by experienced growers.This may manifest itself in different ways.Here, as in Lory495 : first darkened tips of the leaves, then quickly, in just a week, the whole bush withered.Little by little, the plant comes to life and bloom even sluggish, but then repeated the same story.
our Collective Intelligence portal diagnosed pions Laura root rot.In this case it is better to wait until the end of August and beginning of September, to dig up and inspect the roots.Rotten sections sharp tool to clean up healthy tissue, hold the solution "Maxim".Damaged places sprinkle ashes mixed with fundazol in the proportion of 2: 1.If the bush is old, it is possible, by the way, and divide.Then put in the open ground, not too wet and sour.Plant, observing all the conditions: in a big hole, no less than 60x60 cm, which pours a mixture of two buckets of compost with humus, 300 grams and 300 grams of ash and bone meal.If the soil is clay, it is necessary to add sand, and if sour - lime.Rhizome bury for 4-5 cm.
Gray mold
Gray mold - the most disgusting and most common disease of peonies, the nightmare of any grower.It affects all parts of the plant, from the roots to the flowers.Usually affects early varieties of peonies, but not insured, and other: as soon as the shoots grow back on them at the base, there are stains, rings, and then stalk rot in this place, breaks and falls.The stems die back and can not spring, but then the ring formed is higher by 10-15 cm from the base.The leaves are covered with brown spots, the flowers wither and become ugly.The disease develops very quickly.
That look like peonies Tatham , which she shared in the past year.
IgorM , a great authority on the subject "Peonies", diagnosed the initial stage defeat botrytis and recommended to cut sick plots the plants below the injury, do not wait until the infection will go down to the roots, sprinkle all the bushes of peoniesgarden fungicides, eg fundazol and zaschelachit soil.
Ring mosaic
But other peonies Tatham. see the marble pattern?This circular mosaic, a disease of peonies, common in many regions of Non-Black Earth.
struggling with this disease, mainly preventive measures: it is necessary to choose a healthy planting material.Especially valuable roots hold 20 minutes in warm water for about 20 minutes.If the damage is not too strong, it is advisable to cut it down to the root and stimulate the immune system and peony feeding immunostimulants.For all operations with diseased plants use a separate tool!If a variety of peony are not particularly valuable or failure is too strong, the bush can be destroyed completely.
Typically, peonies begin to hurt rust soon after flowering.On the leaves spots appear, the leaves curl, wither.The disease is highly contagious and can hit a few days all the peonies in the county.How are rusty leaves, we can see an example of our pion wearer portal Zimorodok:
- One pion dark spots appeared, I immediately stalks with such leaves are cut off.The rest of the bushes is in perfect condition.
Generally, crop stalks were optional.Roots need food, and it was enough to remove the affected leaves and burn.And, of course, necessary preventive treatments: they spend two or three times, immediately after flowering.The interval between treatments - 7-10 days.Peonies are sprayed with copper-soap liquid, a solution of colloidal sulfur and other low-toxic fungicide.
- What is it and how to fight it?
It - brown spot, a common disease for pions.These brown-yellow-brown spots usually appear in early summer, first on the lower leaves, and then "crawl" all of the above.Sick leaves are cut and burned, peonies sprinkled some remedy for fungal diseases.Another problem is that spotting weakens the plant, it becomes less winter-hardy and is worse in the next year bloom.As in other cases, the best treatment is prevention of disease - in the spring and during budding conduct spraying Bordeaux mixture fitospirinom-M, etc.
first flowering
Many people are concerned about whether or not to pinch the buds pions in first-year.It is believed that the first flowering takes in young bushes of their puny strength and so weak, it's better building up the root system.Therefore, peonies recommended pinch, especially in shrubs that grew from weak delenok with two or three buds.Place the bud in the water, let it pleases you in the room, but the second year the buds will be more, and the third bush bloom lush bouquet.
On Forumhouse were precedents when divided the 20-year and even 60-year-old bushes.
- Why do I believe it: during the war, my mother brought a seven year old girl with a bunch of ruins manor under Kashira.A great-grandmother said that such flowers grew from the lady in the garden.Nobody cared, and they bloom in the war!
On average, if the landing good conditions, peonies can grow in one place for 20-30 years.But five-six years of age peony root system diameter 60-70 centimeters and goes to the same length.Therefore, the old divide peonies - a dubious pleasure. magari w once shared a 20-year-old peonies.In place of the two bushes formed a funnel such that "a couple of sheep would be drowned."
Galija its history with 20 years of bush remembers a nightmare: the rhizome took almost a meter deep, fork, like an octopus, overgrown.Many of the roots were old, many - rotten.Leaving the land of such an outrage was scared, so they had to dig up all the ground completely and spill fundazol.Several delenok was left, cleaned and processed, and the rest - on the release.New bush bloomed the next year.In general, wait for 10-20 years is not necessary: ​​the peony is divided and transplanted when it begins to "bloom not so good."
peonies can be planted in the old place, thing, pour fresh soil in the pit.And it is better not to put large roots, and average.
- If you look at the stars through a large root, then at best you can see one star.Expanding the roots are often intertwined, so a bunch of small-turns.Nothing good can grow a lot of small flowers at best.
The optimum delenki 4-7 holes, with two to four thick roots.Places slices obtained by dividing the best powder ashes.By the way, without delenki sprout buds, too - on FORUMHOUSE such cases - are not uncommon.
How to build a diamond-shaped array of rods to support the pion here.Here is a hot discussion of varieties and farming techniques pions, with a demonstration of photos and detailed description of the whole process of cultivation.