Right BBQ: efficiency and durability

By Admin | The Hands
09 April 2016
for summer cottages and country houses barbecue has already become almost a mandatory element.Relax on the labors in the open air, under the barbecue in good company - what could be better?But without the "correct" the barbecue is good barbecue and other dishes on the coals to cook easy.So what should be the perfect BBQ?Let's understand this with users FORUMHOUSE.
market today offers a huge number of devices for outdoor picnics - from portable collapsible to solid forged barbecue grills and stationary complexes.Often these products are solid money, but not the fact that while they will enjoy the convenience of the home in operation and long service life.Good BBQ fit your needs is not difficult to make yourself believe many forum users.The main thing to observe a few important rules.
So, the "right" BBQ to be ergonomic, that is comfortable and safe to maintain, to spend a minimum of fuel and do not require any "Mahaney" fanerku and other unnecessary manipulation.
so-called "marching" collap
sible braziers of thin steel - perhaps the worst-case scenario: they are flimsy and unstable, unable to sustain the heat.Above this barbecue have to keep waving "a fan", fanning the coals - from the bottom of the barbecue char, and the top is burnt.We are accustomed, of course, possible, but by this time he could burn BBQ: thin steel sheet is simply not withstand regular use.Therefore, if we had to use to mark the "march" option coals better prepare separately kindled a fire, and then fill them in the grill.
Many truckers collapsible design attracted by the opportunity to remove the grill for safety at the end of the season.In this case, you need to choose a simple and reliable system assembly and disassembly, without loops or clips that are easily damaged.
metal grill competent to testify, according to experienced users FORUMHOUSE, should have a wall thickness of not less than three to five millimeters.
- everything is perfect - just.The wall thickness of - 3-4 mm, length - 600 mm Width - 350 mm, the height - 150 mm, no drawers under ash.Turn over the top, the entire length of the profile 20 * 20, removable legs - profile 30 * 30.This - the basis on which is easy to put the roof woodsheds, stands for the spit, side shelves.
recesses for the skewers do better in the form of vertical slits for the possibility of turning 90 degrees on skewers, advises forumchanin Kuznecs .The distance between the skewers - 70 mm.Sam BBQ desirable to paint heat resistant paint for better appearance and corrosion protection.But the holes in the side walls, which are often purchased at barbecues, many forum users considered meaningless and even harmful: because their meat is roasted evenly, and the additional flow of air from the bottom will provoke the appearance of the flame.The optimum depth of the firebox without coals are smoldering holes evenly and for a long time due to the inflow of air from above.Alternatively, to accelerate ignition of coal bottom ash pit brazier sometimes provide for closing dampers.During frying damper tightly closed - ready coal is not blown by the wind and burns evenly.
height walls brazier - the value that causes the most problems.Most users concurs that the effective minimum, allowing you to cook good barbecue and fuel economy - 13-14 centimeters.At a height of 18-20 cm in the walls need too much coal, or barbecue will be prepared "Dried".
Dachnik I:
- At the barbecue perfect or close to the height of the coal to the meat - 11-13 cm. That is, the net height of the furnace - 15 cm. To the bottom of it is better to narrow and up - to expand:coal or wood consumption less, and enough heat for cooking.
user Aleks286 made by his brazier height-adjustable bottom: original - 14 centimeters, but it can be raised by reducing the depth of the furnace up to 8 centimeters.This versatility allows you to cook on the coals successfully different products, not only meat, but also fish, vegetables, etc.
- To the bottom of both sides of the plate welded to 2 mm, and handle them in a square of 10 mm.In the lower position of the handle lie on the side of the brazier.In the middle of the plates are welded hooks.If it is necessary to reduce the depth of the furnace - raising the bottom of the handle up and cling to the side wall braziers these hooks.
Good BBQ - not just a metal box.The present owner is committed to it was not only reliable, but also to the maximum comfortable and versatile.Validating Vkokorin long sought such an environment of finished products, but in the end did BBQ transformer of its own design - with folding grilles, covers and shelves.The tests were on a solid "five"!
advantages of brazier-transformer:

* Folding lattice.When they are on the barbecue - they are easy to cook: put a cast-iron frying pan, kettle, etc. N. In the tilted state of the lattice are comfortable tables on the sides of the barbecue.

* Removable cast iron grill for a barbecue.

* Removable covers have several appointments.Top - that water is not gaining in BBQ, since there are no holes, and she has nowhere to flow.Bottom - as a shelf.And if you put them on a lattice Tilt - will receive two tables.

- hinges, gratings - pieces of pipe with a diameter slightly larger than the valves.They are first welded to the finished grating, and then cut in them threaded fittings and welded to the brazier.The depths of the barbecue is enough for cooking in a cauldron set at the top of the bars.
Many owners, however, believe that the metal grill even the most successful design is still inferior to the reliability, durability and ease of stationary units.Portable barbecues, of course, essential for outings, but the metal in any way tend to rust and lose shape, which affects its useful qualities.Another thing - a thorough brick building.
Brick BBQ and stone oven in the area is ideal for cooking a variety of dishes, and in addition, is, in fact, a small architectural form, which can perfectly decorate the landscape.But, of course, and the manufacturing costs of such a major focus will be more significant.
But the simple design of fireclay brick BBQ is easy and inexpensive to build, and will last for a long time and he will be much more economical to spend a metallic fuel.You do not even have to lay bricks for a solution.
Such BBQ when used carefully, will last fifteen years, says forumchanin JimDaddy .
- Bottom - brick flat.The walls of the first row - brick flat, second - brick on edge.Gets the height of 18 cm, which is close to the ideal.Gradually the side of the brick, staring into the fire, will crumble, such bricks can be moved to the bottom and from the bottom of the whole - on the walls.Such bulkheads will be no more than once every three years.Barbecue cover sheet iron sheet pressed brick.
Members Active queser invented and implemented the construction of a collapsible mobile "Lego-brazier" brick.As the author says, his unit is "scaled" in size, depending on the appetite of the company, space, budget, and so on. E., It is easy to assemble and disassemble, saves firewood.
As can be seen from the diagram, the design is simple, like all brilliant.At the same time, according to its creator, "designer" can easily fit into the trunk of the car, does not require careful handling (easily outlast a dozen winters in the open air), any damaged element is easy to replace.And if you build a "Lego-brazier" thermal capacitance cover the possibility of cooking are comparable to the Russian stove or tandyr.
If we add to the skillful hands, materials and tools, and even a little imagination - your machine will be a real decoration of the site.Here's a piece of art built forumchanin VZenev.His dragon can not refuse functionality: it immediately and BBQ, grill and smokehouse.
the selection and manufacture of different designs of barbecues Gameday discussed in this and this topics.About what kind of paint is best used for metal barbecues, can be found here.Here - the exchange of experience in the design and construction of stone stoves and barbecues.A detailed description of the construction of a barbecue set - in this video.