Ploskorezy, koporulki, sprayers

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11 April 2016

FORUMHOUSE recommends the use of genuine and useful tools for gardening, planting, weeding and harvesting.

Each summer resident - their secrets, and its own specialty, but we will try to make a universal list.Inventory that it will not be for years gathering dust in the shed without cause.So, work on the site will be easier and more effective if you use:
Ploskorez Fokina - loose, digging, flight, spud.Ploskorez should move almost horizontally shallow, as if cutting off the upper layers of the soil.In depth they do not loosen, but is just and convenient on beds and beds.Typically, learning to cope with ploskorez, gardeners no longer understand, why do we need Chopper: Do not you get tired and back does not hurt.
roots removers - removes the long roots of plants, including horseradish.
For example, like this, like a hook.Stuck in the ground, turns.The root is removed without much effort and not cut off.
Or this:
Oduvanoudalitel : subspecies roots removers, complete
ly, without breaking remove the long roots of dandelions.It may be an ordinary or telescopic.
Device for planting bulbs ."Planters" for bulbs can be planted anything, such as cabbage seedlings.It turns quickly and very accurately.
Here's a cylinder:
And a cone with a handle:
- I have one that is number one.Very handy thing when you have to plant the bulbs in a virgin land, or when they should be planted in the cooler seasons.I gripped the handle - going into the ground - the ground pulled the column - put the bulb - put in the ground with planter back - opened his pen.
roots removers Cultivator "Tornado» .It has advantages over a shovel.The processing speed of the earth above, the back does not hurt.Pen-wheel allows us to develop such a powerful rotational force that worked easily and the kids, and old gardeners.Plug the small diameter regularly pulls weeds but leaves holes in the ground the size of a cup.
Cultivator «Swift» .Knife in the form of a swinging frame which sharpened on both sides.Made of high-quality steel, it is not necessary to sharpen often.With this tool, you can loosen the soil, and to himself, and himself.It is convenient to loosen the soil and cut the weeds, especially between the rows.
Lopper. Good Lopper should be easy (to take aim when the twig, felt every gram), traction should be collected inside the bar, the cutting edge - sharp.FORUMHOUSE recommends not tempted unnecessarily telescopic loppers length of 4-6 meters: they are heavier and more expensive.Length 1.5 meters may be insufficient.The best, according to our experts, will Lopper length of 2-3 meters.
weed killer. This tool looks strange, so gardeners treat it with caution.He still - most exotic, and he does not even have Russian names.Excellent pulls weeds, including "hrenopodobnye."
Koporulka .Very popular, but purely self-made garden tools.Looks like a feature-packed, but it applies only to dig potatoes.It should be small, not more than 30 centimeters in length.
Grass Shears - long scissors, blades which rotate relative to the handle 45, 90, 135 and 180 degrees.They are very easy to cut grass that remained after mowing the lawn, for example, next to a fence, and the most "uncomfortable" prickly bushes.You can replace the cheaper long scissors.
Plodosbonik. device for harvesting fruit from tall trees.At times it facilitates work and helps to remove the apples from the high branches.
sprayer .Buying a sprayer, note the quality of the plastic.Many sprayers are designed for western manufacturers mild European climate.It so happens that they are not experiencing wintering in the garage: for no apparent reason in the third and fourth year of operation of the balloon is falling apart, and the resulting hose "rod" clogged at the break.
Our experts advise: when buying a new garden tools should be guided not by famous brands and attractive appearance, and the quality of the material from which it is made, is mounted components and operating units.If you use this approach, you can find quality tools in some provincial shop, and for a penny.Most well-known brands of tools have domestic counterparts, which are not inferior in quality (except design), but there are a half times cheaper.
In addition, many of the tools it is possible to do yourself.The wearer of our portal serdsvetlana shared drawing miracle spade.Materials: half-inch pipe, logs (or hexagon) diameter of 15 mm.Deep soil processes without recourse to the reservoir does not require considerable physical effort.It is used for loosening the soil or potato digger.You can make a folding design to be transported in the trunk of her car.
- Guys, experience for yourself.The ease with which to dig the garden, surprised.
Knee - not a tool, but rather a harness, but with them easier to weed the beds, planting seedlings and do other such work.From the same series - so-called "sidushka garden" - squattish stool made a lot of garden work not so tedious.Another secret of FORUMHOUSE: tools with a handle made of foamed PVC is more convenient than with a wooden or plastic.Useful and telescopic handle.The best tool for the job in the carrot beds - ordinary garden fork.If you make a hole in the handle and tie a bright ribbon to her, she will not be lost.And if you do not, necessarily lost.
The hands can make the tools not only for the garden, but also for the construction of public facilities and home - about it here.View video review of new products for the garden - here.And join the discussion of "smart" hand tools for the garden.