Neskuchne summer dacha.

By Admin | The Hands
09 April 2016

Virtual miniature farm, which is played on social networks, many of us, you can easily organize, in the real world at his dacha.Children such activity will clearly be to their liking.It can be useful to their toys and your wit.

All that will grow in your garden can become material for art.As you can see, the picture can be written not only in watercolor and oil, and onion, parsley and carrots.

for boys of all ages can be improvised to build a track for circuit racing.With a little imagination, and you have the perfect place for the competition on radio machines.

Ogorodny maze - also a kind of track for toy vehicles.Or for the children's running, if you make it big, and plants to choose impressive size.

From the old awning and garden hose can turn a wonderful slippery surface on which it is pleasant to slide downhill.What is not a mini-water park?

When you gather in the courtyard of the company, you can have some fun together, playing homemade bowling.You will need several bottles fil

led with water and a couple of goals.

Or ask them to darts in multicolored balloons.And each ball you can put a note with the number of prize.

task to make a funny scared of all that there is at hand, it can be considered a kind of test for the presence of design skills.And you such "accessory" is useful - if not to scare away the birds, then make a note in the landscape composition of positive and immediate.

for active leisure suit homemade climbing wall.Chipboard sheets, strong long bolts and many bars of different shapes - done!

bury an empty plastic bottle in the sand, you can make almost real volcano.Pour into a bottle of soda, add a little dye and any detergent.Now carefully pour the vinegar and watch the "eruption".

Another interesting game for the sandbox - to bury the various "treasures", and then look for them.To enhance the teaching moment, you can dig in the letters or numbers.

At the playground build a tunnel, you can own a piece of large diameter pipes.It will be interesting to hide the kids, and for good workouts.No doubt that this attraction will test the first adult.:)

tunnel may be from old tires.They should be correct - one by one - dug into the ground, and then paint in bright colors.

in suburban areas many opportunities to play in famous games in new ways.For example, you can put the stone slabs so that the jump in the classics.Or draw them on the lawn chess.How can it do that, we wrote here.

And as you are tic-tac-toe?

Why do not you draw a twister on the grass?

Rocks!They can paint, throw in purpose or in a bucket, take it to build towers.Of these, and all that grows in your country, the whole family can spread patterns.

Tension between trees rope or elastic so that it looks like a spider web.Now you can play: wade through it carefully and quietly, so as not to wake the evil spider.Adults, too, can play this exciting game, inspired by the pre-movie "Entrapment" with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Sean Connery.

You will need a drill and a couple of plastic buckets of various sizes that you want to attach to the board.Get simulator for exercises in accuracy.You can throw balls, stones, balls, toys, etc.In this love to play not only children.

If your warm and cheerful company does not get wet away voluntarily, the Pitch is entertainment, like in the picture.The essence of the fun is that when hitting the target ball, a bucket of water on the tilted sitting on a chair.

Here is another fun water.From plastic containers unnecessary empty packages, pieces of old garden hose can make a wall on which intricate brook will drain water.There need not just a fantasy, but the logic!

There are many ideas of how to make your garden landscape of the game.For example, cut branches and trunks of trees suitable for the treadmill and balancing.

Kids, sure, like to jump on the stumps.

Or go on an intricate path, which may on occasion serve as a bench.

can try to recreate in their area project sandbox-pergola from the living willow.It was invented by the architects of PPAG architects.Five-meter willow cuttings take root and weave, forming a kind of tent.From spring to autumn willow provide natural shading sandbox, turning it into a cozy live house.

Use the summer and your rural land to the maximum!Do whatever you like children and you!The main thing - be together.Psychologists say that spending time in the company of parents and grandparents, our children feel loved and important.And that grow up healthy and happy.

And how do you spend time in the countryside?Tell us about it in one of the topics in this section FORUMHOUSE!Love boat?In this video, see how to make a canoe.