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10 April 2016
Experts say FORUMHOUSE, the more different components will be in the barbecue area of ​​your garden better.That is what will make it a center of attraction of the family and guests, a place where you want to spend as much time.
In this review, new products, we have gathered information about products that will be useful to people who are just beginning to build a barbecue area, as well as those who improve the ready.
the barbecue tells all about the rest.Therefore, in its construction are mainly used natural materials.They say our experts, this is - not the budget draft, the priority - convenience, comfort and reliability.
Company «Avanti» decking is made of Finnish thermo .
producers managed to combine in a single product a stylish appearance and high strength.As is known, the operational strength is the most important characteristic of the product for the terraces.It is worth noting innovative form of board and its environmental friendliness: it is a natural product.The Finnish m
anufacturer Suomen Lampopuu Oy (SLP) uses PEFC-certified dense northern wood during heat treatment applied only water vapor and heat.
SLP provides a 30-year guarantee against rot (biostability).Decking thermo durable: its service life is increased by several times when compared to untreated wood.These products are available in more than 40 countries.
company offers two profiles decking thermo: Elegant and smooth, and the size 26h140mm 26h118mm.
Benefits decking thermo:
  • Finish board oil is produced in a vacuum chamber under a pressure at the factory in Finland.
  • 100% ready material in Finland.
  • factory warranty against rot is 30 years.
  • eco-friendly products.
Few can boast furnishings from the "history", inherited from grandparents or great-grandparents.These things can be a highlight of the interior.But armchair flimsy 50-60-ies did not live up to our time, and older lost in the tumultuous events of the past.But we can open a new history, start with yourself.
Company «Workshop comfort» from Novosibirsk offers terraced forged chair designed specifically for the barbecue areas.
Lyudmila Mogutov , deputy director:
- Our company designs and builds complex and sophisticated stove with barbecue, tandoor, flue chambers, and a small complex with a barbecue.Because of the necessity of arrangement of its facilities in the past year, we have opened themselves forge forge fragments barbecue stoves and fireplaces.We have also developed a range of terrace furniture.
What I find interesting is the chair?There are round rattan chairs, and we do like metal.Rattan air die within a few years, and wrought chair get grandchildren.It is only necessary to change the pillow!
Product advantages:
  • Through further processing of metal forging, the chair is resistant to moisture, is not afraid of corrosion, it is strong and pretty easy.
  • furniture is resistant to mechanical damage and temperature changes.
  • requires minimal maintenance.
  • Fits even in conservative classic interiors.
  • Metal Art makes a piece of furniture product design art.
In construction and finishing materials we most appreciate two things: quality and opportunity for creative expression.You always want to create in your garden unique place that no one will be able to repeat without super efforts and sverhzatrat.
Company «Artstroy», manufacturer of paving slabs from Eagle offers tile «kolor mix» .Escaped with a tiled barbecue area, you can easily ensure that the designers considered the most important: originality and personality combined with functionality.
technology, which is painted on the paving slabs «kolor mix», it allows you to achieve amazing effects.On the surface of the ordinary, in general, paving slabs mixed a few colors, and the result is the effect of "under a rock", "marble" ... In one tile combines several colors or shades of the same color.There is a countless number of options, design a fantasy is not limited, and as a result of repeated pattern paving on your site will not succeed.The color tiles can be matched to the color scheme of any garden.
Ratibor Revin , Director:
- Production method moist vibrocompression on German equipment HESS group allows us to achieve a very high quality.In our production we use only environmentally friendly materials, which ensures the high quality of our products.
Benefits tiles «kolor mix»:
  • Durability, longevity of operation.
  • High resistance to low temperatures and precipitation.
  • possible without efforts to create a unique pattern of paving.
Dishes cooked over charcoal or on an open fire, are radically different from food prepared at the city cuisine.It is enough to try once to see this.Moreover, now is not necessarily to build complex of brick oven - there are light and solid at the same time ready devices that are easy to replace them.
Engineers Ural factory furnace equipment «Zharstal» developed an amazing machine, kettle grill «Tamerlan» .As the name suggests, it combines the quality of the barbecue and proved.The idea of ​​developers - to prepare meals on the wood, in a cauldron at the same time - on the coals, using lattice skewer, skewers, etc.The cast-iron cooking plate in the plate rustic stove, cut a large hole in which to insert removable wheels of different diameter, one to another.This allows you to cook in a cauldron of different sizes, to bring them to the fire or vice versa."Tamerlane" went on sale this year, and we were told at the plant, has received good reviews.
Barbecue Casa - a compact device: 110 cm in length, 7 0sm wide and 80 - in height.It weighs 60 kilograms.The length of the barbecue - 50 cm, width - 34 cm depth - 20 cm. The width of the hearth - 40 cm, the maximum diameter of the hole under the cauldron - 33.5 cm.
advantages proved the barbecue-Tamerlane:
  • Simultaneous bake meatand prepare meals in a cauldron.
  • Possibility to cook on the coals, and wood burning.
  • can cook food in these cauldrons with the bottom of a spherical shape: processed foods not only heat from below and from all sides.
  • Bright, rich taste of the prepared dishes.
How to build an effective and durable grill, you will learn from this article.In this and the topics that are discussed FORUMHOUSE barbecues different designs, their advantages and weaknesses.A detailed description of the construction of barbecue the complex you will find in this video.