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09 April 2016
BBQ - special part of the site.It should not be just a place for cooking meals in the summer garden.Like no other building, barbecue expresses individuality of the owner, his tastes, preferences and spiritual self-esteem.Those who are going to create on its site a barbecue area, the experts recommend FORUMHOUSE: Remember your true desires and do not be lazy - then everything will turn out well.
two important rules
- all depends on the owner of the site and its relationship to itself - reflects Maxim Solomatin, sculptor, director of the design studio Unformat .- If it is set to self-improvement, the expression of their individuality and not be lazy, sooner or later, they cultivate the spiritual space is required to acquire your style, your taste and your personality.
Unfortunately, a lot of things people do "everything" to get a "no worse than others."This is the root of all evil: man hiding his identity for fear of a strange sound familiar, or even abnormal.But your task - to create
an area in which it is you, not your friends, be comfortable as much as possible.
- therefore postulate first: if you're going to create a space for leisure, you'll first need to think about yourself and to the place it was nice to YOU!It is necessary to dig a well and to understand that like, and what - no, - says Maxim Solomatin .- Neither the designer will not be able to climb into your head and understand what you mean, talking about the style of your space and how you think he is in real life.Without own creative torments can not do, need to work on yourself, and then even a layman can easily help you find "that thing."Will not please everyone!
Second, paying no attention to the difficulties and too lazy to constantly try to improve the created object.During use of space begin to emerge hundreds of little things that can not be foreseen.Any object must be maintained, nothing eternal does not happen.If you want to have durable objects, care for them.Patience and a little effort.
Dragon - the keeper of the hearth.Design studio Unformat.
These are the basic axioms of good results for the creation of individual space.
Now tuning of expression, patience and hard work, you can start building.
- Everything, as elsewhere, - says Maxim Solomatin :
  1. project.Development ideas - this is important!Drawing sketches and choice of materials - a must!Combining the image with the landscape area at the same time try to take into account as much as possible details: the wind rose, shade and sun, summer and winter.
  2. Choice Builders (here as lucky) and permanent control over them.
  3. Logistics and selection of quality materials.
  4. Construction.
How to choose?
No garden is like another, and it seems that the choice of location for the barbecue area - something purely individual.But the designers believe that there are two optimal variant of its location: the first - practical, depending on the distance between the house, bath and gazebo, and the second - in a remote corner of the garden, with views of the beautiful place.
- In a first embodiment barbecue in functionality is considered rather as an extension of the kitchen, said Olga Pirogov, director of the design studio "Den» .- In the second case, it is located near some raisins garden: there may be a small fountain, a beautiful flower bed or alpine garden - an object, which can be enjoyed when going with friends and family.
design, composition, materials
Design barbecue area depends on many factors, including on whether you will use it only in the summer and in the off season and in the winter, too, and so on.But experience shows that 90% of people come to what was going on around a closed barbecue gazebo.
Lyudmila Mogutov, deputy director of the company "Studio of comfort» :
- BBQ - all the same, big or small - is a complex, which includes a grill area, a work area, washing ... Ideally,This complex has been closed, at least from the top, from the rain and other precipitation.People who received the first experience, are aware of this.As a rule, if you build a gazebo with an open aperture, then a year or two she osteklyat and insulated.In any case, the complex BBQ - is not the structure of the budget, and build around him something to protect much more correct than to clear the snow after winter.
- Design barbecue area depends only on the wishes of the owner, - says Olga Pirogov .- The most popular option: with a canopy, as a continuation of the gazebo.It is an attempt to "kill two birds with one stone" aligning seating area with fireplace.I think we came out of this trend due to the small size plots.Some do barbecue area without a pass or quite small shed-roof and bowline arrange recreation area a little distance, so that it did not get the smoke.In my experience, covered gazebo choose those who are going to warm them to be used not only for the summer, but also for the transition and even winter recreation.Naturally, in this case, barbecue set inside the gazebo, but there has to be well thought out range hood, chimney ...
material object, according to Maxim Solomatin , choosing most often based on the idea of ​​its creation,it is important not to turn off common sense."I would even say that the material is often dictated by the idea of ​​creating an object", - says the sculptor.
What is barbecue?Firstly, it is the foundation on which the construction is placed.As a rule, the concrete, which can be finished with stone tiles or decking board.Then have the construction itself: hearth hood over him, Gone smoke from the barbecue area and the so-called "wings", which bear the functional load.Often next to the hearth satisfied smoker, a grill area, plate making, which will appear or some iron pots for cooking, sink, cutting zone ...
Fireplace - the heart of the barbecue area, its most important element.This can be proved for the center, mini-Russian furnace chamber flame, smoke, stove ... Pompeian.A few years ago were popular tandoor, they now concede Russian stoves: the principle of the preparation - the same, but in the Russian stove is much more functionality.
Lyudmila Mogutov:
- I like braziers Russian furnace chamber.I can say from experience of its customers: those who have Zharov camera, not fried skewers, almost all cooked in the Russian oven.They tell me: grill area we use only occasionally, as a fire, and cook in the oven.And baking can be done and protomai and meat bake - many people love the taste, as in the tandoor.It's probably the best thing that you can think of.
However, in the choice of focus, many people follow the principle of "simpler - the better," and all the rest prefer the open hearth with supports for skewers and grills.It is this focus creates a special, romantic atmosphere, which is an integral part - the smell of smoke and the wood in the fire.
Style: fill a space
When the "skeleton" is built, you need to fill it yourself and those you love.The more details will be used, the better, the main thing - that they liked you, the counting Maxim Solomatin:
- From my own experience I can say that the person who will constantly try to improve the set up, maybe even change the initial concept,be sure to find those little things that are needed in the interior.
Everything is important: light, decor, interior.It is the little things create the right atmosphere.
Lyudmila Mogutov:
- Many people do not pay attention to interior lighting, take a purely functional, Behold, there is a stove on which to cook something - and everything, and that is around,do not always think.And in vain.When a man holds the fire for some time, he needs to rest not only physically but also emotionally.
Lyudmila said that the furniture and decorations should be chosen by the site.For a site with buildings of wood in the barbecue area should be provided, such as massive wooden work zone.If the site contains forged design in this style is desirable to insert and hearth: stylized door with forged elements, tongs, hooks, fireplace kits ...
As the functionality of the selection of furniture should be based, of course, on the preferences of the owners.Someone who likes to sit with friends and drink a glass of beer - there will be appropriate bar.And so on.
What else you need to think - it's about gardening barbecue area.A relaxation area with barbecue complex is separated from the main part of the hedges.By the way, a hedge of conifers, not only beautify the site, but will saturate the air and the sweet smells of healing.
Sophia Kovalenko, landscaper:
- Landscaping - individual and creative process.Some people prefer to place next to the barbecue area a small ornamental garden, it looks good.But, of course, interesting look decorative plants - shrubs, suppose.You can set any of the lattice, a pergola to cover this area.A pergola place on vines: girlish grapes, clematis, climbing roses.From bushes you can choose physocarpus.It looks wonderful buldenezh viburnum.
Good examples barbecue areas
offer you to get acquainted with interesting projects zone barbecue, courtesy of our experts.These are cases where we can see if you follow the desires of their real, you get a real work of art.
Lyudmila Mogutov:
- Now I have to develop a gazebo with a barbecue gazebo is made in the Scandinavian style.In these centers of octagonal buildings are usually placed in the middle.We went from this idea: focus placed in a corner, and from there went to the wings.One way - washing, turning into the bar, the other - a soft zone, made the podium as the large mattresses, pillows.
about is, is a multifunctional area: not just a place where the food, but also a relaxation area.Pantry area styled in the style of the ancient northern peoples, the subject we are subject to all of the materials (mainly wood), painted some individual dostochek, reechek, textiles and home furnishings.The customer came up to make a lamp-fan under the hood.And another interesting point: the window overlooking the river, hence the idea of ​​the bar - people will enjoy not only food, but also the view from the window.
Maxim Solomatin:
- I can give an example of one of the objects: furniture, barbecue is "Monk Warrior and the Clown."The owner of the site - a biker who loves rock music.The idea of ​​creating the barbecue was the song of "Alice," "Monk, a warrior and a clown."
Grill has the shape of a regular octagon at the bottom, roof, hood supports eight carved pillars, three of which are the characters of the songs, and the rest are made different pattern.Barbecue is located in the center of the furnace is lined with refractory bricks without blowing (!).Thus collected by rises around the hearth, and while preparing meat or rice, is a very spirited conversation.
In this five years of use, it became clear why people are always attracted to the fire while cooking.And after going so intense communication!Together with the heat pouring out of the barbecue, such as easily released from the stress accumulated problems.Do not want to miss, I want to continue to communicate and maintain a fire.
Over time, especially for the braziers were designed chairs, stones, cutting table, there was light.Wood and marble countertops around the firebox proved impractical and was replaced on the table of the art concrete.I just do not remember, but the idea proved to be very successful and popular.
Now we are building two similar brazier.One is filled with the characters of Russian fairy tales: Water, Baba Yaga, The Humpbacked Horse, Koschey Mermaid, Swan Princess, and Goblin hero.The second has a more profound idea: the fire had come together from different countries and different time warriors giants bowed their heads to the fire and turned into a tree.Around the gazebo will be water, but you can enter the bridge.
Here is an example of how, by combining all the elements of the composition of one topic, you can, with your hands and do not spend more money to get a good result.
user FORUMHOUSE Fitil48 built its barbecue area during the drag pergolas.He got a few different buildings, each under its roof.Interestingly, the size of its area - only 5.63 weave, while there are already home, sauna, shed and pond.But "to put in the yard every time folding miracle on legs somehow not respectable."There was a need for a normal brick fireplace.It became the center of the composition.
fireplace stands on the foundation of the filler, in the masonry is not unusual, except the arches: used for the manufacture of the frame pieces of particleboard and hardboard.An important point: although the roofs of each building different size and area of ​​the ramps, they have the same angle of inclination, and it also gives the integrity of the composition.
Maxim Solomatin:
- Nature slowly and scrupulously tries to destroy any space that is trying to change people.So lazy person is just not able to create an interesting atmosphere around him.If the fuse has passed and the man calmed down quickly enough individuality to become commonplace.And if the owner is looking for and constantly brings in an object something new, this process is endless.The world and ourselves are constantly changing, our tastes and preferences.Therefore, after several years of any man thinks, "Now all have been different ever made ...."
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