How to increase the harvest honeysuckle

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09 April 2016
Honeysuckle - the very first berry, in mid-June, it is already widely collected and boiled jam.But we love it not only for that.Scientists say: small berries, unlike the large-fruit accumulate biologically active compounds.In the summer there are berries every day in the vessels will not accumulate plaque, which eventually lead to stroke and other cardiovascular diseases, said horticulturist Stanislav Habarov , Doctor of Agricultural Sciences.And if in the summer to eat 10 kilograms of berries, you can forget about the illness.It is important that it was the fruit from your plot or credible farmer.If the bushes are regularly watered chemicals from diseases and pests, the berries will only cellulose and sugar, no nutrients.
Honeysuckle - hardy and undemanding plant can grow and bear fruit in one place for 80 years.For good attitude pays a good harvest.FORUMHOUSE advises what to do to get a bountiful harvest of sweet berries.
First, in your garden should be bushes of different varieties.Hone
ysuckle nesamoplodna, so do not expect a good harvest, if you have a few shrubs, but one grade.They will grow well and bloom profusely, but that, in fact, everything.
planting scheme: 1.5-2 m x 2 m - depending on the type and how you plan to trim the bush.But do not put the bushes far.
- Plant close together (1.5 meters) for at least 2-3 varieties, and the harvest is provided to you.When planting one variety, at least 100 hives, do not wait for the harvest.Such is the culture: without cross-pollination will be no result.
Second honeysuckle should be enough sun.The size and the taste of fruit is dependent not only on the class, but also on the amount of sunlight, which receives the bush.Ideally, the first half of the day Honeysuckle bathed in sunlight, while the berries are sweet and large.This plant should not reside in the sun - the berries will be smaller, although the taste is not affected.
Third Honeysuckle need the right soil.She weakly fruits on sandy, loamy chernozem and love of the soil.Planting honeysuckle, refill the hole quality land, add compost, humus, on the bottom of the hole you can pour a handful of Kemira.When planting the root collar deepened to 5-7 centimeters, but not deeper - this will lead to low productivity of the bush.
Fourth: decimator and shorten excess shoots to lighten up the center of the bush.Well-formed bush should be composed of 15 branches of different ages.One third of them should be fixed at an angle.Reject them and fixed with hooks.By pruning each plant must be treated individually, because each plant its own characteristics.
Five: All work transplant and honeysuckle pruning is recommended in the autumn, as late as possible.The fact that the spring honeysuckle wakes up very early, and does not like to disturb her during the growing season.
Sixth Honeysuckle can not overfeed!Overfed bushes dramatically go into growth, the number of shoots increases, and then, because of the strong shading, harvest significantly reduced.Therefore, experts recommend FORUMHOUSE feed Honeysuckle time in three years with organic fertilizers, on average - 5-7 kg per bush.But the annual mulching with humus and grass (without seeds) is compulsory.Among other things, it helps the plant to retain moisture.
Many varieties of honeysuckle berries strewn with shrubs at the slightest touch.It is not necessary to be afraid of.You can spread out under the bushes nonwoven fabric - and the problem is solved.This method is widely used because it has not fallen berries shrivel, and at least three more days retain all its qualities.To ensure that they remain fresh, during flowering and ripening as the bushes need to be watered.Therefore, you should not worry, and do not appear in the country during the week during the ripening berries.Or another way: to collect slightly unripe harvest - Remove honeysuckle ripens well and quickly.
If bushes grow so that the nonwoven fabric under them just do not spread out, arrange the trays and trays.
Birds happy first crop of berries is not less than the people.Moreover, they are just like people, prefer sweet varieties, with strawberry aftertaste.Scare away birds impudent pests can be very difficult, so it is best to protect the crop grid.
- You can use any net from fine-mesh construction to the cheapest mosquito, if only it could be seen.I'm under the net, even the beds of strawberries are otherwise brazen bird strive first berries to gather before me.Bushes and trees have to cover so that these parasites could not get close bottom or sit on a branch.But even if soprut couple of berries over the net, still gets the bulk of us.
Not all varieties of honeysuckle is equally tasty, among them there are bitter, and there are quite bitter.Experts advise FORUMHOUSE such varieties without any signs of bitterness, is:
Fire Opal
blue spindle
Cinderella(very sweet).
good grades - Berel, but it is a slight bitterness.
choosing a variety for planting honeysuckle, do not pay attention to the size of the berries.This is not an indication of taste.Generally, larger fruit, the lower the concentration of vitamins and biologically active substances.A bitter berries can be frozen and then they lose their bitterness.
believed that honeysuckle bad propagated by cuttings, FORUMHOUSE responsibly declares it is not.You just have to catch the moment when you can get cuttings to take root in the future with a high percentage of probability.This short period of time, from five days to a week, when there are the first berry bushes.To test this year for propagation, to bend it to the letter U. If it does not break, it's time of grafted.
honeysuckle cuttings early in the morning, before sunrise - at that time a lot of moisture in the stems.Sharing the size of 15-20 cm cut off sharp shears or garden with a knife and immediately placed in a container with a solution of IAA.Each stalk 2-3 lower leaves are removed, the cut edge is updated about a centimeter below the kidneys.During stalk cutter as little as possible should come into contact with air.It is desirable that all the time he was in the water.Next day have to stand in a solution of IAA stalks and keep up landing cherenochnik in the shade and coolness.
- The next morning, in a prepared cherenochnik plugging cutting obliquely into the upper layer of sandy soil to the level of the upper internodes, which halves with leaves.Harboring agrilom and above - an old film.In cherenochnike should always be wet and gloomy.It is best to arrange it in the shade.
Get advice on farming techniques and the choice of varieties of honeysuckle can be here.This video will explain how to transplant honeysuckle than pritenyat and fertilize the soil around the bush.