How green the land where grass does not grow?

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09 April 2016

Since 1960, the world does not stop experiments to create artificial turf, which would be no different in appearance from natural grass, but in practicality surpassed it.The original field of application saw only playgrounds.However, in our time, a fantasy landscape designers breaks all the stereotypes.Synthetic grass is used for the improvement of the areas where it is difficult to grow or live in principle, impossible.For example, in places terrain, in areas barbecue, for decoration of concrete terraces, balconies, fences, shop windows, etc.

believed that artificial turf - the perfect cover for the children's playground.Kids do not trample the grass, spread less dirt and sand in the yard and the house.Member FORUMHOUSE gizma-creator proposed slope seat cover under the children's slide, where kids are all trampling and dirt is formed:

- I think two square meters of artificial turf under the seat slope from the hill it will be enough.You can pour a cement pad first, and it has put a cover.

Other forum users bring their own examples of the use of artificial turf.So, Siberian grandfather used it as a territory covering the pool.Moreover, the material is not fixed tightly to be able to take off for the winter.Validating says that all domestic like very much the children love it to rest, clean - easily.

Synthetic grass - is a universal coating for all surfaces, including concrete and asphalt.With artificial turf greening not only can the yard and playground, and the roof, the balcony, the apartment ...

Nikifor333 thought about covering the roof and decided to do something unusual.He opted for the artificial turf and does not regret it.

new posts Burgelo saw a television broadcast experts on landscape design using synthetic grass as a decoration of the fence, and hit on the idea itself:

- designer put two vertical walls and hung them on the artificial turf.It looked so zdorovski!Brick, wood, metal fence and do not want expensive.And then - a minimum of money and effort, you can make your own hands.

However, the forum found a lot of negative reviews and artificial lawns.Many vacation home is associated with all natural and eco-friendly, and they believe that synthetic materials - is not a place on the site.Thus, according to forumchanin gazoninfo , artificial turf perfectly fit into the interior, everything will come down to the local area is good for children's playgrounds.And in other cases it will look unnatural and out of place.

doubt and synthetic materials, which are made of artificial grass.On his disappointment informed participant FORUMHOUSE Alpha :

- I saw a lawn on the playground at school.With a few meters just looks gorgeous.When getting close, you realize that this is not grass, but only plastic.

Indeed, today for the production of artificial grass used two materials: polyethylene and polypropylene.But technology has reached such heights that sometimes distinguish artificial turf from the real grass is difficult.It may even be an imitation meadows with flowers or moss.Moreover, you can choose the options you want: height (6 to 100 mm) and the degree of softness of the blades of grass, density "bristle" color.For example, the pile can be colored with two or three shades of green, giving it a resemblance to natural grass.For the tennis courts is available synthetic lawn red or brown, and white or yellow - to mark the field.

first artificial grass for football pitches in England were made of polypropylene.But the players, falling to such a "grass", received burns from sliding.This forced manufacturers to look for new material.The alternative was the polyethylene.

Artificial grass comes in two forms - without drainage layer and with him.Tubeless coatings are used in dry rooms.The perforated base is necessary for removing moisture.

Depending on the application, release the filling, poluzasypnoy nezasypnoy and coverage options.Nezasypnoy lawn for decoration.Many of you do not resemble him - soft gentle fiber crush and lose from this appearance.Poluzasypnoy often created from a soft and elastic polyethylene.This is the best coating for children's playgrounds.The space between the grass pile is filled with quartz sand, which gives strength and stability of the coating.In the filling between the grass lawn is filled with quartz sand pile and a special rubber granules.These grasses are solid, but resistant to mechanical stress.This option is artificial turf used in places where the grass to withstand constant load.What

plus synthetic lawn compared to natural?They turned out to be not so little.With live grass, until it becomes a beautiful green lawn, a lot of things can happen unexpected: due to the cold weather - do not have time to grow up, can vymerznut vymoknut winter and spring, summer - burned in the sun.

Artificial Turf only need to choose the right, buy, deliver and put in place.Practical and simple, beautiful and hardwearing - perfect for those owners of country houses, who have the desire to get the beauty on your site quickly and for a long time, and especially not to expend energy to maintain it.And synthetic grass - this is the case: no watering you, no haircuts, no special care.Periodically, it is only washed and combed with a rake.Durable synthetic than one season would be functional.Manufacturers promise up to 15 years without losing the look.

Since artificial turf comes in rolls, its installation is straightforward: you simply unroll a roll.Strips rolls special glue or adhesive tape.On the perimeter of the special rolls fix baseboards, but in a small clearing, you can do without it.

What is necessary to tinker, so it is - with the preparation of the base under the artificial grass.Before laying the surface is leveled, cleaned from rough impurities (stones, glass, wire, etc.).Then make a drainage layer of gravel or sand.

Members Active volkronov tell which way he was doing a site for lawns:

- grading, tamping vibratory plates, geotextiles, sand and tamping again.On the sides of the compartment lines ATSEID (Ed .: asbestos-cement board) to the sand did not leave the ground.

all collected on the lawns in this section FORUMHOUSE.On the choice of grass mixtures for your lawn here.Tips landscape designer for the care of natural grass look at this video.