What secateurs choose?

By Admin | Garden Tools
17 April 2016
At first glance, garden tools for lovers of houseplants is not one of the priorities, but for gardeners - it is a necessity.For example, if you need to get rid of old thick boughs, will surely agree that a strong, much less dry wood "too tough" Pet Scissors for paper.

For gardeners who love their hobby, create an ergonomic and innovative garden tools - easy, comfortable and safe, allowing to cut and dig happily.

Choose the right tool for the job - look for the right size in a wide range of cutting, gardening equipment and tools for the excavation.

Huge selection of garden tools allow you to make your choice.

Universal Garden Lopper - an indispensable tool for winter gardens, balconies with high ceilings.This multi-functional tool that allows you to easily reach the crowns of trees or tall shrubs.Lopper length of 1.5 meters, and with the human growth of 3.5 meters, and weighs 870 grams.

If you have a lot of plants - large trees and a lot of work, including trimming the thick boughs, should pay at
tention to universal telescopic Lopper garden.Working range up to 6 meters vertically.The length of the rod can be adjusted from 2.3 - 4.1 meters.

for cutting flowers you can select special scissors with seizure, which cut the stem, hold the flower as if "in its beak."When dealing with such a pair of scissors you do not even need to take the thorny stems in your hands!

crown formation of fruit and ornamental trees requires constant effort.If you value comfort and ease for you in the matter before selecting a tool, try as fully acquainted with the entire model range.

Pruners with a loop to protect the fingers of the hand loop, so are particularly useful when dealing with thorny plants.

to maintain the shape of the hedge and for all sorts of "model haircuts" evergreens have shears with long handles and power-driven.