Axes and saws, types and characteristics

By Admin | Garden Tools
16 April 2016

Axes and Saws Working with power tools are not always rational.Especially if things are coming minute - sawn plywood and cut to the planned rail crafts, to trim a couple of pegs to separate into measured pieces of a long, thin pole or split some firewood for the stove.Here and useful hand tools - a saw and an ax.

chop ...

In the dictionary the word "ax" is defined as "a woodworking tool Slash - thrusting action."This is true, nothing to add.Yet axes are different, even the same structure - made up of the blade and the handle (ax).

have carpentry direct sharpened ax blade, flat butt (heel of the blade), a small ax and a relatively moderate weight.Its purpose - construction, carpentry and joinery.Timber harvesting

ax like a carpenter, but the blade of his larger and more massive ax handle much longer butt flat and wide, from the inner side of the blade - or spike resistant pad, allowing the blade to keep your ax.Designed for felling trees, stumps thick boughs, delicate splitting logs.Axes and Saws

Recently appeared in

use custom axes, resembling in form a large and heavy Latin machete knife.It is rather a toy for men, than a tool.But it is useful in the economy - it is equally convenient to cut the meat and chop dry twigs from the trees ...

ax on a long or medium-length of the ax, with a very massive, but not sharpened blade, called a splitter and is intended for chopping wood - especiallythick knotted block of wood.

ax blade which planted a perpendicular ax - is Tesla.Nowadays, this type of ax - a rarity.Although it is very useful for some kinds of carpentry work.For example, flat adze good for Trimming logs, semi-circular, similar in shape to a chisel - for proteski grooves and recesses.Axes with a slightly rounded edge Axes and Saws

intended for butchering and meat cutting.As much as they may seem impressive, buy them for carpentry and joinery cases it is not necessary.But if your home and friends every day to eat lamb a barbecue, without the butcher's ax will not do ...

good ax for any purpose must necessarily be forged (not stamped or cast) and is made of tool steel, which is amenable to grinding.

How to distinguish a real good ax from artisanal crafts?It's very simple.A self-respecting manufacturer's own product labels nameplate of the blade at the base, and indicates the steel grade from which they are made.The cutting edge of the ax good - smooth, without chipping, chipping, burrs and rounded edges.

sawing ...

Axes and Saws Here we will only saws carpentry and joinery.Saw - Saw with a wide trapezoidal blade and handle is open or closed.

a two-handed saw - Saw the same, only the canvas of her long, broad and flexible, and there are handles on both sides.With two-handed saw, as is clear from its title, there are two man because effectively saws (walk) it in one direction only, and alone it does not handle.

luchkovye saw and jigsaw superficially similar.They have a narrow web which is fixed in the arcuate frame;web tension can be adjusted by screw clamps.Luchkovye saw blade with its long and straight teeth are equally effective goes both ways and is designed for large-scale works alone - felling trees, sawing logs and poles ... Jigsaw - Saw for small works on thin boards, plywood and multi-layer materials.The narrow and short fabric allows it to curved lines cut complex shapes and patterns.Axes and Saws

have obushkovoy SAWS small teeth and rectangular canvas, fixed on a metal plate.It is used to cut pieces of wood joints and sawing of blanks under strictly defined angle, bevel.Sawing at an angle to the saw must obushkovoy so-called miter box - tray with ready angled slots into which the stack and the workpiece.Home

have good saws -
not only sharpening the teeth, but also the correct wiring, otherwise it will run the true torment.

Axes and Saws Now, however, this problem is solved.Saw blades from high quality tool steels have a universal wiring and the ability to self-sharpening.

When buying still make sure that the saw is sold already diluted and of ground.When viewed along the track it will be seen that adjacent tines are bent in opposite directions.With this cutting edge limb cut in the first place, and then to choose the middle, and the saw is not stuck.