Days of comfort in TC "Kashirskiy Dvor"

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21 April 2016
your home lacks warmth and comfort?It's time to go to the shopping mall "Kashira Yard."From October 1 to November 30 operates the discount program "Days Cosiness."Flexible prices on a huge range of goods.

Here you will find everything that you can imagine to create comfort in your home.Discounts for upholstered furniture, a wide range of textiles, cushions and other interior items.

Favorable price offers on bath with hydro and aero massage.And also we have the largest selection of wallpapers in Moscow, you can now purchase at a discount of 20%.

discount offers are updated every two weeks.For this autumn, we will be able to completely renovate the interior of your home, and save on great many essential things.Throughout November discounts on a large range of floor heating systems, radiators and powerful.

Remembering past hot summer, we want to make you one more attractive offer, especially for those who do not like to pay!Just this fall, you can buy air conditioners of leading European brands with
25% discount.

+7 (495) 22-15-100

Phone Kashirsky Dvor shopping complex (495) 22-15-100.
Site Address:
Subway Kashirskaya "Kashira Yard" TK, Kashirskoye sh. 19, a. 2 more ....

More good news: the shopping mall "Kashira Yard" has become even more - we now have four floors.Opened Ground floor on which you are working for a supermarket power tools and large exposition of furniture and kitchens.We do our best to expand the boundaries of your choice.

Do not miss the opportunity to profitably build their apartment, come to the shopping mall "Kashira Yard," we will surprise you with our prices and discount offer!

mall is open seven days a week, seven days a week, from 9:00 to 21:00!