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20 April 2016

No home is complete without a vacuum cleaner.However, its main disadvantage is that the purified air flow - along with dust and microorganisms - is blown back into the room.Get rid of this problem will help vacuum system, which is derived from the air outside the premises - the central vacuum cleaner.

He has a number of other advantages: a large capacity, quiet operation (block itself is located in another room) and usability - you do not have to carry the unit after the other, entangled in electrical cable and switching it from one outlet to another.In addition, many additional accessories - Sweep, turbo brush and various attachments - allow you to quickly remove the garbage from the kitchen, clean clothes, etc.

Features mounting system

central vacuum installation plan prior to construction, as special pipes laid in the wall, floor and ceiling.The central unit is usually installed in the technical premises: cellar, storage room, boiler room, garage.Outside air is discharged via the transfer tube.

The main condition of the pipe must be routed directly and change their direction gradually: every curve leads to increased resistance, which reduces the suction force of the vacuum cleaner.

only exception is installed behind the wall inlet safety knee bend 90 ┬░.The aim is to hold large objects that have been accidentally dragged cleaner if they pass through a sharp bend, the free and overcome more smoothly, will reach the container for garbage and not scoring hidden under the floor or in the wall of the pipe.

important points when installing a central vacuum cleaner is to count the required number of inlets: if there is too much, the closing of the valve may eventually cease to fit tightly, resulting in a weakening of traction;If not enough - you have the places to which the central vacuum cleaner can not reach, the usual clean.

Typically, the average size for home set two wall inlet on the floor.Check whether there is enough of this number, you can use the cord 9 m (the usual length of the hose).It should be noted that in the room will be furnished, so the hose does not stretch in a straight line.

Do not forget about utility rooms, stairs, toilet, terrace, etc.- The length of the hose should be enough, and their cleaning!

Once the hose is inserted into the wall inlet, the system is activated.More convenient, but expensive way - include using a special button on the hose handle: You can temporarily interrupt the cleaning, without removing the hose from the wall inlet.It is advisable to secure the hoses for each floor: you do not have to carry them from floor to floor.

To protect the hose from damage during harvesting (scuffs on the corners of furniture, etc.), cover it with a quilted cover.

Personal experience

Member Forum "Home and cottage┬╗ galexy456, whose hobby - materials are not used for their intended purpose (cheap and nice), decided to build their own central vacuum cleaner, using a powerful machine building.

He bought: building cleaner (about 205 EUR), wall inlet (21 EUR), Cleaning hose 9 meters (50 EUR), cheap sewage pipe 50 mm Trivia: silicone sealant, knee and other. There are approximately 300 EUR.

Experts warn that the PVC pipe for central vacuum cleaner must be treated with a special compound that reduces electrification, with smooth walls, preventing clogging.Conventional sewers do not meet these requirements.

Members Active assembled automation unit to turn on the vacuum cleaner with the hose connected to the outlet of the power supply unit 12, a relay machine, sockets, putting all the housing - Electrical box.Inlets installed in plasterboard wall by drilling core bits overlap in the place of installation sockets in the basement, pipes secured with silicone sealant.

All contacts galexy456 sockets are connected in parallel to the socket on the vacuum cleaner (such as sanitary appliances - sewerage).Sincehe had no central vacuum, without a low-voltage input for control forumchanin made as follows: in the case placed PSU 220- & gt; 12B.Its output sequentially through the contact in the socket connected to the 12V relay.Thus, when connecting the hose to socket contact closes relay.It, in turn, allows for the socket 220, which is connected to a vacuum cleaner.The switch on the vacuum cleaner should always be set to "ON".

himself cleaner was put in the basement: it can not hear, and if necessary (to remove the car, poshtrabit wall, wash the floor in the gazebo, to collect the sand near the sandbox) it can be taken.Exhaust the street the owner did not do: the room where the vacuum cleaner to clean out the hose (provided the ladder and the floor sloped), there is always a window open.


Galexy456 notes that now the process of cleaning - simple and fast: you can collect spilled water, wash rugs, etc.Sewer pipes withstood the test with dignity: not electrified and do not accumulate dust.Besides, forumchanin invented rinse water pipe (for this you need a separator for water).If the pipe is clogged (which happens very rarely), he proposes to use plumber's snake.

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