Bush cutters.

By Admin | Garden Tools
15 April 2016

Working in the garden without the necessary tools turns into a living hell.This is especially true of trees and shrubs that for the proper development and giving aesthetically pleasing forms must be constantly processed.

most important purchase for any garden.

bush cutters There are following groups of these instruments: conventional bypass, persistent, pruning shears.

The first type is designed for cutting branches growing alive.Thrust pruners handy for removing dry branches.

Finally, sectors scissors are needed for fine processing plants or cut very young shoots.

indispensable tool for any gardener.

Depending on your landings brush cutters can be used for direct treatment of the bushes and to cut grass or unnecessary branches of young trees.

There are two main groups of these tools: cutting with active or moving vehicles.

first type is different knives that perform rotational movements and do not damage the soil when cutting bushes.

second group, respectively, is not effective in

complete removal of the bush, as it can damage the soil.

Disc brush cutters
This tool is Electrokos for the treatment young growth.

bush cutters best characteristics of different models from the company Husqvarna, Honda, Stihl.

Pick up the disc brush cutter needed depending on the size of your site and the planned frequency of use.

hedge trimmers
In another way they are called trimmer brush cutter for its resemblance to an electric shaving machine.

This tool allows for the cosmetic treatment of shrubs.

Designed for use with the canopy of tall trees.

best to acquire tools companies Bosch, Oleo-Mac, Stihl, Husqvarna.

Not as mandatory, but rather a helpful assistant in your garden.

Another representative list of optional purchases.This tool is designed for the treatment of the upper parts of the hedge.

Most of the work should take place on the straight sections, so the potential is limited by the use of hedge trimmers.